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  1. That would explain it. As a technician I know that the worst thing that can happen is an unexpected surge or drop out of power....and of course a lighting strike is on a completely different level. Hopefully it’s not too costly and complicated of an issue.
  2. The automated theming elements of MT have been down for the past few days. It looks as if they have managed to at least default one of the projectors in the shed to something while the other is not receiving a feed. Does anyone know of the cause and when it may back up? As much as the the what goes on in the shed can be anti climatic, we don’t realize how much it can add to the experience until it’s non existent. Lol I even miss the prompt to not go in the shed on the lift hill.
  3. I'm beyond ecstatic to hear classical music on IS again. Icing on the cake would be if Khachaturian's Sabre dance has also made it's way to the playlist. It's amazing what you can remember from your childhood, and I can definitely remember this from the KI of the 80s.
  4. I think that instead of having a flat projection, MT should incorporate a more modern projection technique like projection mapping and/or projection on a fog screen like Pirates of the Caribbean, making it seem as if the images are floating in mid air.
  5. Well first off, I've been a long time member but it's been quite a while since I last posted...though I visit almost daily to look at the various threads, inlcuding the monster that has become the "Diamondback Construction Thread". So I'm not sure if this observation has been noted but I felt compelled to see if anyone else has noticed a possibly overt or inovert resemblence of the entrance pathway as being that of a snake's tongue.
  6. I love the clown band as well and am glad to hear that all of the original members will be back....but if memory serves me right I believe that they were an acrobatic bunch so it will be interesting to see how acrobatic they are now
  7. So for the longest there has been a sign saying that on ride video is soon to come for FOF leaving me to believe that maybe it was a mistake or it would never happen. Suddenly, on my way to Firehawk, I discovered that it is finally here. It really is an amazing piece of technology relative to the other antiquated image capturing devices at the park. While riding you wonder how it can ever be able to capture given the lack of light on the ride, but it uses night vision. The end product is amazing and though it's a bit pricey at 20 dollars for one DVD, it can prove to be a priceless souveneir especially for those first time riders.
  8. I can actually remember the season before last when it was almost tradition for the ops to ask the riders of the last train on what was preferable...light on, off, or half and half. I typically prefered half and half...it was great to ride the ride in the dark and then at the break run slowly have the lights power up...and vice versa. But as of recently that tradition has kind of fallen by the wayside.
  9. I actually rode it on the same day when the lights were on...the final ride before fireworks shut down. I have to say that I kind of like the lights on..it adds a diffent dimention to the ride for those of us who have riden it countless times. It's like riding FOF with the lights on..a behind the scenes look if you will. In addition it's fun and funny to see who are the brave souls that can trully keep their hands up through the entire tunnel at night
  10. I'm friends with the stage manager of the PT, and we had kind of an interesting discussion about the show. A lot of what makes a good show vs. a not so good show is how the crowd reacts to it. When the crowd is alive the excitement spreads like the plague and inherently makes more people have fun. A problem that's persistent with Endless Summer (which it in a way succeeded School of Rock) is that people aren't sure how they are supposed to act during the show. When a skater puts on a good performance, it seems as though people want to clap, but are afraid that it's inappropriate. Obviously you know that I attended the rehearsals to make the update for the site, but I also made a special trip up to the park to see the final product. The biggest thing that I noticed was that people were basically sitting on their hands during the first act of the show. A few people began to clap during the duet part of the camp scene, which opened the flood gates to applaud in the NASCAR scene. After that, it dropped off again. I kind of theorize that people were afraid that their reaction was inappropriate for the show, so when it got "out of hand" everyone stopped. I noticed a bit about the quality of the audio too, which was something I brought up with the manager. It really wasn't loud enough at the beginning of the show. I sat immediately behind the sound board, and could hear the skates strike the ice during the opening number, which I don't think is appropriate for that style of show. The sound did get much better as the course of the show went on. I'm not sure how that pans out. Oh, and trust me -- the Paramount Theatre... it gets loud... LOUD... and with amazing quality too. The problem isn't with the equipment. May I ask you what you would have done different for an opener? Comparing any amusement park show to Broadway, by the way, is really inappropriate. Not that I'm accusing you of doing that really.. Let's be honest, having the "best" show in a seasonal amusement park is like being the tallest midget. I honestly think that there's something really special about KI's entertainment department which makes me keep coming back. I must admit that I saw School of Rock dozens of times... I really couldn't get enough of that show. I'll probably see