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  1. Nice trip report! I had my first Florida trip after I graduated from HS (in 2011) and I had a blast! Wasn't a big fan of Disney, but we kinda rushed all four parks in two days, but I absolutely LOVED IOA! Spider Man was amazing and so was WWOHP. I am glad you had a great time and I cannot wait when I have the chance to go back and give Disney another chance. It was too miserably hot to enjoy it when we were there the first time haha!
  2. After being a member of KIC since 2007 and a CC member since last August I must say that Coaster Crew plans some very awesome events! I was able to join them last summer for their "Big Bang Bash" at Kings Island and I had a blast! They definitely know how to plan an event and you never leave one of their event without a smile on your face. I also was able to attend their Halloween Haunt event at Kings Dominion in October and that was one of the best planned events I have ever been to. So I would definitely take advantage of the discounted price to join C.C! They are a very nice group of guys and gals that know how to plan amazing events!
  3. I am happy to say that since April 18th is on a Friday that I don't have classes (which means that my last day of classes is on Wednesday) so I can come home for Media day and Opening day! My day has been made!!!!
  4. I would have to agree with ViolaKat- Kat that 2009 was the most memorable Opening Day! I met some amazing people that i still hang out with as friends. Kat, Angie, Steph, Gary, Jesse, etc. There all still very close to me and i love my KICentral family! I had the opportunity to work opening day 2012 in the admissions department and then later enjoying the rainy cold day with many close friends. As last year, i will be at Opening Day; but in the admissions department selling passes and tickets.
  5. Wow.... Haven't been on here in a long time! Liking the new face lift on the page!!!

  6. Wow.... Haven't been on here in a long time! Liking the new face lift on the page!!!

  7. Wow.... Haven't been on here in a long time! Liking the new face lift on the page!!!

  8. What time is the 3 o'clock parade?

    1. TheCrypt


      I think it's at 4:00, but I may be wrong.

  9. Hitch? Either i dont know what you're talking about or i do, just not the location of the (hitch) on Flight Deck.
  10. You know.... There hiding you just have to find them
  11. Keeping the reciept for parking is new this year, but getting your hand stamped to return to the park in the same day has always been that way as long as i can remember. When you entered the parking tolls they should've mentioned to you that passes only scan once and you need to have a reciept to re-enter the parking tolls without being charged again. If you have any questions with the admissions process of the park let me know and i will be happy to explain it to you
  12. Finals Week.....

  13. There's a simple reason why the park was so busy this weekend. Weather on Opening Day wasn't pleasing for most families to enjoy at Kings Island. With the weather being in the high 70s to 80s this weekend meant that families wanted to come out and enjoy themselves at the park. Now for the teeny boppers after prom? I can't explain that to you just that most people go to Kings Island the day after prom night.... Remember that the park begins daily operations on Friday which means the park shouldn't be overly crowded the weekday of May 14-18.
  14. Great new look! This place is still making memories and im proud to see this place still up running strong!
  15. Apparently they were having shock issues with the CW WindSeeker so they decided to check and make sure all of the '2011' WindSeekers were fine. Should be operating before the end of may.... I recieved this information from a friend so i could be wrong
  16. I myself have a hard time riding some rides (Diamondback, Drop Tower, Flight of Fear). I have faith in all who set their mind to reaching goals. Good luck on your goal as i try myself to be able to slim down as well
  17. Great Trip Report! Since when did Diamondback have a Orange Train?
  18. You still would've been incorrect... It was semi windy on opening day in the morning and in the evening.
  19. I would make that clear next time you make a statement like that...
  20. Mr. Ouimet was in the park yesterday. So, if he said he met with him and spoke with him i have no reason not to reason with him and believe him Glad you had a great time meeting the man behind the magic of the Cedar Fair parks
  21. Flight Deck is semi noticeable, but what's the big point of walking back there for Flight Deck and SkyFlyer. When Son of Beast was operating it grabbed a large crowd to those wanting to ride a coaster but not wanting to wait in a outrageous line (Circa: 2000-2006). When i was younger i would want to ride SOB then would hop in line for Top Gun (At the time) and have a blast back there. You can always count on clean restrooms back there
  22. There was definately wind unless it was a magical ghost that kept on pulling on my jacket making it hard to walk.
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