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  1. A Bigger Version Of The Flying Eagles?? Oh, YEAH !!
  2. 5.8 miles Never really timed it .......... but would say under 10 minutes.
  3. Once they remove Scooby from the Mansion I look at it as one less ride I have to ride. Not a fan of the Peanuts at all! Also it will save myself and my family a lot of money on souvenirs. So thanks Cedar Fair in the end that means less nickles for you. Is it just me or do the Peanuts characters that walk around the park look like giant bobble-heads?
  4. Scooby Doo would not be leaving!
  5. Just MY opinion, but I think this is the worst idea E V E R!! Most kids today have no idea who the Peanuts are. The Peanuts are 20 years older than myself and I can only name 5 of them. Truly a sad day !! Snoopy WILL NEVER replace Scooby Doo!
  6. River Town Carts 1985 - 1987 (All Now Defunct) Train Depot Ice Cream - soft serve ice cream Lemon Quench - Frozen Lemonade Beast Drinks - Soft Drinks Beast Sippers - Hanna Barbara plastic bottles characters with fruit juices Taco Stand - Taco's
  7. At the bottom of the of the claim ticket there is a web address Kamans Photogra where you can view the picture online. The site even allows you to set up a account that will save the pictures. You can then view it at anytime or even order prints at a later date. I have had pictures saved at the site as far as 7 years ago. It is free and easy to do.
  8. Cort


    I heard that same one Thursday while waiting in line for the Scrambler.
  9. The Beast has been tamed.
  10. Two people that came together using the SRL is the problem. To me, Single Rider Line means just that "Single Rider"! Just to further clarify, we were not seated at the same time. She was seated first then the other people bailed or went for the front row after she was assigned. Then he assigned me to the other empty seat. If she had already gone, then I would have been seated with the next single rider. So the same issue would have happened. Please get over yourself I need to get over myself just because I have a different opinion than you on the subject? No thanks I’m good!
  11. Two people that came together using the SRL is the problem. To me, Single Rider Line means just that "Single Rider"!
  12. Maybe this ride could become KI's version of Afterburn ?
  13. Roller Coaster Search Results Criteria: Location = North America Criteria: Opened 1969 Found: 8 Sorted By: Roller Coaster Roller Coaster Amusement Park Type Design Status Opened Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Point Steel Sit Down Operating 5/24/1969 Galaxi Paragon Park Steel Sit Down - 1969 Jet Star P
  14. Cort

    your top 5

    1. Incredible Hulk 2. Diamondback 3. The Beast 4. Raptor 5. Son of Beast w/Loop
  15. Hands down, It would have to be the Flyin' Eagles..... First ride I ever took my son on!
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