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  1. Im tired of winter !!

  2. I will be buying a few bottles for sure !!!!
  3. I have looked all over this site and I dont see anywhere that you have the ability to delete your account if you no longer wish to be a member. I was wondering if anyone knew where this setting is ?
  4. I find this topic interesting because I have also had issues with my AT&T 3g network at Kings Island last summer. I am also using the Iphone. I made several calls to AT&T and they kept telling me they were having tower issues and that the problem would be resolved after some maintenance. After a whole summer of waiting I finally gave up on that . There were a few days I had ( no service at all ) while in the park. I made a few more calls to them and even went through switching to another Iphone and that still did not correct the issues. They then proceeded to tell me they had limited towers in the area. ( Why they didnt say that from the get go is beyond me !!! ) Maybe they just have a list of top 10 excuses they go through until they get to the bottom and by then your screwed. lol I am going to wait and see what happens when the 2011 season starts and if these issues are still not resolved its bye bye AT&T !!!! I have considered switching to the Verizon network where they now have the Iphone also. Maybe I will have better luck.
  5. I was on the Kings Island web page today. There is a message on the web cam page stating that they are in the process of updating and adding additional webcams. Thank you for your patience. Sounds like it will be set up more like Cedar Point.
  6. Well I now have 111 rides as of yesterday.
  7. That song gives me the creeps broooo ha ha ha ha . Or should I say mange lol lol
  8. O well I guess I better give 5:1 a go also. I dont want to feel left out. lol
  9. Thats all I can say is WOW !!!!! What an amazing weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ive got 20 in as of today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I put my username in the box like we are suppose to I guess I follow directions well. lol lol
  12. Well I have to tell you that the shipping is fast on the shirts. I ordered mine on the 27th and I allready recieved it today from UPS. Thats what I call service. I bought the winning design by LMH and I do have to say that it looks pretty awesome on the shirt. Awesome job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Im with you on that one Avatar. I ordered the t shirt the first minute it was available. Now seeing the golf shirt I think I am going to be ordering again. Do I see a hook, line and sinker here. lol lol lol
  14. Congrats to LMH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A job extremely well done. My hat is off to you.
  15. Funny you say that, #4 is my desktop picture also.
  16. Hey hey, I just ordered my shirt. I guess I will have to break it in first on the Diamondback !!!! Lets give the quality a real test at 80 miles an hour and some mass g's lol lol lol. If she falls apart I guess I will be one silly looking &*^%&^&^ after the ride lol lol lol
  17. Hey hey indianapolisman , It was a blast doing the marathon rides with you on the Diamondback this morning. Your right about the g's though. After the 4th in a row I think it got to me a little. My conclusion after riding it all weekend is that it is one of the best coasters I have ever been on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Depending on your seating on the trains from front to back it is a whole different experience.
  18. Hey Hey, I just registered also , I am pumped !!!!!!!! I just rode like a madman last night, it was a blast.
  19. Hey hey Kat, it is me Brian the red head that rode the first morning rides with you and the gang . I am really happy to see that you rode Slingshot , I know you were looking forward to it. Wish I could have rode it with you guys. Hope to see you at the park again !! It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. To everyone one that I had the fortunate opportunity to spend opening day with, I thank you for the amazing time. I was the guy with the red spikey hair lol. My name is Brian. I think just starting the day off with a 102,000 dollar donation to the Kids Again foundation brings one of the most spectacular seasons to come. The Diamondback was awesome due to the fact that I got to share the first ride experience with with friends from KIC and that we all pulled together to help those in need. As individuals we are strong but as a group we are stronger. To all of you I met, and to those I didnt, I wish all of you the best for the 2009 season. Hope to have the pleasure of meeting again soon in 2009!!!!!!!!!
  21. Wow fast response,(lol) no need for sorry. Good times ahead, I think this is going to be one amazing year!!!!!!!!
  22. Hey hey , Dont forget me lol. Im the red head guy that rode with everyone in the morning after Diamondback. Im in the pics, my name is Brian. I really did enjoy spending the time with everyone, probably the best opening day I have ever experienced. Tell your mom that I really did appreciate her handling the bags for us during rides and all the great pics she took. You have one awesome mom !!!
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