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  1. Since my request to wait for the front seat of The Beast was denied, I was forced to ride on a wheel seat and it was definitely the most rough ride I've had on it in recent years. I am sure the PTCs run better when they are fully loaded, the lift hills were my favorite part of the ride.
  2. Yeah big shout out to the crew, they've been crushing it. I'm thankful they've been allowing row requests as well. Every visit I'd say they're typically sending a train out as another approaches the trimmed hill.
  3. Now that I've gotten 6 rides, I definitely enjoy it a bit more. I truly hope those who visit are able to ride it a few times whenever they go. I typically like the front more than the back on most coasters, but Orion I really enjoyed more in the back. The effort they put into the surrounding area is very solid and I am sure as the foliage grows in around Orion it will look great. I am sure they don't want to obstruct the view of Orion in Area 72 but it just felt like KI needs more shade around the park, and Area 72 is very gray and concrete. It's been in the 90's like all of July, so I can totally understand reports of the helix greying people out but I never felt that on any of my rides. The standouts are certainly the first drop and the twisted hill before the brake run. The speed hill is growing more overhyped by the day, in my opinion haha. It isn't any different than the hills you'd find on Titan/Goliath or a lite RMC extended hill like on Outlaw Run. Orion is such a great fit in Kings Island, it'll be a huge capacity machine, and it won't offend anyone. It's very smooth and not too intense to scare anyone away. My ranks: 1) 1305 2) Fury 2) Millennium 4) Steel Dragon 2000 5) Orion Reviews are so subjective and people can easily rely on confirmation bias to prove that a coaster is the 'best' or it has 'ejector not floater!!!' or 'the rattle!!!'. Seriously, it doesn't have a rattle or vibrate or anything of that sort. It's just a solid ride that focuses getting to the brake run as quickly as it goes off the lift.
  4. Banshee hasn't changed since day 1. It's unfortunate the vests suction you in so tightly against the seat you feel every imperfection along the track, speaking to the back rows. That being said I still love the ride, and I will always talk about the killer airtime on the first drop, the intense 2nd loop, and sensational speed going down the hill out of the zero g. The giant inversions are so funky and it was running really well the other day even with half empty trains.
  5. I think it's exactly what you would expect. It's just fine. Fury is the perfect layout for this style of coaster. Orion reminds me of Goliath (RMC at SFGAm) because it's just a great drop and a handful of giant elements. The wave turn had so much potential and it doesn't do anything. The big turnout doesn't make an impression, then speed hill is eh, and the airtime hill will forever be criticized about the trim. The helix was fun, and was not intense as advertised. The final airtime hill was probably the best outside of the first drop. I hope another rider or two will change my mind but it's a solid ride but nothing close to Fury. Top 10 in no order: Steel Vengeance, Maverick, DoDoDonpa, Hakugei, Outlaw Run, Fury, Scooby's Spooky Coaster, Skyrush, Phoenix, I305
  6. The water park is pretty weak compared to other parks around the country, and I haven't been there in a while. Is that old school flowrider still rough as hell? I remember the concrete bottom of it being painful. The drop pod complex isn't original, but it a nice addition. I know they tried to re-sell the lazy river refurb, but let's be real before the drop pod complex, the last addition was in 2004 with Boomerang Bay, and I think everything else is from the 80's or 90's. I understand KI has 0 competition but yeah I never go because it's really crowded, no shade, the body slides are painful, and the tube slides/raft slide aren't very thrilling. I'd honestly rather go to the Beach if I had the choice. Great Wolf too. That proslide coaster is excellent.
  7. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=jigga Please try and come up with something better.
  8. All of these nicknames are equally lame, but this is by far the worst. Yikes.
  9. Oh nice, single rider line! That will help. I live in Chicago and don't get the opportunity to visit as much as I did in years past so the suggestions for visiting the park during the regular season don't help me, but thanks for the suggestion. I'm really just there to see the lights as I walk around and get in a couple rides on MT. I'm not in the demo or psychographic for Winterfest; just trying to sneak in an hour or two when I'm home for the holidays.
  10. Thanks, I was referring to only Winterfest, not summer since that's behind us. I'd hate to get to Winterfest and be looking at an hour line for Mystic Timbers. I did go in 2017 and was able to get in two rides at opening before the line was too long to justify. Was curious if that's still the case.
  11. I really had to dig to find these these. 2006-2009 were definitely peak for me! Working at the park, Diamondback construction, disco Crypt, the backstage/ERT day.. I know I have an butt load of pictures with Capt Nemo from the 2009 Diamondback year. I honestly think I rode it around 1000 times that year haha. darn I miss my Penguins of Madagascar hat. The only hat that fit me, haha. "If you reach your hand out to touch the hand rails on the lift, you're going to get a gosh darn splinter. I told you 100x." -Zach B
  12. I'm a bit disappointed with no Flight of Cheer this year, but it's nice that Mystic Timbers will be running. Knowing that's the only coaster open, how are the lines for it? Are we looking at an hour wait if you aren't the first one there?
  13. First glance from the webcam coming back online I thought someone had just mirrored Millennium Force and pasted it in. Looks pretty great! Can't wait to see the wave turn rise up. That looks like the highlight of the ride in my opinion.
  14. I'm one of the weirdos who likes the park's LaRosa's better; those crispy pepperonis on the top are so good. But honestly I haven't had anything other than blue ice cream or a beer at the park in 3-4 years so I'll have to reconfirm my vote next time I get to the park.
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