this show far more than once too. I have nothing but the utter most faith in the entertainment department at our park. I agree with you in terms of the effects aplause has on a performance...it also translates into better performances from the actors when they know that the crowd is backing them. At the performance I attended I also sat behind the audio board and noticed several occasions where (insert name and position) had to initiate aplause. Perhaps in time it will improve as those who return to see the show again will know what to expect. I also observed that certain tracks within the mix were of better audio quality then the others...so if that is the cause, it would be nice if they can remix the soundtrack paying more attention that all tracks match the quality of the best track in the mix. And yes a quick remedy for now would be to most definately boost the audio level..that can also translate into the audience getting more involved in the show. In terms of what I would do differently for the show open...I would probably redo the announce and incorporate a talent that has more resonance and enthusiasm. For me the show didnt really didn't hit its stride untill they danced to what I believe was "Lets get it started". The choreography before that, during the opening, seemed a bit painful to watch and was a bit lack luster as it didn't seem to be that contemporary. But if I were to completely redo the opening I might have each skater open with a jump. Granted you do not want them to show their best stuff in the opening, but something in between would be enough to wet the palets of the audience....and couple that with maybe dramatic fog and lighting as they enter center stage to produce a wow factor. And no I wasnt comparing this show to broadway shows...that wouldnt be fair. I was just making a point that some of my observations could be a bit nit picky as a result of my exposure.
  11. Well I was a student of theatrical arts in college and have attended many broadway shows like Wicked and Phantom of the Opera in NYC..so my attention to detail may be heightened moreso than a typical parkgoer who just wants to escape from the heat. So I would say that it was a decent show for it to be in an amusement park. I personally love a big opening..something to grab the audience from the start..and I didn't feel that the show accomplished that objective with the lack luster announce of the performers and dance routine. As mentioned before, some of the transitions were a bit painful to watch. From a performance standpoint I felt that there was really only one standout...the guy who played the nerdy looking guy reminded me of the classic routines of Scott Hamilton. Something that really bugged me was the quality of the audio. I do not know if the board op was inexperienced or if it was the result of a bad recording of the soundtrack...but it seemed hollow, lacking bass and feeling. Technically speaking what stood out the most and was a major improvement from years past was the lighting. The extent of automated lighting for past shows were outdated reflectors. I was impressed to see that they spent money revamping their arsenal of automated lights which makes a big difference.
  12. Yes media day is usually specifically for media organizations to get b-roll or footage to add to voiceovers, and info on the ride. It's the parks way of getting free publicity. But i can recall a select few who were rolletcoaster enthusists and maybe a few from this site.
  13. So will there be a media day coming up soon for Firehawk? If so I can't wait to see what they have in store...the last media day i attended was for IJST and they had limos that took us back to the ride, a stunt show, and dinner. So just wondering if they could have the same fanfare or top it.
  14. First off I noticed an increase or much more of a visible presence in security. In an instance that has never happened to me in the 25+ years I've been going, a security officer aproached my car as I was eating lunch and talking on the phone just to see if I was ok. There were other guys on bikes as well patroling the season pass parking area..perhaps looking for something that was reported or just being friendly. I also noticed alot of saftey precautions with the new ownership..like new seatbelts on seemingly every ride, several wooden boards over the original metal gates that lead to the ride area on the Adventure Express (perhaps to protect little ones from getting into the area), and new fencing around the track of The Beast. The park seems to be much cleaner and I don't know if its me but there seems to be more garbage cans around the park. Perhaps its the new logo on every can that draws my attention to them. The new uniforms are interesting. The supervisors on each ride (even female) wear ties making them look very professional. Odly enough most ride ops still have the old paramount parks shirts..perhaps waiting for the new shirts to arrive. And ironically enough its those with the least desirable of jobs that have the best uniforms with the street sweepers wearing bright yellow or greenish button up shirts. In terms of music there is a noticeable abscence of movie scores. And on Q-tv it was initially a bit shocking to see old favorites replaced by Huey Louis videos lol. And finally in a small but welcomed change, they have removed the fencing that separated the entry and exit area of The Beast alowing for quick turnarounds on slow days.
  15. Usually in the days leading to opening day there is some talk of the dry run day. So has it already happened, and if not will it be tomorrow given that it's the day before opening day, and lastly... in addition to park employees and friends..who else are able to attend?
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