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  1. Hard to tell what's been done today just by looking at the webcam.

    Since the park is closed, we're not getting updates from inside the park. Now is when it would be nice to see official construction updates from the park. It's been 3 weeks since the announcement, and no updates to the blog or construction gallery on the Diamondback site. :(

    Hopefully we'll see some nice pics after this coming weekend.

  2. I dont see the exact cost listed of this ride, but I would figure the majority of the $8.5 million going to it. For what they have built in the past for less money this seems a little pricey. I just wonder if Holiday World is prepared to handle the possible maintence nightmare this thing could be seeing as its using some new technology from Intamin.

    In the article in the Evansville CourierPress, it states the ride will cost $4.3 million.

  3. From: Twitter...

    Holiday World: The time is finally here. And the news is....we're building the World's Tallest Water Ride.

    Holiday World: We're also adding the free HoliWatch service. It uses RFID technology and is a child (or adult) locator, plus message and info system.

    Ride footprint is 2 football fields, end to end. Ride time is 2:40. Maximum speed exceeds 50 mph.

    It will be called Pilgrim's Plunge. We're taking the ride to new heights...and adding an open-air elevator.

  4. I rode Mystery Mine the day it opened to the public last year. As a coaster, it's just "ok", but as a total experience, it's incredible. The level of theme detail is amazing. It truly tells a story. It doesn't top Maverick for me, but it's still a great ride.

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