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  2. And I'm glad they used the 4-across trains rather than the Behemoth-style trains. Can't wait for next year!

    They are using the Behemoth style trains. What made you think they weren't? Only the model has the 4 across seats, because CoasterDynamix doesn't make the newer train style (yet).

    And I kind of like that the webcam is changing images. Lets us see different areas of the construction. And I would guess the reason they aren't multiple links is because this is all taken from the same camera, similar to how Holiday World's webcam is.

  3. Ok I got no such newsletter recently.

    Actually you probably did, and didn't see that statement. I didn't see it either til I went back and read the whole thing. It was the latest newsletter sent out yesterday about the new ride announcement. The subject line is "The 2009 Ride is Unmasked This Wednesday!"

    It has the info about the announcement, info about jobs for Halloween Haunt, and the Jordan Pruitt concert.

    Then over on the right hand side under Upcoming Events, the last item says: "Labor Day Weekend Save the Date, Exciting Details Coming Soon!".

  4. I've always had quick response when I send emails to Cedar Point. If any large company doesn't respond to an email (especially if its sent using a contact form on their company website), then that's a sign of poor customer service. We are in the 21st century, and that's how people communicate in today's world.

  5. Ok, I've talked to many very reliable sources at Kings Island and found out that there is absolutely no talk what so ever about renaming ANY rides in Nickelodeon Universe.

    So what these shirts are for remains to be seen...

    I've heard a similar rumor as well. Not sure how reliable it is, but a couple of weeks ago, I was in line for Dragster at CP, and was talking to a family from Kansas City. Two of the older teenage girls work at Worlds of Fun, in the Camp Snoopy area, and they said there was talk that Spongebob was coming to Worlds of Fun.

    So at this point, it sounds like decisions are still being made about the future of any licensing contracts across the entire chain. It will interesting to see what the future holds.

  6. I'd love to see a webcam mounted somewhere on the Eiffel Tower to capture construction. Hopefully once the ride is announced, there will at least be a Construction diary along with construction photos.

  7. Not sure where you're driving from, but if you're taking 75 north, you can turn off on Hwy 6 (Exit 179) and follow that all the way into Sandusky. Once in Sandusky, follow the signs to Cedar Point. That will keep you off the turnpike.

    As far as parking, I would suggest parking in the Soak City lot, and using the Magnum/Resort gate. If you're a platinum pass holder, you can get into the park at 9am, otherwise you'll get in at 10.

    Enjoy your trip!

  8. Can I purchase a ticket for a friend who is not a member of KICentral?

    Of course you can. All we ask is that they register on the forums of KICentral. It only takes a second and registering on KIC is 100% FREE!

    Do they need to be a registered member before I purchase the tickets? I just want to get the tickets as soon as possible before the event sells out. Sorry for all the questions, but I'm still kinda new around here. I'm excited to get to meet some of you at the event.



  9. One the funniest ones I've heard happened near the end of the '06 season at Cedar Point. While waiting in line for Magnum, there was a group of teenage girls in front of me. They were discussing what to ride next. One of the girls said she wanted to ride the red coaster at the back of the park. Her friends told her it wasn't open yet. (It was Maverick, still under construction). She then asked if they took all the rides down during the winter. I could barely control my laughter.

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