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  1. It was pretty obvious Action Zone would be getting a face lift once Invertigo got a new color scheme, the tower was removed, and Son of Beast/Thunder Alley were both taken out. I would like to see the rest of AZ remodeled to go along with Banshee. I like the idea of AZ being the "most thrilling part of the park." Here is what I would love to see changed this off season. Invertigo: The sign painted to match the ride. Congo Falls: Possibly a rename and maybe a few minor updates such as paint and landscaping. Honestly though, who knows how much longer Congo Falls will even be around, so it may be wasteful to invest into a ride with a short life ahead. Delirium: It needs to be repainted bad. Stick with the same colors, but brighten it up. Drop Tower: This for sure needs a new name, probably something to go along with a scary theme (Hellevator?) I personally like the paint job, but I would be open to giving it a new color scheme. Xtreme Skyflyer: The name can stay, but I would love to add lighting in the actual structure similar to what Fun Spot recently did. Flight Deck: I am on board with renaming it The Bat and giving it a new paint job along with adding a little theme to it. As for the actual buildings (restrooms, gift shops, and restaurants) the ones closest to Banshee and The Bat would be remodeled to look like Banshee's station. As for the other buildings, maybe a darker less red/yellow/blue paint job would be better. And lastly, not only would the midway be remade with pavers, but it definitely needs more landscaping. Throughout the new Action Zone, but especially towards Banshee and The Bat I would add many trees along the midway and in planters to give the area a haunted forest theme.
  2. I got to KI VERY early and rode Diamondack first thing. Right as the park opened we went straight to Son of Beast and got to ride it 2-3 times without line at all. By 11am the line wasn't too bad (maybe 15) but at it's busiest part of the day the line got around 45 minutes if I remember right. I ended up getting five rides on Diamondback that day.
  3. 1. Diamondback 2. Flight of Fear 3. Racer 4. Vortex 5. Firehawk 6. The Beast 7. Flight Deck 8. Adventure Express 9. Backlot Stunt Coaster 10. Invertigo 11. Woodstock's Express 12. Flying Ace 13. Great Pumpkin Coaster
  4. Based on the layout shown in the blueprints, I compared the length of 2014's lift hill to Son of Beast's lift hill (the footings are still shown in the blueprints.) Son of Beast's lift hill was just a tad bit longer than 2014's, but that doesn't mean 2014 won't be as tall as SOB. Based on recent B&M coasters, the lift can be between 40-45º where as SOB's lift hill was nowhere near that steep (I would guess 30º.) My best guess is that it will be the tallest invert at around 200-220'. Pure speculation though.
  5. To the people who were members in 2008, prior to Diamondback being announced, signs were posted around the construction site just like for the 2014 project. Diamondback was announced August 8th. but I remember Kings Island sending out "media kits" to news stations with invitation to the event. And from that point on there was a countdown on KI's website leading up to August 8th (if you have a great memory, you'll remember everyone thinking it was going to be announced AT midnight, because the countdown only lead up to the day of announcement.) So my guess is that within the next two or three weeks we will have an official day as to when 2014 will be announced. I have no reason to think this, but I would assume it will be announced mid-late August compared to Diamondback which was announced early August.
  6. I have to agree with everyone else, Outer Hanks is PHENOMENAL! I really think they need to open stand-alone restaurants outside of Kings Island! The burritos are just the best out there.
  7. I live in a city where people complain that there is "nothing to do" and "our skyline sucks", yet every time something interesting is proposed it gets denied by neighbors because "it doesn't fit the neighborhood." People get what they ask for and will still complain. I will be honest though, by now the state should have gotten involved and destroyed everything. On a similar subject, I will never understand the people who complain about hearing roller coasters (or even seeing them) when they are the ones who decided to live near a park. In some cases the residents may have been there before the park was built, but generally amusement parks are built in undeveloped areas and then later neighborhoods are constructed.
  8. The hotel with the trains is the Crowne Plaza in the very first Union Station.
  9. Not a Coke machine, but it is a vending machine technically! Easy: White Water Canyon queue Hard: Anywhere in Kings Island while it is raining Expert: Flight Deck with a line exceeding the station
  10. If you were able to control everything that goes on at Kings Island, what would the park be like? (Example: better theming, resort theme park, what type of rides, etc.)
