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  1. ^ What's lame to you might be thrilling to someone else. Next time hopefully they'll run the idea by you to make sure it's exciting...
  2. Why does Europe get more GCI(s) and here in the states there is no one openly stating that GCI is building a coaster? I really wish I could get to Europe to ride this one and El Toro...
  3. With all of the excitement surrounding Holiday World's and Kennywood's latest ride announcements, this coaster needed some discussion as well. Here's the press release: I for one am extremely excited to see this coaster. GCI always makes solid rides and this, I'm sure, will be no exception.
  4. No mention of Thunderhead? I hope you got to ride it and just for got to say something about it.
  5. ^^ A ProSlide of that size built on that kind of terrain? That would definitely cost that much. That thing is down right amazing with the terrain and the huge drop into the tunnel. It is a waterslide.... with a lifthill.... ridiculous! Ridiculous and awesome! Edit: removed spoiler
  6. GCI hopefully would not touch SOB for their own sake. I would hope that no one risks their name on SOB.
  7. I see the proslide logo as well. It just seems too obvious to be true, but you never know... Also one of the Tweets mentions calling Schlitterbahn as well.... Twitter really messes with us doesn't it... EDIT: I think since it is a major investment possibly a new waterpark expansion with a Aqua quest, master blaster style ride, and more
  8. Still a lot of exploration left for GCII. The only problem facing them is stigma. Everyone sees them as makers of family coasters and only hire them for such jobs. If offered a chance, I know that they would come through with something that would catch everyone off guard.
  9. I understand what you mean with most of their coasters being twisters, but I disagree that they are all the same. (which I'm sure was expected ) 2009: 3 coasters, 3 extremely different designs, 3 different first drops 2008: direct clone of Thunderbird 2007: Troy, tallest GCI with longest run time & Renegade with one of the most unique first drops in the world I just think that you should "stick to your guns" and GCI's "gun" is wooden twisters.
  10. Nope, thats coming this fall. Is my description of the ride way off? It appears to be fun, but it looks as though the same feeling would exist if the ride were made out of steel. If this is far from the truth and the ride gives a "wooden" experience, I reserve my judgment and that will be that.
  11. Like I said, if you want tons of airtime build a steel coaster. If I were to give you this description: Extremely steep drops, smooth as glass, ejector airtime, highly banked turns, and extreme speeds, would you say, "That is a wooden coaster"? I will leave that up to you to decide. If I am building wood, give me a fun GCI with pops of floater air, lots of misdirection, and just enough rattle to give you an out of control feeling. However, you are entitled to your opinion and many people would side with you. Nevertheless, I am not one of them.
  12. ^ If you want wooden, go wooden. If you want steel, go steel. But please don't go with the Steel coaster in a wooden coaster's skin.
  13. Remember, GCI didn't go vertical on Terminator until the middle of January and still finished in the middle of May. The guys at GCI have learned to work miracles and I would never put anything past Jeff, Joe, Clair, Chris, and the crew. They just know how to get it done. However, the industry does not usually work in a "3 coaster contract" kind of way and just because something was planned for CGA, doesn't necessarily mean that a coaster has to be built. I'm sure GCI got paid for their work and if Cedar Fair decides to construct later, they will get paid for the rest of the work. I would love to see a GCI ride at CP and I'm disappointed that after the outstanding portfolio of work GCI put together this past year that GCI doesn't seem to have any "high profile" jobs set up for next year. Hopefully some of these CEO's will come to their senses and realize that GCI coasters are some of the best out there in terms of ridability, reliability, and most importantly, affordability.
  14. GCI all the way. No need to break records, just deliver solid rides from start to finish.
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