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    I love roller coasters of course! I'm really shy at first, but once I get so know someone a little bit, I'll become to most crazy person ever with a sense of humor similar to Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

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About Me

2010 Holiday World ride count:

Voyage: 84

Legend: 30

Raven: 28

Howler: 4

Liberty Launch: 5

Eagles Flight: 6

Wildebeest: 8

Zoombabwe: 1

Otorongo: 3

Watubee: 1

Jungle Racer: 3

AmaZOOM: 1

Bamboo Chute: 1

Zinga: 4

Bakuli: 1

Bahari Wavepool: 3

Bahari River: 4

Jungle Jets: 1

Monsoon Lagoon: 1

Kima Bay: 1

Pilgrim's Plunge: 7

Gobble Getaway: 4

Turkey Whirl: 2

Star Spangled Carousal: 1

Reindeer Games: 1

Lewis & Clark Trail: 2

DropZone99's Database

2010 parks: 11

1. Kings Dominion 040210

2. Carowinds: 040310

3. Six Flags Over Georgia: 040410

4. Dollywood: 040510

5. Kings Island: 041710 050810 051410 052110 060310 060910 071510 100110

6. Holiday World: 050110 052210 052610 060410 060510 070610 101010

7. Cedar Point: 060910 061010

8. Michigan's Adventure: 062410

9. Indiana Beach: 070910

10. Worlds of Fun: 071610 071710

11. Six Flags Saint Louis: 072410

Top 10s


1. Intimidator 305 (KD)

2. Maverick (CP)

3. Intimidator (Carowinds)

4. Patriot (WoF)

5. Millennium Force (CP)

6. Goliath (SFOG)

7. Volcano (KD)

8. Mystery Mine (Dollywood)

9. Raging Bull (SFGAm)

10. Mamba (WoF)


1. Voyage (HW)

2. Shivering Timbers (MA)

3. Cornball Express (IB)

4. Raven (HW)

5. Evel Knievel (SFSTL)

6. Georgia Cyclone (SFOG)

7. Prowler (WoF)

8. Boardwalk Bullet (KB)

9. Legend (HW)

10. Thunderhead (Dollywood)


1. Drop Zone (KD)

2. Woodstock Gliders (Carowinds)

3. Drop Zone (KI)

4. Drop Zone (Carowinds)

5. Demon Drop (CP)

6. Liberty Launch (HW)

7. Flying Eagles (KD)

8. Superman Tower of Power (SFKK)

9. Crypt (KD)

10. Acrophobia (SFOG)


1. Worlds of Fun

2. Indiana Beach

3. Kings Dominion

4. Holiday World

5. Six Flags Over Georgia

6. Six Flags Great America

7. Carowinds

8. Busch Gardens Africa

9. Dollywood

10. Cedar Point

Coasters Riden: 134

Parks: 18

- Kemah Boardwalk

- Six Flags Great America

- Indiana Beach

- Indianapolis Zoo

- Holiday World

- Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

- Dollywood

- Six Flags Over Georgia

- Kings Island

- Cedar Point

- Busch Gardens Africa

- Old Town

- Islands Of Adventure

- Universal Studios Florida

- Carowinds

- Kings Dominion

- Michigan's Adventure

- Worlds of Fun

- Six Flags St. Louis


Before May 1st. 2010 I generally liked steel coasters more than wooden coasters. But than I went to Holiday World and rode three amazing woodies. That day changed my outlook of coasters, and I fell in love with that park. It's crazy how I can spend all day at Kings Island and get bored so easy with it's 15 coasters, but than I go to Holiday World and never get tired of riding it's 3 coasters (I don't ride Howler, just rode it for the credit).

Another one of my favorite parks is Indiana Beach, I just love the nostalgic boardwalk atmosphere. Plus Cornball Express is my third favorite wooden coaster because of the CRAZY ejector air it has. I also love Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, no where else in the world can you experience a ride that compact and that unique. Believe it or not, it actually has 3 moments of ejector airtime, plus good laterals in those tight turns. Indiana Beach also has Galaxi and Tig'rr, two classic steel coasters, Hoosier Hurricane an out-n-back woodie on Lake Schaffer, and Steel Hawg- featuring the steepest drop on any coaster in the US.

Kings Island was once my favorite park, but after visiting parks like Holiday World, Kings Dominion, and Indiana Beach, I realized that Kings Island isn't nearly as good as I once thought. I still love Kings Island in it's own way since it is my home park and the park I've visited the most. I just hope that once day a good company buys the park and can make it like it once was.

Kings Dominion is my favorite major park, but I still like Holiday World & Indiana Beach more. Kings Dominion is what Kings Island used to be, plus what it will never be. The park features great landscaping and has a wonderful atmosphere. Plus they still have rides Kings Island has removed. Kings Dominion features some of my favorite steel and wood roller coasters such as: Intimidator 305, Volcano, and Grizzly. I live hundreds of miles from Kings Dominion, but I hope to come back very soon!

Things I love in coasters:

♥Airtime (ejctor>floater)

♥Lateral G's


♥Out of control feeling

♥On wood, not too rough, but not extremely smooth

♥On steel, smooth

♥Lap bars on steel coasters

♥Buzz bars on woodies

♥Trimless coasters


♥Sudden drops and changes in directions

♥Great location (NOT A PARKING LOT)



♥Good capacity

♥90º TURNS!

♥A good roar

♥Forceful loops (Schwarzkopfs)

♥Theme and backstory

Dislikes on coasters:


◘Extreme roughness


◘Bad transitions (ARROWS!)


◘Corkscrews on B&M inverts (with the exception of Patriot!)

◘Ninja at SFOG

◘Parking lot rides

◘Generic-unthemed rides

◘Once good rides that the park doesn't take care of

◘Rust and faded paint (TOPGUN!)

◘Most standup coasters

◘B&M Flyers

◘Un-needed MCBRs

◘Most Dinn woodies

◘Gerstlauer trains (wood or steel!)


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