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  1. i am anticipating a trip to KI but I would like to wait until SOB is opened (if ever). Has anyone heard any news, or seen anything that may give hope it will open sometime?
  2. You guys are very lucky to live so close to KI. I used to live in Indiana, about 2 hour drive from the park. I used to drive at least 4 times a year to go, but now I live in St Louis, and let me tell ya, Six Flags STL is the worst...is the epitome of everything wrong with the SF Company. I renewed my pass 3 months ago, so I did not have to wait in line to get my pic taken. This past Sunday, I spoke to a few people getting new passes, and they had to wait in line for 4 hours. It is Ridiculous! And also, you could not go on a ride without it closing every half an hour because of some minor glitches in the systems. I understand the park just opened so they're still not fully prepared, but...COME ON!!!!! I miss living close to KI!!!
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    Yeah, as brutal as The Vortex can be, KI wouldn't be the same without it. The same with King Cobra..when it's Vortex time to go, it will be missed. I say as long as they replace it with a new roller coaster, I won't complain. But please, get rid of Tomb Raider! What a waste!
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    I have been coming across random rumors regarding The Vortex closing. Can anyone tell me anything about this? I just came across these rumors today, and wasn't sure if I had missed something............
  5. call me crazy, but if i understand correctly, they are updating The Racers. Could it be possible they purchased those trains for The Racer? Again, I am not at all familiar with the trains and gauging on the tracks, so I don't even know if that would work.
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