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  1. News article here. Kind of funny the article shows a pic of a Kingda Ka train.
  2. Actually the hours on the 4th are from 1pm-7:30pm, which is great. You can choose to do it for lunch or dinner.
  3. It didn't happen mid-season. Sandusky Register is just now getting around to reporting it. The information was on CP website back in March of this year.
  4. I really hope the rain doesn't spoil things too much tomorrow. I'm planning to be down there sometime this evening, to get a couple of rides in before the park closes, then all day tomorrow. I live up in Canton, OH, and this will be my first trip down to KI this year.
  5. They're not really contradicting themselves, but it should be more clear. In that sentence, they're referring to CP only Season Passes ("valid ONLY at the park of purchase). The sentence right below that one is talking about the Platinum pass.
  6. Like I have said in a previous post. Goto the KI 2008 Season pass page. It clearly states that your pass MUST be processed at King's Island, if you purchase it at King's Island. According to the Updated FAQ on Cedarpoint.com, the Platinum pass can be processed at ANY park once it's purchased. See Cedar Point Season Pass FAQ
  7. I haven't been to Dollywood since 2000, but I'm looking forward to going in a couple of weeks. Especially with everything that's been added since I was last there, I'd definitely have to agree that Dollywood is worth every penny. It's an absolutely beautiful park in a beautiful setting. Also, remember that if you enter the park after 3pm, you can get in the following day for free. That's like a day and a half for the price of one. Season Pass prices are also very reasonable. I can't wait to ride Mystery Mine. That's one of my most anticipated new coasters this year.
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