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  1. Woah woah woah... wait! Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain is OPEN!? I'm going back to Indiana Beach this week for sure! I'm glad you loved the park, I knew you'd like it! It seems like your type of park!
  2. I love Indiana Beach! Cornball Express runs pretty slow in the morning, but as the day goes on it speeds up aton! By the end of the night Cornball runs probably 10mph. faster than it does in the morning and offers one of the best rides in the world!
  3. ^Yes, but Halloweekends isn't nearly as good as Haunt. Barley any fog, no scareactos, ect...
  4. I wander if Crystal Wings is okay... Seems like that could mess up it's wheels.
  5. I love your PTRs! I feel like I went there with you and experienced it all also. You take some good photos by the way, especially the last one of Bizarro and...
  6. Wow, thats crazy. When I saw Extreme World on Travel Channel that (Terminal Velocity) was the ride I wanted to do the most. If it opens back up I'll still want to do it. After all I am an adrenaline junkie!
  7. Maybe he doesn't want it dead..? I don't see why everyone wants this topic dead, it's not like you have to reply about it. Just ignore it every time someone replies. I like the thread even though 3/4 of the time it is off topic (Before someone replies saying I'm being off topic, yes I know I am but I don't really care), whenever something happens involving Son of Beast I know because of this thread, even if it didn't really happen (the testing).
  8. Georgia Scorcher Iron Wolf Mantis Vortex (Carowinds) I like them in that order from best to worst.
  9. I was getting excited for a new coaster... Too bad it's Planet Snoopy, same thing Worlds of Fun is most likely getting next year. I don't like how almost every Cedar Fair park has one (or will by 2011) they should of just stuck with a select few. I don't want to go to one park and make it seem like I've been to them all because they have the exact same kids area just about. Why can't some atleast be Camp Snoopy..?
  10. 1. Maverick 2. Millennium Force 3. Top Thrill Dragster 4. Raptor 5. Wicked Twister 6. Blue Streak 7. Magnum XL-200 8. Gemini 9. Mantis 10. Disaster Transport 11. Corkscrew 12. Wildcat 13. Woodstock Express 14. Iron Dragon 15. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 16. Jr. Gemini
  11. I've hit my hand on the tunnel before. Somewhat off topic, but I've hit my hand on a support on Galaxi at Indiana Beach also.
  12. I haven't ridden Tatsu or Manta yet! Only Supermen

  13. Great PTR, I was supposed to go to SFGAdv this summer but since I only have 2 weeks until school starts back up, were probably going to go in September! I've seen countless POVs of El Toro, and on everyone there is a little bit of screams throughout the ride but than once the hill over Rolling Thunder comes, you hear the most loud screams and cuss words ever! It must be amazing!
  14. In the glass blower shop they have dog tags that still have Son of Beast with a loop, still say Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay, and I think there are some mentioning the old Paramount names.
  15. Great PTR Elizabeth! Seems like you all had fun, did Nancy ride any coasters on the trip besides Lil Phantom? I can't wait to see the photos from the rest of the parks, especially La Ronde!
  16. I've only been once, and from reviews from people who go alot, I went on one of the most busy days ever. I still loved Kings Dominion! The best way to describe Kings Dominion is that it's pretty much Kings Island how it used to be, but it also has alot of modern rides. Meaning they have alot of stuff Kings Island once had but doesn't anymore, and they also have tons of stuff Kings Island never got, plus some similar things such as Flight of Fear. Kings Dominion is my current favorite major amusement park (I liked Holiday World and Indiana Beach more though). I only got to ride about half the coasters, I almost always had to wait in a huge queue when it was super hot outside, and I lost my phone on Intimiadator 305, but I had an amazing day! The main attractions there are...: Intimidator 305- Look at my signature, it's my #1 steel coaster! I rode it the day it opened so I got to experience it trim-free (well besides the small one), it's the most intense out of control roller coaster ever. The only thing that comes close is Voyage! Flight of Fear- Just like ours, didn't get to ride it though. Anaconda- Similar to Vortex only a little smaller and two less inversions, it also has an underwater tunnel. Backlot- Just like ours, didn't get to ride it though. Drop Zone- It's a little smaller than ours, but the ring goes up higher making the actual ride experience higher and faster, it doesn't spin though. Shockwave- Pretty much King Cobra, didn't get to ride though. Rebel Yell- Most people on our trip liked it better than Racer, I didn't though. Ricochet- Mouse coaster, but this one has a drop, I liked it alot! Hurler- Same as the one at Carowinds and similar to Thunder Run at SFKK, didn't get to ride though. Grizzly- The layout isn't like Beast, but it's kinda their version of it, it's a woodie in the woods, very good! I liked it better than Beast! Flying Eagles- Not a major ride, but I love it! Eiffel Tower- Same as ours. Dominator- Used to be a Geuaga Lake, it's a B&M floorless coaster, very nice! Avalanche- Mack bobsleigh, didn't get to ride it though. Volcano- AMAZING Intamin invert, it launches you twice, and is just amazing!
