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  1. murph

    PKI vs. CP

    No, I was talking about the post starter.
  2. murph

    PKI vs. CP

    It's obvious that you've never rode Dragster or were in line when it broke down, because if you'd have got a ride on it you would know it's better than anything PKI has to offer and probably will ever have in the next several years. Every new ride has problems, and IMO Dragster was worth the problems. This year the problems are fixed anyway. I don't think you can compare CP and PKI at all. CP is strictly better in every single coaster. I can't think of any PKI coaster without thinking of atleast 4 better CP coasters. CP is more of a coaster park IMO, and PKI is more rounded.
  3. murph

    on the 17

    Yeah i definitely remember seeing the shirts on recaR. That's pretty cool. The lines were average the first half of the day, and towards closing they were extremely short. I got in several rides on Beast from 8:30-9:20
  4. murph

    on the 17

    Did you have band shirts on? And if so, what did they look like? I was there.. I had on a gray t-shirt and cargos, my friend had jeans on, another one had a sleeveless pink shirt on (girl), and the other girl had a white spaghetti-strap style shirt on. I think I may have saw you on Racer..
  5. murph


    We got to the park at 4 pm and we were getting picked up at 10 pm. Once we got in we started walking aimlessly and ended up at TR:TR. One of my friends hadn't rode it so we decided to give it a shot. Nearing the first preshow, the ride broke down. We waited about 10 more minutes then left. Next we walked to Vortex and rode it. It was as good of a ride as ever, and Vortex is definitely still one of my favorites in the park. Afterwards we were going to meet some people we had seen earlier, so we got some Dip N' Dots (which ended up mostly on the ground) and waited. After awhile they didn't come so we went to FoF. The line was long (all rows open and the line started at the entrance to the building), and the ride wasn't all that great. It definitely wasn't worth the wait. Next we got on Racer, recaR was closed so we went on fowards. It was better than I remembered it. We went to Delirium and it had a very short wait compared to usual (about 3 rides) and we got on it fairly fast. It was the best ride of the day, and probably my best ride on Delirium ever. We went to SoB and there was basically no line at all, it started in the station. I rode in the back, and this was the worst ride on SoB I've had in a long time. When i got on, one of my friends pushed my lapbar down hard so it tightened up on my really badly (i pushed hers back ). It definitely wasn't just the lapbar though because the ride just seemed really rough overall. Towards the end there still seems to be a huge bump like the train ran something over.. After SoB we rode Adventure Express, which was boring as I expected. We headed over to The Beast but ended up riding TR:TR. I noticed the water doesn't shoot up high enough to hit the front row anymore, but the program seems to be the same. Overall it was a good day at PKI, and we rode a lot of rides.
  6. murph

    Viking Fury Story

    I thought it was excellent and realistic, just like all of chef's stories. Keep up the excellent work!
  7. murph

    Taz Size

    It was about the size I expected, but it suddenly doesn't seem very fun looking to me. I've never been much of a fan of waterparks, and I doubt Boomerang Bay will affect me much at all.
  8. murph

    Face/off restraints

    I noticed the new restraints, and didn't notice much besides the new color.
  9. murph


    I got to the park with my friend at 3:50, and we had only until around 7:30 before we had to be home for a party. My friend wasn't very familiar with the park, and I took him to F/O first. It seemed like a very short wait with the line extending only slightly beyond the loop. I'm not sure why the line moved so slow, but it took us over a half hour to get on. The most obvious solution I could find was slow restraint checking. The employees seemed to walk really slow and lazily, whereas If I were checking restraints I would do so quickly. We rode in the very back (going up the first lift first) and it was as good a ride as ever. Afterwards my friend was a bit dizzy and suprised that I didn't hold on to the restraints. We decided to head all the way to the opposite end of the park to catch a ride on The Beast, getting Dip n Dots on the way. It's hard to believe, but the Dip N Dots line was about 10 minutes long. They had two people working one stand, and they still managed to be extremely slow. If i have any employees to complain about, it was these two. One stood around, and the other took his time getting change. When I got to the front, I asked for chocolate. He asked me "dip n dots?" I just answer "uhh.. yeah.. chocolate." He filled it up about half way, and for a cup that's already tiny it was really annoying. We kept walking down Coney Mall, where I saw three guys I knew and went over to talk to them. They convinced me to come with them to SoB where they were headed, and my friend and I joined them (ironic because we were just at that end of the park). The line started at the station. The line moved really slow just like F/O. I saw three guys and a girl I knew in line besides the ones I'd already met up with and talked with them for awhile. I finally got on the ride on the back, and it was the best ride on SoB I've ever had. It was extremely fun, which was suprising because I hadn't liked it since my first ride on it at night in 2000. We saw more people we knew and met up with them and got in a quick ride on Top Gun, which was fun and had basically no wait. My friend and I left and went home. It was a short trip, and my first for the year. I'll be going back again tommorrow (Sunday) for a much longer time, but I definitely think SoB is my favorite ride this year (yes, it seems even more fun than the father).
  10. murph

    Movie Studios Proposal

    I personally think that it's an excellent idea but will most likely not happen, as it would be an argument over which Paramount Park gets the studios and take a while to get it well known. I think it would truly make Paramount Parks more like Universal, though, and would be an excellent way to promote the park.
  11. murph

    Top 10 things you'd do at PKI in the winter

    6) Walk around aimlessly 5) Complain about the cold every few sentences 4) Eat Food 3) Ride TR: TR 2) Ride FoF 1) Put in the new Metallica CD in Timberwolf, turn the subs up, and headbang to it
  12. murph

    Screen Size

    Actually it isnt. 800 X 600 is the screen size used by most older pc's. Most new ones are 1024 X 768. However, I would recommend sites keeping designs at 800 X 600 and just leaving a margin on each side like on these forums for the bigger screen users. It looks nice on big screens and isnt annoying to 800 X 600s.
  13. murph

    Is Kings Island Haunted?

    Well said DragonLord, lol. If I ever see ghost pictures or pictures that are amazing at all, two words come to mind: adobe and photoshop Honestly I don't believe the park is haunted, mostly because I don't believe that anything is haunted. Obviously a boy was killed in a similar fashion on the Eiffel Tower, but haunting? Sounds like someone trying to have fun writing scary stories.
  14. murph

    Next Coaster To Go?

    I dont recall top gun's cars going off the track? If you mean when they hit the park truck during testing, that was entirely the fault of the employees for not checking there before they tested the ride. Still, I too think Top Gun is next to go. But it appears that it won't be going very soon. The way I see it, they wouldn't have bothered repairing the trains if they were getting rid of it. Besides, PKI doesn't have a huge need to get rid of things for space like CP does.
  15. it would be cool, yet terrible for little kids. Possibly if they renamed it or just brought CKY or Viva La Bam.