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  1. Online offers are not in effect at Cedar Point until Sunday Sept 7. "From Sunday, Sept. 7 through Sunday, Nov. 2, this offer will be available online, over the phone or at the park during regular operating hours. "
  2. A most excellent trip report. I was thoroughly entertained.
  3. I'm excited about Terror Island too. Will be wild to be walking through a scare zone with Millennium Force flying by overhead. I'm also surprised to see Club Blood at Cedar Point.
  4. Not exactly sure, but it looks like the stuff behind the fence we saw when taking the construction tour on KIC Day. That looks like Adena's construction trailer.
  5. Hard to tell what's been done today just by looking at the webcam. Since the park is closed, we're not getting updates from inside the park. Now is when it would be nice to see official construction updates from the park. It's been 3 weeks since the announcement, and no updates to the blog or construction gallery on the Diamondback site. Hopefully we'll see some nice pics after this coming weekend.
  6. Smart choice. Even though Friday nights have limited rides available, you can ride most of the major rides with minimal waits.
  7. And you think it will be better in October? Halloweekends Saturdays are the busiest days of the season. And staffing is even more of an issue towards the end of the season.
  8. But think positively... New ride, next to Voyage....means lines for Voyage will be shorter!
  9. I'm sure the parking lot updates and the traffic light will take a large chunk of what's left. The press release says the HoliWatch system will cost $1 million, so that plus the $4.3 for Pilgrim's Plunge leaves a bit over $3 million for everything else.
  10. In the article in the Evansville CourierPress, it states the ride will cost $4.3 million.
  11. I just hope it doesn't suffer from Intamin prototype issues. It looks amazing though. I'm also glad to see they're addressing the parking lot/traffic signal problem.
  12. From: Twitter... Holiday World: The time is finally here. And the news is....we're building the World's Tallest Water Ride. Holiday World: We're also adding the free HoliWatch service. It uses RFID technology and is a child (or adult) locator, plus message and info system. Ride footprint is 2 football fields, end to end. Ride time is 2:40. Maximum speed exceeds 50 mph. It will be called Pilgrim's Plunge. We're taking the ride to new heights...and adding an open-air elevator.
  13. I rode it just last weekend with no "breaks". It did have brakes though.
  14. You know what that means, right? Never go to school again... Ever. NOOO....he needs to stay in school longer every day. Then they'll finish faster!
  15. Look again. They attached it to the support. Now they're getting ready to pick up another one. They're really working late tonite.
  16. No, they're attaching the catwalk to the piece of track shown in the webcam captures above.
  17. Looks like it's there to place supports and track for the final brake run.
  18. The track that is there now, is actually two pieces. They were connected on the ground, then put in place. That's all the track that is in place so far. They have also added the catwalk and railings to the transfer track section. And they're still working after 7pm.
  19. Supports need to go up before any more track can go up, so I would guess there won't be any more track going up tonite.
  20. That looks like a transfer track section, and it does seem like it's taking them a while to get it moved. It's finally off the ground, so it should be up on the support structure before too long (hopefully).
  21. That would be the actual transfer track area. It was fun watching it go up today
  22. Actually the first B&M Inverted coaster (Batman the Ride at SF Great America) opened in 1992.
  23. I rode Mystery Mine the day it opened to the public last year. As a coaster, it's just "ok", but as a total experience, it's incredible. The level of theme detail is amazing. It truly tells a story. It doesn't top Maverick for me, but it's still a great ride.
  24. And speaking of the webcam, it's almost live streaming. It's refreshing every 5 seconds right now. Who knows how long that will last. It's currently focused on the final brake area / maintenance shed.
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