  17. Well Delirium was worst when it was Paramount, but that wasn't Paramount's fault, it was because Delirium isn't too reliable. But I have noticed alot of rides have been closed more often than ever this year. Vortex was down for a few days, Firehawk and Flight of Fear have been down for atleast an hour just about every time I've gone this year, Invertigo has been closed about half the time I've gone, I can name any time a ride has gone down on a day I've been but I'll just leave it as that this year rides have been closed more than usual. Or alteast every day I've gone a few rides are closed.
  18. I've tried to see downtown Cinci but can't. I think it's 22 miles?
  19. As of last week there has never been a trim on a HW coaster. I don't know what it could of been, but I highly doubt it was a trim.
  20. Hmmm... interesting. I was at Kings Island Thursday night and didn't see/hear anything going on at Son of Beast. I may be going this Friday, if so I'll see if anything is going on there.
  21. Frankly, I like KD's coaster selections better than KI's. Diamondback < Intimidator 305 Beast > Grizzly Firehawk < Dominator Flight of Fear = Flight of Fear Invertigo <<<< Volcano Flight Deck > Avalanche Like I said, KD was the park I grew up with. I am somewhat bias in that sense. As for the hotels, there are a few hotels that are walking distance from KD although I usually stay somewhat far away since I have lots of relatives near Washington and Baltimore area. I got to agree about KD having much better coasters. I liked KD better than KI by a ton! Beast < Grizzly (it has airtime!) Firehawk < Dominator (Didn't get to ride KD's FoF, but I hear it rides better, but the fact that it's queue has a haunt in it, I think I like KI's better.) Invertigo < Volcano Vortex > Anaconda Racer > Rebel Yell Top Gun > Avalanche (Didn't get to ride Avalanche but I'm sure TG is much better.) Diamondback < Intimidator 305 Drop Zone KI < Drop Zone KD Backlot < Backlot (Didn't get to ride theirs but I noticed it had more affects working.) Crypt KI < Crypt KD Adventure Express < Ricochet (Not really comparable I guess..) KD: 8 <'s KI: 4 <'s KD wins!
  22. I can't remember where I saw it, but just last night I saw a photo of a maintenance guy on Diamondback's drop during morning ERT.
  23. Over rated. A few years ago I would have said it was under rated, but a few people on KIC have been claiming it's the best coaster at KI. And on an off-season game, they managed to vote out every coaster and have Adventure Express be voted the #1 coaster at KI. I do like AE, but if the line gets longer than the station, I don't ride it. Just not worth it.
  24. The answer to this lies within Cedar Fair's de facto motto: "Build a big, tall, fast ride, and they will come." And often, they do. But not forever. A simple scan of a timeline displays Paramount's plan: medium-sized additions rolled out across three or four of the parks all at once, every year. There were few years under Paramount that Kings Island went without a new ride. Very few were "major" mind you, but we got something most every year. 1998: Changed simulator, three new kid's rides, added water park attraction 1999: Face/Off, Drop Zone 2000: Son of Beast 2001: Nickelodeon Central, new restraints for Flight of Fear, changed simulator 2002: Tomb Raider: The Ride 2003: Scooby Doo & The Haunted Castle, Delirium, changed simulator. 2004: New parade, rethemed water park. 2005: Italian Job: Stunt Track, Winterfest 2006: Nickelodeon Universe Things like Italian Job, the Nickelodeon parade, changing simulator movies every three years, rethemeing the water park --- these changes were made at all or most of the Paramount Parks, and were all mid-sized investments that were marketable. Cedar Fair's policy is different: Add a huge ride, then coast on it for a couple of seasons, adding minimal things to the park before hyping up the next huge addition three or four years later. That hasn't really proven itself with the Paramount Parks thus far, because in 2007 the remains of Geauga Lake were split up (a small investment on the company's behalf that appears large) and the necessity of changing Nickelodeon to Snoopy. But if you imagine that Geauga Lake were still open, the timeline would look like this: 2006: New shows. 2007: Nothing. 2008: Nothing. 2009: Diamondback 2010: Kids area re-themed, re-themed dark ride, nighttime light show 2011: Nothing ... Consider even if the Nickelodeon contract lasted another five years. Would the kids area be re-themed this year? Doubtful. It was done of necessity. So if that weren't absolutely required, we probably wouldn't have gotten anything this year... Or maybe we would've... Neither way is necessarily "right." After all, one of the things Paramount never gave to Kings Island is a big, steel roller coaster because each season, every single park got something sizable... That's something we all know the park needed. We got it. But consider that now, we will most certainly never again receive a small, family-sized, fun addition like Italian Job or Flight of Fear - that's simply not grand enough to satisfy the Company - it needs to be big, tall, visible from everywhere, and able to be marketed for at least three years. Neither is right, neither is wrong. They're just very different. Keep in mind, too, that Cedar Fair owned what, seven parks? Paramount owned five. Now, Cedar Fair owns twelve. Funds are spread more thinly across the board. Because of their "huge addition every few years" policy, we essentially just have to sit back and wait our turn, whereas before we were guaranteed something of mild significance most every year. One of a few reasons I'm a Paramount fanboy and not too happy with Cedar Fair's decisions.
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