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  1. I've been at Kings Island all day until 7pm. It was near the top all day long until about 5pm when it lowered down to the bottom extremely slow. It never did full tests of even moved other than that. But they were putting the structure up for the shade queues. For Dinosaur's Alive, the sign is going up.
  2. I bought two Platinum Passes this year and on my Chase account they showed up as Paramount's Kings Island. And you can't forget about the photobooth that has Face/Off (with CF KI logo!) and King Cobra backgrounds.
  3. Via Kings Island's facebook. Rumors claiming it's Canada's Wonderland's WindSeeker but people are also saying KI's has been testing today!
  4. 1. Shivering Timbers 2. Voyage 3. Intimidator 305 4. Wicked Twister 5. Cornball Express 6. Mindbender 7. Georgia Cyclone 8. X2 9. El Toro 10. Texas Giant 11. Raptor (Gardaland) 12. Patriot 13. Raven 14. Woodstock's Express 15. Dark Knight 16. Adventure Express 17. Son of Beast with loop 18. Maverick
  5. On Kings Island's facebook there are a few AMAZING photos of WindSeeker taken from construction workers.
  6. I had my crazy thoughts thinking it may be an announcement saying Son of Beast will be receiving the Texas Giant treatment and reopen in 2012. After the dinosaurs were showed I was sure it would be some dinosaur thing. When I found out it was I was disappointed but at the same time didn't want to be like *cough*raptorguy*cough* and complain. I thought of it positive, I could escape the park and go somewhere shaded (something KI lacks) but of course you have to pay. So overall I'm not totally disappointed at Dinosaurs Alive cause I know kids will love it, but I'm mad about the price.
  7. The new photos pretty much confirm this is dinosaur related...
  8. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1312926839577&oid=8696281132&comments POV released, wow it looks absolutely INSANE!
  9. Indiana Beach mentioned this is a part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar project to expand the park. I'm assuming Steel Hawg was the first part, and Adventure Point is the second phase? There will still be alot of room, I really would love to see a bigger coaster or some type of major thrill ride. I really miss Indiana Beach, such an amazing park!
  10. They never did say Beast and Diamondback aren't on the ERT right? So its still a possibility, but don't get too let down. Maybe we will have Beast, Diamondback, Vortex, and WindSeeker for ERT? That would be great! Definitely spread out the crowds.
  11. Has it been mentioned if Action Theater will be open in 2011? From the webcam view it seems like it may be blocked. Anyone else find it somewhat amusing how Drop Zone was going to originally be built close to where WindSeeker is? When watching the webcam it almost looks like Drop Zone is being built! Posted via iPhone.
  12. ^I've seen that Vortex photo multiple times, I always have wondered why it's a mirror image.
  13. I plan on going this year, it'll be my first also. And just like PKIVortex, I'm bringing my boyfriend
  14. http://www.macaudailytimes.com.mo/macau/19666-Hengqin-ocean-resort-open-2013.html http://www.rcdb.com/8991.htm
  15. YESSSSSS! Finally!!! Sorry, way over excited to see one of the park's best coasters finally getting it's much needed paint job! I really don't care what color they paint it, just the fact that its getting painted is great! Thank you Kings Island!
  16. I really have no idea what to expect. Maybe making a turn like Millennium Force? I hope so, but I kinda doubt it. But than again, why else would they be removing (or changing) the hill? I kinda hope they lower the hill so there will be more airtime and the rest of the the ride will be taken faster. This whole thing was a huge surprise, I bet Kings Dominion won't say anything about it.
  17. In order favorite to least favorite that I've ridden. 1. Georgia Cyclone 2. Timberwolf 3. Wolverine Wildcat 4. Thunder Run 5. Thunder Road 6. Mean Streak
  18. Since next year Halloween will be on a Monday, I wander if KI will stay open an extra weekend or just close before Halloween.
  19. I've been to Cedar Point and ridden Millennium Force in the sleet. Many things closed through out that day, some things never opened... And I've been to Kings Island when the low for the night was 28ยบ and the high was in the 30's.
  20. My favorites are (in descending order)... 1. Patriot 2. Montu 3. Afterburn 4. Raptor 5. Batman (SFGAm) 6. Batman (SFStL) 7. Batman (SFOG)
  21. Kinda cheap looking honestly. And seems kinda bad for a video posted on an amusement park's channel. 'Blow' isn't a cuss word but just doesn't seem like a word that should be used to promote an amusement park. Other than that, I guess it was kinda funny. I do think it was kinda weird that Sunshine Day or whatever its called was playing- reminds me of Paramount.
  22. I tried to reply on this earlier from my phone but the internet was being too slow in school. I saw this on TPR this morning and seriously freaked out, definitely the biggest surprise of the season. I already want to try to go to Six Flags Over Texas for Texas Giant, but this really makes me want to go to SFMM!
  23. Sounds like fun! If only a certain park (well actually chain of parks) would run some of their woodies backwards.. specifically the racing ones...
  24. ^I'm like 99% sure 301' is the tower height. Parks almost always try to find a way to promote a ride taller than it is or more intense. If the rider's height was 301' and the tower was like 320' they would announce the ride as 320'. My guess is the tower's height is 301' and the actual rider height is about 270' or so. But about Sky Screamer, I was expecting the announcement to be this but wasn't totally sure. I'm really disappointed, these WindSeekers/Starflyers are coming to America too fast and it takes away the uniqueness of the ride since there are so many similar rides in in the country.
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