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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. About 2 hours from Indianapolis, longer with constuction. I wish it wasn't that far!
  2. The food and drink prices are terrible! Another bad thing is the 2 hour drive. Employees are decent, I love all the rides, and I don't mind the TV in line.
  3. No rides at Kings Island have made me throw up, but the rides at the state fair are a different story.
  4. First rides- Firehawk Last rides- Face/Off Firehawk Beast
  5. Parks Visited: Kings Island, Holiday World, Disney World Roller Coasters: 1) The Voyage 2) Firehawk 3) The Beast 4) Flight of Fear 5) Vortex 6) The Legend 7) The Raven 8) The Racer 9) Rock N Roller Coaster 10) Son of Beast Other Rides: 1) Drop Zone 2) Delirium 3) Tomb Raider 4) Splash Mountain 5) Tower of Terror 6) Shake Rattle and Roll 7) Congo Falls 8) Sling Shot 9) Viking Fury 10) Skyflyer
  6. This may have been mentioned somewhere else in forums, but i searched and did not find it. Does anyone know is Firehawk is running both trains, or both sides of the station yet? Hopefully if they are, the line moves much faster than when i went on 6/2.
  7. i kno this has nothing to do with the topic but im going tomoro and i need to kno: how much are lockers?
  8. wat do u think is a better idea: when i get to the park, sprint to Firehawk and ride it first OR go to tomb raider and beast and go back to Firehawk later in the afternoon
  9. ive heard that the rain policy has changed due to the accident at Cedar Point. is it true that no rides will operate in the rain?
  10. hey im going on june 2nd and i wanted to know how long the average wait for Firehawk will probably be. tell me how long you waited!
  11. Thrill Rides: 1) Delirium 2) Tomb Raider 3) Drop Zone 4) Xtreme Skyflyer 5) Congo Falls Roller Coasters: 1) Flight of Fear 2) The Beast 3) Vortex 4) Racer Backwards 5) Top Gun Family Rides: 1) Viking Fury 2) Shake Rattle and Roll 3) FX Theater 4) Scrambler 5) Zephyr
  12. on the weekend of june 2nd and 3rd, wat do u expect the lines to b like and how many trains would Firehawk be running, if its even running at all>
  13. what do u think the lines will be like on saturday june 2nd or sunday june 3rd? which day do u think would be better?
  14. flat ride! no one actually goes to the paramount story!
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