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  1. Ban the single rider line

    Congrats, you got something free for b*tching about something that is helping the greater group of people, but inconveniencing you. The enthusiasts love their single rider line, but god forbid if it has more than a 3 train wait or they won't let you 48 loaves of cinnamon bread on the ride with you. Wait, there's not even a poll to help vote to close the single rider line! OP, you had one job... now can I have your phone number to call and complain? I really want some hot chocolate.
  2. Official: WinterFest 2017

    No comments about Mystic Timbers, I'm surprised! Was it open? How long was the line?
  3. The announcement is regarding the 2017 season, wouldn't Winterfest primarily be for the end of the 2016 season? Sorry if this has already been brought up.
  4. What Mean Streak means

    When a solid meme can't cover up the fact that your posts suck and you contribute nothing worthy to the forum, it's time 2 go.
  5. New For 2017: Mystic Timbers!

    Yah. Great. Let's give enthusiasts another coaster name to tack on "ie" to annoy every other person above the age of 5.
  6. Visited last week for the first time since October 2014. Last year was the first season I missed probably since I was a few years old. Other than the new entrance, nothing felt different. So I'd say no. I don't believe people from out of state/non regulars look at Kings Island in the same light as Cedar Point/Disney/Knoebels/Universal, that to me have this ....magical aura around them. KI is a great park, and I expected to get a little extra amped on visiting after a solid year and a half, but it felt like I never skipped a beat. I'm probably just a jaded former ride op who's glad to be living outside of Cincinnati.
  7. Forget RMC, we already got this thread turned into the RNC. We got people legit set on the name Splintercat, chuckle head and #kirmc4lyfenowintaminlater spewing factless info all around, I'm done
  8. Maybe if this thread is quiet enough, Kenban will post some quality information.
  9. Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread

    Depends on the day pal. I know earlier in the season, the line was about a 1/2 hour due to the ERT crowds. Not sure how it is now though. Good to know. I feel like every other theme park thread I read I see "FP/FL is necessary." Here's to hoping next Thursday's weather is decent and 5 laps on Diamondback is doable.
  10. The Beast needs to be updated

    It's okay, if The Beast loses an ACE plaque, I'll administer a gold star. Or maybe even a cookie. They're equivalent. If there's any way to make the trims less noticeable, I'm all for it. I like the ride, but it could be perfect...
  11. Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread

    That was when I worked on it. #powerhour #beatCanada
  12. Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread

    Is Diamondback marathonable 10-11? Or does it immediately have a 15 min wait?
  13. Your SoB memories

    I don't have any memories because SoB jackhammered them into oblivion. I think I had one strangely pain free ride one time, and honestly the ride still wasn't good. The lift was beyond deafening, no airtime on the first drop, and I only rode because my friend drove the ride. SOB, you're still a d!ck after death.
  14. Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread

    Solid. I missed last season since I've moved away and am thinking about making a return trip next week.