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  1. I totally get it now. The 10 pm presentation is a funeral....or perhaps burial...for the of Son of Beast...and the Banshee rises up. I'm sure this thought was mentioned somewhere in this thread already, but I have neither the time or courage to find it.
  2. No wonder it had problems opening up on time.
  3. I officially cannot keep up with this thread. One last post and I'll sit back and watch until the 8th. And then try to keep up with the new ride's dedicated thread. All I can say is this: what you are in the midst of is a time that does not come around every day (much less every year) for what you consider your home park. Up here at Cedar Point, it had been awhile since we had the fun of guessing, hinting, etc. with Gatekeeper's arrival. It's Christmas eve at your park, and it's the "big present" you've been waiting for. So be excellent to each other...and enjoy the moment. What a great time to be a fan of Kings Island.
  4. Bear with me here, but imagine having not looked at the thread for a few days, and finding this explosion. I think I can sum up what I have missed like this: 1) Official announcement 8/8 at 10:00 in Action Zone. I like it. 2) It will be a world-breaking coaster of some sort 3) Looks like a creepy theme/feel to the ride based off the announcement 4) And now blueprints have been found? My question is with these blueprints. I'm not calling them fake at all...my question is, where did they come from?
  5. A dark ride. They want a family, as it will be a family-oriented attraction.
  6. I think the key to a lot of this is not to over-think it. It's not like the park is playing some deep-thinking game of intrigue here with clues and puzzles to solve. Two numbers between 1 and 31. That means a date. You can make any calendar date out of two numbers between 1 and 31. Don's thinking of the announcement date. What is it? Well what do you get when an elephant mates with a rhioncerous?
  7. They've actually never fixed the problem (meaning, they're actually still too heavy and cumbersome). If a boat is not loaded just right, it's in danger of capsizing, or at the very least, taking on a lot of water and slowing down even more. The boats also move through the course much slower than envisioned, and there is a significant jarring (and sometimes painful) bump at the bottom of both hills if one is sitting in the right spot. I certainly do not pretend to be an insider, but from what I have gathered from being a part of various discussions about this ride, this was essentially the "last straw" between Cedar Point (note; not Cedar Fair) and Intamin, and a lot of bridges were burned. Those bridges were already at least toasted. Hence, you will often see boats leave with rows unfilled, and often be told exactly where to sit, etc...and it's a nearly 6-minute agonizingly long, slow ride. Considering what it was designed to replace, Shoot the Rapids is a strikeout in my opinion. It's certainly not a family ride by any stretch of the imagination (see height requirements). But don't mind me. I'm in a hotel in Newport News having spent the past 4 days visiting the great Busch Gardens Williamsburg; it always reminds me of everything Cedar Point is not with regards to the word "family". Speaking of which, TTD, I looked for you in France all week...but found no "ginger kid" in a yellow shirt. Sorry I missed you! Especially since you work at one of my favorite parks.
  8. Ah I simply cannot wait. I'll be in Walt Disney World for the first time as a father with our 2 and 6 year old girls, arriving about a month after this coaster is scheduled to open. I have a very good friend who is an "imagineer" who is working on this ride, and according to him, they are a bit ahead of schedule. The "tilting" cars will provide a great experience...now we just need a "Temple of Doom Mine Ride" (sorry...boyhood fantasy). I honestly don't know who is more excited...myself our the kids.
  9. The only, only reason more B & M inverts have not popped up in the USA is because nearly every major park that features roller coasters has one. Or two. Which tells you something.
  10. The log flume! Yes, it is wonderful, especially since I am still in denial over White Water Landing being removed from Cedar Point (not that I don't love Maverick). It's the University of Mount Union. I must say I'm a bit surprised to hear that some of the effects aren't being kept up, especially on an attraction that is all about...well...the effects. I suppose I shouldn't be so harsh on Cedar Point for "letting things go" from time to time. Hopefully there is enough there to make it memorable. Of course we have our first rides on Griffon to look forward to as well. So where might I run into you TTD? Do they let you out to roam the park? The closer we get to the trip I'll know the days we'll be hanging around.
  11. How is Curse of Darkastle? (sp?) My wife and I went to BGW as part of our honeymoon, and that was the year before this was built, so there is quite a bit new for us to explore. I'm very excited that our 1.5 and 5.5 year old girls will meet all of their Sesame Street friends. What I remember most about BGW is just how beautiful it is. To me, it's almost like Disney married to Cedar Point; a near-perfect blend of theme, charm, and thrills.
  12. Grizzly is a highly underrated coaster in my opinion. From my perspective, anyway, I rarely hear anyone talk about it, but it's a great ride. I just had to chime in as in a couple weeks we are making our way to Williamsburg for a conference, and we plan on hitting up BGW at least a few times with the girls. I'll definitely be on the lookout for the (insert dramatic music here)...ginger kid.
  13. Why would a woman that pregnant be in a line for Firehawk?
  14. I've never met Don, but I like him.
  15. I'm a professor of clinical and abnormal psychology, but my therapeutic degree is a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy...and during my training I specialized in child/adolescent psychopathology...so now I teach courses in that as well as therapy and general mental illness...although my favorite course to teach is the Psychology of Humor. (hence the name...my research is in...well...humor.) And you're correct; the idea was to make the diagnosis more inclusive, so when you hear that the rates of autism are skyrocketing, it does not mean that there is suddenly "more" of this disorder, there is simply more diagnosing going on for various reasons.
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