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  1. There’s already a meteor crater and news van in front of the hangar!
  2. I think an extra thousand feet of length that would’ve allowed it to explore and utilize the topography east of the dinasaurs alive path could’ve made this ride the best in the world. Unfortunately steel prices and construction costs are very high right now and I don’t feel like waiting through a recession for KI to get it’s giga so I’m happy with what we’re getting.
  3. Yay they turned the webcam back on !(now can you turn it to the right a few degrees...)
  4. The precision of their placement still blows my mind. The lift and bottom of drop have been in place but now they add a section of drop attached to the spine but it will all line up perfectly... amazing that they don’t need to place them in sequence from beginning to end of ride like they used to.
  5. Kings Island has been dropping the ball a lot lately in terms of PR. Just tell people what your doing, if it’s because of liability with the contractor or something out of their hands just say that but no software update in the history of software takes a week or more. Now it’s a power outage? How about a battery backup? It’s clear they don’t want the GP watching the construction so just say that. It’s entitlement to complain about getting a $30 million investment, it’s not entitlement to complain about Vortex getting removed with only a few weeks of notice and to simultaneously desire people to be hyped for Orion but then not let us see it being built like the last few rides have. That’s a failure in expectations that they themselves have set.
  6. Yes, technically it’s because of Six Flags poor management...
  7. I’m hearing a lot of hypocrisy on this ride, people saying they wish it used the terrain/topography and then saying it isn’t really a giga because it it cheats by using the topography... I can’t wait to ride, I think that wave turn is going to surprise people. There is a reason that element is what most of the promos are showing.
  8. I think hoping for the blueprints to be wrong in terms of layout is only going to lead to disappointment, however I myself have hope for something like a tunnel or some theming that we didn’t initially see. Tunnels are great and make rides better, period.
  9. Bayern Kurve is still the outlier, all the posters have years operated with a state abbreviation but the 9:900 HR sticks out to me. The 9th at 9:00 for an announcement?
  10. The electrical engineer isn’t manufacturing roller coaster pieces, they are working with their best knowledge and belief of the layout. They have no responsibility of the layout as it is created ‘by others’ and is simply shown for reference to aid in installation of their scope of work. Unless we have CSFs shop drawings or a drawing by B&M we can’t be positive of the layout.
  11. I just want this ride to hug the terrain as much as possible, and hopefully have a tunnel. Basically The Beast but at 90+ Mph and only a minute long. While length is important, I’d rather have this than an awkwardly tall MCBR with nothing but filler afterwards.
  12. The problem is the scale on the sheets title says 1”=20’, but the legend ruler shows 1”=10’. Both can’t be true, and my guess is that the title one is true because the little ruler just got copy and pasted from a different sheet, where title is specific to that page.
  13. This guy or gal used Bluebeam, and yes it has a measuring tool based off an initial calibration.
  14. This is unfortunately not true. Source, am architect.
  15. Keep in mind the terrain too, even if the lid hill is identical height to Fury, the drop could be 30’ or more longer due to the natural ravine. Let’s not panic for no reason. If it doesn’t go upside down, and it’s not over 300’ tall, it would just be a clone of Diamondback. Why would KI do that, let’s wait and see.
  16. PM me too! All I have seen is photos of paper, and just because the scale is depicted doesn’t mean it was printed ‘to scale’. Any time a document is forced to a printer’s paper size it immediately messes up the scale. These could be half size drawings or just printed to fit 11x17 paper.
  17. Based on this teaser I'm thinking the name will be Stampede. something like that that would help bring it into the western theme of frontier town too.
  18. Automatic fire suppression sprinklers for the station? It is wood construction after all
  19. Those plans show what looks like a good amount of theming along the queue which wouldl be great. Does it seam weird that the exit just dumps onto the train platform or am I looking at that wrong?
  20. I think they were asking why they aren't setting post holders into the concrete as opposed to drilling or lag bolting into hard concrete later on... Same strength either way it's just a matter of labor now or labor later, do you want to pay the concrete guys or the carpenters.
  21. Does Firehawk classify as a 'steal' coaster? Though it has been said already, thanks Magenta Lizard for your great pictures!
  22. My prediction is that Splintercat will be the new Mustang. People were pretty sure about that one too.
  23. Stats Length: 3,200 Height: 140 Drop: 135 Inversions: 1 Speed: 60 Manufacturer: GG
  24. Agreed, footing depth has more to do with soil type and quality in the geotech report. If you built a small kiddie coaster in a swamp vs a tall ride on bedrock, the kiddie coaster would probably have larger footings due to the soil conditions.
  25. At the very least the plans for the station, queue, maintenance building etc would need to be submitted for a building permit. Ensuring these adhere to building codes, accessibility codes etc would all be required. Also I'm not sure about the ride itself, but being wood makes it more flammable and therefore might require more stringent codes.
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