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  1. Lauch


    I'm curious, for those who have ridden WindSeeker: How does it work? Every time I look over at the park, the seats are always up in the air. How long is the ride? And how long is the trip up/down?
  2. I have to say - I remember back when I was a kid..the music was all classical down main street and much of the park. It was repetitive, but I still loved it.
  3. I don't get why everybody's "defending" Kings Island from the "coaster enthusiasts" I haven't seen a ton of people whine about it on this thread.... I think that some people expected more roller coasters, due to Cedar Fair buying the park, since that's what they are known for. Obviously, the economy is not condusive to that sort of expansion, especially since the park still has so much debt. I'm not impressed by this ride, though I'll ride it and probably enjoy it. I could ride Diamondback all day long...so really don't care that they didn't add another coaster. I'm fully expecting SoB to be pulled down over the off season.
  4. I totally forgot there used to be a pond over there too! That's not KI... that's King's Dominion. I wasn't posting it for accuracy
  5. Does this remind you of a ride from the past that was removed? Oh..and what about the location? Might as well just call it Flight Commander.
  6. I think they're going to get rid of Top Gun and bring back The Bat. While they are working on that part, they will also take out Congo Falls and buy back those monorails and the safari. I'm sure Jungle Jims will sell them back cheap! Seriously though, I really hope they tear down SOB and The Crypt. They don't need to replace them with anything, but neither one is worth keeping open, when they're only running less than 50% of the time. I hate showing up to the park just to see the rides closed...last time I went, SOB, Top Gun, Face Off were all closed for the day. (though I am guessing it was for inspection/maintenance..but still)
  7. Just wanted to let you know that "Drop Tower" (aka old Drop Zone) is undergoing (from what I can see from here) tests today. Since I'm not close enough to tell, I'm assuming that they are using test dummies instead of people. All I saw was the ride going up to the top (or close to it) and then slowly coming back down. I haven't seen it actually drop yet. I would also venture to guess that it's because of the season pass processing that's going on..in order to "show off" the rides. Anybody close to sources that can enlighten me on this?
  8. The Beast lights are on every night during the offseason. At least, they were last year, so I'm assuming they will be again this year....no ghost..just normal stuff.
  9. I'd love to know which company is having them. I would guess probably big Cincy companies, like P&G. I work for Sara Lee...and haven't heard anything, so I'm assuming we're not doing something like that.
  10. I noticed the rides are in full effect over at the park today. I'm assuming this is a private event...any thoughts..info?
  11. I was curious as to what was going on. The other day, I saw that drop zone was stuck a little higher than the lowest color part. I could've sworn there were people on it, and it was stuck there for half of the day. The day after, it was locked into it's "closed" position (without the carriage) for most of the day (on the highest color part) and later, had "slipped" down to below the second highest band. (slipped, meaning that it was lower, not that I saw it slip down) I just figured that people had gotten stuck when it was halfway up, so they closed it down.
  12. Distance to KI from my house: 2 mins driving, probably 15 mins riding my bike......30mins walking? I can darn near spit into the park from my house. (ok.....I'm exaggerating)
  13. I was there yesterday (Sunday 7/15) and the ride was down all day. It was disappointing, especially since the people I was with didn't want to ride Firehawk and The Beast was down for a good part of the day. Plus it rained, so I had to wait, yet again, for more riding time. By the time the rain let up and the rides opened back up, my friends were done for the day. I did get to ride The Vortex and The Racers though, so I guess it wasn't completely wasted. Looking at the park from my house, it looks like SOB is down again today. If they are going to be shutting it down so much, they should scrap opening it up for the rest of the year and work on it from here until the end. Solve as many problems as they can in the off season and get it ready to be open at least 80% of the time next year. Perhaps opening it up this year was premature and rushed? Just my two cents.
  14. I could do without a KI worker screaming into the microphone, which completely distorts the sound of what he's saying. Top Gun had some great pre-ride inline features that got you into the ride, even if the ride was short. I mean..just the sound of jet's taking off....the communication of pilots...the movie posters along with the display cases within the line, just made it more enjoyable. Firehawk's line is just boring. The only thing to get you excited is actually seeing the ride, but then you ride it, and it's not quite as exciting. They definitely need more theming throughout the park. The Beast's line needs to be redone like it was in the old days....kinda like a spook house....something that makes it feel like you're walking into the cage of a beast. The Vortex needs to just come up with a theme..right now..it's just a roller coaster. I'd like to see The Racers queue be painted and reconstructed into an old timey type feel. Face Off, again, is just a line. I guess I am just saying that it would be nice for them to spend some money to add more excitement to the rides all together. I know it's tough with money and all, but I'll grab a bucket of paint to help out. You don't need much...just a few things in the queue lines to build up the excitement level.
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