  11. Lol, what exactly is the definition of current? This is from 2010. NOTE: I do NOT look like that anymore! haha Easy: WindSeeker in motion from a distance. Hard: Photo from the Eiffel Tower focusing on something outside of the park. Expert: Skyline shot of Kings Island that is NOT taken from: I-71, Kings Island Drive, or the parking lot!
  12. I edited it. Now the hard photo is the zero-dept entry on Splash River.
  13. One of the trains! I was going to use this photo for the hard-option, but it technically isn't the lift hill. Easy: Flight Deck's queue line or station. Hard: A photo of the zero-depth entry on Splash River. EDIT: Didn't know it had to be a recent photo!
  14. Btw, now the 45º view is available for Kings Island!
  15. Just last Saturday Kings Island posted this on facebook: "The Vortex gave 1,120,052 rides during its 25th anniversary season in 2012, fourth-most in the park." The three rides at KI that had more riders were: Diamondback- 1.8m, Racer- 1.4m, and Beast- 1.4m. Vortex is a very popular ride. Eventually it will be removed from Kings Island, but not anytime soon. Anaconda on the other hand I could see leaving soon. I don't know the numbers, but I'd assume it was one of the lowest ridden major rides at Kings Dominion.
  16. I never understood why people complain about hearing rides at nearby amusement parks. Generally the theme park was there first (because they usually build in rural areas that later become developed.) So why would people buy a home near a theme park and get mad when you can hear it? I would understand if you lived there before it was built, but hardly that is the case.
  17. There is a Haunted House in Indy that uses this same concept, but instead of paint ball guns they use laser guns that never physically shoot any objects.
  18. Many new theme parks can be seen on Street View. Cedar Point, Worlds of Fun, Dorney Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and the Great Escape. I am sure more are available, but these are all I have seen so far.
  19. They already have two wave pools, so I doubt it. My guess is a slide complex featuring multiple slides. It makes sense because in quote "So looks like we won't just be getting a something. We'll be getting a couple somethings." It could be interpreted that they aren't just getting a slide, they will be getting a couple of slides. I'd love to see some body slides for once.
  20. Last year when Jack in the Box made it's debut to Indy, the one near me (first to open) had police directing traffic for three months. The line was over two hours the first week. Now that everyone has had it and they are popping up all over town, it is as busy as any fast food restaurant. My recommendations would be the sourdough Jack! I get it every time! Oh, and the chocolate-overload!
  21. I actually dreamed last night that Kings Island announced Diamondback was being removed and relocated to another park. The new attraction for the next season was a Chase Bank where the station currently is. Very odd!
  22. Usually it takes me about two hours, but I have gotten to KI faster, and much longer. I take I-65 North to I-465 East, then I take I-74 SE all the way down to I-275 and I-71 North. Although just for fun I looked up Apple Map's and of course they gave me some bizarre directions! They had me take back roads from Greenwood IN to Shelbyville, I-74 to the Ronald Reagan Highway and then get on I-71. It took much longer!
  23. DropZone99

    Bad Luck

    Two years ago I was not having the best day at school and I made plans to make the two hour drive to Kings Island straight after school. I did, and I immediately got in line for Diamondback. As my friend and I were next in line the ride closed because of inclement weather. It gets worse though, the park ended up closing hours early within a few minutes. And guess what happened next? It stopped raining and was gorgeous the rest of the afternoon, yet the park stayed closed. A few KICers and myself ended up spending a very long time at LaRosa's in West Chester.
  24. I was at the park on Friday and was wondering if the trains were to be put on the track, could it run? Even with parts of the track removed on the rose bowl, could it? The sensors are probably non-functional, I don't know if the chain is even on the tracks any more, and are the computers even still hooked up? What do you guys think? I personally don't think it is able to run.
  25. I wonder when the last train was sent through? We all know the last day it operated to the public, but did the final train go through later that week? Or maybe the end of the year? The trains were completely taken off by mid' 2009 I believe.
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