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  1. Air traffic controller here. And yes, we can tell most of the time. That doesn't mean we police a guy that's flying VFR. The pilot of the aircraft does not have to talk to us so long as he/she isn't in Class Bravo/Charlie/Delta airspace. I honestly don't care what Joe Pilot does flying his Skyhawk (Cessna not Cedar Point's screamin' swing).
  2. South Dakota, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma... Interesting.
  3. So AZ--Arizona NV--Nevada Next we get NM?
  4. Exactly my point. *Runs to take down poster again*
  5. There's no way that FoF has only 6,761,893 "tests administered" since 1996. Doesn't that seem low for ridership? (Especially considering FH's 6+ million since 2007)
  6. Already stated by someone else above. 11, # of years FH was at KI. 20, # of years Invertigo has been at KI.
  7. They probably put them out of order. Starting with sequence VIII and then IX was a bit odd to me.
  8. Agreed, I just wish CF didn't have such a love affair with B&M. But they're so reliable! Too bad Intamin screwed up Shoot the Rapids so badly.
  9. Yeah, that's what I mean. I personally haven't been to KI since 2015 (now in NE OH, but grew up in Dayton), but I know even Mystic Timbers has that "fun" factor. I say that based on the many other GCIs I have been on. You just want to re-ride over and over again. I get that same feeling on MF, SV, TTD, to name a few. However, like you said, Valravn and GK are cool rides. I like them, but I am satisfied with my trip to CP if I get to ride them once. If I only get 1 ride on SV, I am disappointed and don't feel fulfilled. Maybe I am just greedy though. I guarantee, this will be one of those rides that you keep saying "ONE MORE RIDE!" And as a side note, I just watched POVs from Leviathan and Fury. They each have a tunnel of some sort so I think there's a good chance this new Giga will as well.
  10. BOOOO! I would have been so disappointed with either of these. I don't know many people who go to Cedar Point because they HAVE to ride GateKeeper and/or Valravn. They go for SV, TTD, and MF (not to mention the beautiful peninsula itself). Sure, they are good additions to add variety but I do not think you will see either of those coasters in peoples' top ten lists. Yet, you see Fury, Leviathon, MF, and I305 in MANY top ten lists. Just sayin...
  11. If anyone was quick to call this the worst giga, let me just remind y'all of 2006/2007. Maverick. People were ANGRY. "What the heck is that ride?!?" It seemed as though everyone was hoping for some kind of huge, record-smashing coaster. Mind you, this was the first coaster after TTD. Expectations were so high and then the announcement came. I will admit it. I was crushed. "Really?" "That's it?" Fast forward a few months. MIND BLOWN. One of the absolute best coasters on the planet. That is all.
  12. Cedar Point has something that KI will never have. And that's Lake Erie. I think it's tough to say KI is better than CP. They are just different. They each thrive in their own way. One is regional, one is a destination. Apples to oranges.
  13. They will use one of the names for the coaster and the other for the new bathrooms. It's going to be heavily themed bathrooms. They waited so long, they might as well go all out.
  14. It would be like a faster Tron Lightcycle Power Run coaster at Shanghai Disneyland. I think you're on to something....
  15. I guess, in a roundabout sort of way, that was one of the points I was trying to make.
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