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  1. Hi all, it's been a long time since I have posted here but I was just wondering how crowded you think KI will be this Sunday. I'm thinking about going but was wondering if people think it may be more crowded due to Father's Day. Any input is much appreciated.
  2. I believe alcohol should be allowed to be consumed throughout the park. My only question is why would anyone want to have more than 2-3 beers on any given visit? The hot sun combined with flipping, shaking, and twisting would amount to one miserable time later that day.
  3. Actually, a 45 mph decent on TTD would make the ride much better in my opinion. It would make the ride twice as long and can you imagine how freaky it would be to go down over 400 vertical feet at only 45 mph, sounds like a great idea to me.
  4. ^Floorless coasters are really fun and in my opinion are the best of the "gimmick" coasters. The seats are very comfortable and it provides a ride like a traditional sit down coaster, just without the floor. As for the "foot chop" effect, it works really well in the first row, but not so much in the other rows. Floorless coasters are one of the few where I will actually wait for the front seat because the effect is so much better.
  5. Alibre can be used for any sort of design you want. I don't really think it's worth the time to try and learn it though just for a fun recreation. It has so many in-depth tools and features that you could spend days just becoming acquainted with how to use it. Also, I understand your frustration. When I did the Raptor train and station for a design class two years ago, I though I would be able to do at least 5 or more types of coaster trains. But as I said, I only ended up finishing the Raptor train and station as well as a PTC train. When you get to the curvature of the seats, it becomes painstakingly difficult to do. I think I spent a minimum of 3-4 hours just getting realistic seats due to sketch-up's inability to do curves. Sketch-up is great for straight lines and simple curves, but get into complex curvature and Sketch-Up immediately reveals its weakness.
  6. From my experience, it's nearly impossible to re-create a ride with sketch-up, or at least roller coasters. Something like Delirium is possible, but the track work with sketch-up is just way to tedious to be done because the program isn't advanced enough, but that is to be expected from a free program. I used sketch up two years ago for designing the Raptor train and station, it looked pretty good, but I couldn't manage to find a way to make anything but straight track look anywhere close to accurate. Now a program like Alibre on the other hand is more than capable of designing whatever you want, too bad it's so expensive.
  7. You must not be too far from Mars! Nope, not to far at all. I'm currently attending Pitt so I live in Oakland, but I know a girl from Mars, form what she's told me the place itself is pretty small.
  8. Yep, they came to Pitt last fall and are coming again this Thursday, they seem to be hitting everywhere in the midwest right about now.
  9. Joined August 4th, 2004. I used to post nearly everyday, some older members may still remember me. Now I live 5 hours away instead of 2 so I don't follow KI as closely as I once did. I joined right before the announcement of IJ:ST after hearing rumors of a new coaster going into KI. Although now I only live 15 minutes from Kennywood I still for some odd reason consider KI as my home park. As a result I still visit these forums once a week or so to see the latest news.
  10. The original name was going to be Thunder Road if I remember correctly.
  11. Um...what? The Columbus Zoo is getting a new waterpark and a small traditional dry park with flat rides to entertain a family. If you don't like getting wet just go to the zoo, or stay in the drypark! I personally think that the Zoo needs less animals, cuz I dont know about you guys, but I cant stand animal noises! Are you serious? Are you honestly saying that you hope a zoo, let me clarify that again, a ZOO, needs less animals? The definition of a zoo is a place with animals, how can you say that a zoo needs less animals, that's one of the most insane things I've ever heard. It's like saying a candy store has too much candy or a forest has too many trees. On another note the water park and dry park will be seperated from the actual area where the animals are kept, so if you actually dislike animals you don't have to see them to go to the amusement side.
  12. ^I've had double rides on most of the rides at KI at some point, although all of them were under Paramount times. I think the most I ever stayed on was about 10 times for Adventure Express. I always thought that CF had a policy against double rides though so I'm surprised you were allowed to stay on.
  13. ^It may not be all that bad but it can still **** a customer off. I know when I travel to a park that I usually don't get to or that I've never been before you go expecting to ride all the big rides. I know sometimes that's not a realistic expectation, but it's still extremely disappointing if you arrive and not just one but several of the big rides that you've been looking forward to are shut down.
  14. I'm going to go with Vekoma. Personally I don't think you can ever get enough of them. My dream installation? A standard boomerang and a GIB so we'd be the first park in the world with the complete set of head bangers galore. Yes, I can't possibly think of a better addition...
  15. If this is what I think it is it seems we hear about it once every year. Apparently it usually has something to do with the creek that runs through that area or at least that's what people say. I'm not sure but hopefully it's actually something interesting.
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