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  1. K.I. Definitely need more flat rides.
  2. I would love to see a the Ferris wheel return.
  3. I would say putting the trains back on the track.
  4. First part of the week the lights were Blue.
  5. I usually go the second weekend and crowd's have not been a problem.
  6. Saturday that area had signs that said [ for students only ] or something like that.
  7. I hope they did not mess your pass up like they did mine. KI replaced my pass for the funpics and the next day my pass did not work.
  8. The train in the test video looked Red to me.
  9. I took my wife to see Warrant, Trixter and Firehouse.
  10. It was buy Adventure Express where the ladder game is.
  11. The train on lift 2 has to clear for the chain on lift one speeds up.
  12. I really miss this park it was a great place to take the little ones.
  13. Hay now I like the taste of a good beer. I brew beer myself.
  14. Just thought I would post this.
  15. I am glad I was able to ride S.O.B but it is time to put it to rest.
  16. The pov of Vortex on youtube showes The Beast lake was there when Vortex was.http://youtu.be/mEcQyO77p7E
  17. I'm glad to see Scooby back in the park. They have them as a prize at wack a mole.
  18. COSI's was actually removed this fall. I was at COSI in January and It is sill there.
  19. Jamesv7

    Favorite Ride

    My favorite flat ride is Monster. My favorite coaster is Red Racer.
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