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  1. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    Backlot makes a lot of sense due to the large amount of land it's sitting on, but you could throw a dart at a handful of dated coasters at KI and I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. Ideas for the Crypt building?

    I miss TRTR. Heck, I even miss the disco in a box in the final year where they just threw it into RCT style berserk mode!
  3. The Vortex Poll

    It's just not a coaster I enjoy anymore and with a group of 4 there's usually someone that got tossed around too much and needed to chill for a bit. I think some of the simpler models like Corkscrew or Demon hold up a bit better due to the out and back layout. If I have a day at KI, between the upgraded water park, MT, and all of the other coasters, I wouldn't take time to ride Vortex and rather ride a coaster I enjoy more.
  4. The Giga Speculation Thread

    "Millenium" "Valryvn" Huh never heard of these rides before. "4)Valryvn 4.418M" Wow that's impressive!
  5. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    I signed in to comment on something. Dang those new Diamondback seats look fresh!
  6. The Mystery of "Racer Boy"

    I don't know about The Racer, but there are these black and white fuzzy creatures that live out in the woods by Diamondback/Beast and if you get too close to them they'll spray you with toxic waste or something. I swear man they're real..
  7. Ban the single rider line

    Congrats, you got something free for b*tching about something that is helping the greater group of people, but inconveniencing you. The enthusiasts love their single rider line, but god forbid if it has more than a 3 train wait or they won't let you 48 loaves of cinnamon bread on the ride with you. Wait, there's not even a poll to help vote to close the single rider line! OP, you had one job... now can I have your phone number to call and complain? I really want some hot chocolate.
  8. Official: WinterFest 2017

    No comments about Mystic Timbers, I'm surprised! Was it open? How long was the line?
  9. The announcement is regarding the 2017 season, wouldn't Winterfest primarily be for the end of the 2016 season? Sorry if this has already been brought up.
  10. What Mean Streak means

    When a solid meme can't cover up the fact that your posts suck and you contribute nothing worthy to the forum, it's time 2 go.
  11. New For 2017: Mystic Timbers!

    Yah. Great. Let's give enthusiasts another coaster name to tack on "ie" to annoy every other person above the age of 5.
  12. Visited last week for the first time since October 2014. Last year was the first season I missed probably since I was a few years old. Other than the new entrance, nothing felt different. So I'd say no. I don't believe people from out of state/non regulars look at Kings Island in the same light as Cedar Point/Disney/Knoebels/Universal, that to me have this ....magical aura around them. KI is a great park, and I expected to get a little extra amped on visiting after a solid year and a half, but it felt like I never skipped a beat. I'm probably just a jaded former ride op who's glad to be living outside of Cincinnati.
  13. Forget RMC, we already got this thread turned into the RNC. We got people legit set on the name Splintercat, chuckle head and #kirmc4lyfenowintaminlater spewing factless info all around, I'm done
  14. Maybe if this thread is quiet enough, Kenban will post some quality information.