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  1. Carowinds 2007 Brochure

    ^Doesn't Cedar Point have opening day fireworks or something?
  2. It's actually a pretty nice show for the first few times I saw it. Great effects, fairly interesting script, and some great suspense with the guns and stuff. I regret not taking any pictures of it. Although, the show was a bit too loud for my ears...
  3. Scrambler & Italian Job

    Unless its different from PCWs, it's always been water cannons in the barrels.
  4. Rumor: Wonderland's New Ride

    I was at PCW today... no signs of anything new... but that might have been because of my SledgeHammer marathon today Could you tell me where you saw the sign/display?
  5. Made up Ride

    Apocalypse at Drayton Manor has seats that tilt forward...while you stand up...
  6. ^^^Yeah, the story may suck but I liked some of the effects...I kept jumping, everythings so loud.
  7. Sure, it's not a ride but I liked it. Some of the effects were a bit cheesy but it was pretty cool. Very loud explosions and cap guns Just search 'Stunt Spectacular' on YouTube and you'll find it. Make sure you go for the Paramount one! I'll be getting some pics next week.
  8. It's not open yet. It opens May 19th. There's actually a media thingy on the 18th where you can interview the cast and watch the show (obviously) before it opens.
  9. PKICentral Exclusive: Winterfest!

    But you're not going for rides or anything. You're going for winter activities. You wouldn't stop skating if it started to snow
  10. PKICentral Exclusive: Winterfest!

    I know I'm being biased here, but I think Wonderland would be a better park to host a Winter thingy (than PKD and...well...PGA...). They already have Winter Wonderland copyrighted or whatever. That mountain would look pretty neat in lights too. I love imagining things! Have fun guys!
  11. Why does PKI always have to be the first park to get everything?? And I doubt this will replace anything. I've heard places like the parking lot and some other areas which I can't seem to remember.
  12. Reptar Pictures?

    Wow, those restraints are so bulky. The ones on Silver Streak (PCW) are smaller with dark colors. Silver Streak has the on-ride pictures too.
  13. catch up

    You could have said F/O or something
  14. IJST non-Update

    Here are PCW, some of the trains speakers are really low and some have gum jammed into some of them. It's really disgusting.
  15. IJ Uniforms

    But I think those uniforms have the logo on the sleves. Good luck lol