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  1. The Gatekeeper restraints are being improved. You haven't ridden with the Banshee restraints, either. There is no reason to be Mr. Negativity. Give the ride a chance. Then decide. Everyone is saying that GK's restraints are getting improved. I believe it but where is this information coming from? Sources?Edit: I guess it was posted on Twitter? Link me?
  2. The restraints are identical to GK and other wing riders......I hope they don't constantly tighten.......
  3. Better than I thought. Love the last roll there. That was a nice little surprise.
  4. There appear to be six tombstones. There are now six defunct roller coasters at KI. Do you think there is any relation?
  5. I think that HTCO was fine it what he said. Granted if there actually is something(I'm assuming there is something) and HTCO says there is, what would be his reasons to lie. He has been a member for many years and is known not to troll. Also, even if he did say go to the park as soon as possible. Well that to me means when it's LEGALLY POSSIBLE to go there. DUH.
  6. That's what I'm saying. This type of incident would not be as detrimental to the likes of B&M/Intamin because they are veterans in the business. RMC may not be equipped to handle such an event. It would be a Shame to lose them.
  7. Do you think think spells the end of RMC?,I mean with all the settlements and such?
  8. Clearly it is night themed or whatever it is is nocturnal or something like that. They said it would not be announced a DAY this summer and then the put an owl in the tree because they are awake at night. The "no camping" would signify that whatever it is comes out at night therefore it would be unsafe to camp in that area because the Evil Phenomenon would be present.
  9. Supposedly, they are fixing the restraints according to a forum post on TPR. I'm not sure I am buying into the rumor though. People said they rode it with them fixed and said it was 100 times better.
  10. Mr. negativity strikes again. Sorry for being honest! You have to admit that if this is not a record breaker you will be disappointed. Mr. negativity strikes again. Sorry for being honest! You have to admit that if this is not a record breaker you will be disappointed. Mr. negativity strikes again. Sorry for being honest! You have to admit that if this is not a record breaker you will be disappointed. Record breakers dont mean awesome ride. I305 is amazing yet no records broken.
  11. A lot of people seem to be saying that this is for sure an invert due to the parallel footings. This inference makes sense but it could be for track passing under the lift hill. Take Maverick for example. The launch tunnel is directly under the lift hill. Just adding two cents to the piggy bank...
  12. If you get to KD at opening, go directly to Volcano. As much as you may want to ride I305 first, Volcano has a dreadfully long line and has low capacity. The back of the park opens at 1030. Only a few rides toward the front open at 10. If you have a platinum pass, you can get in to the back of the park at 10:20 to get first in line privileges. Going back to volcano, ride in the front seat for sure. I would suggest riding it a second time too. After that, go to I305, line moves fast. Sit in front seat and then middle. I liked the last seat least but it was still awesome. Like I said, wait for the front seat as well for I305. Amazing ride, I was absolutely blown away. As for the other major player, Dominator, ride in front seat if you want the true floorless effect. I would suggest going to this later in the day as the line gets shorter due to it being in the front of the park. Good ride, nothing special in my opinion though. I just went to KD Sunday and it was incredible. Only rode the 3 big guys but got 2 Volcano and 4 I305. Awesome rides! Have a blast!
  13. Every hour should be a power hour. Darn shame. Especially noticed this at KD with Dominator. Can you say slowwwwwwwwwww loading? But for the most part, KI does a great job with DB. I think this means he's in the construction area for Project 2014. Maybe he is looking at construction progress? Or he could just be throwing babble at us again.
  14. I think the OTSR can be improved so much. A restraint system similar to I305 would be the most desirable. I know B&M has tried to make a better system with the wing riders but they crush you to death with the constant tightening during the ride. Really, all you need is a lab bar in my opinion for any roller coaster. That getting said, B&M can make a 100% more comfortable and fun ride ( should it be a floorless or invert) if they redesigned the restraints.
  15. Holy crap, just rode Intimidator 305. Wow. Just wow. Seriously, Kings Island needs a Intamin. Its sad to think a park as great as KI has no Intamin love(coaster wise). I understand that the reliability of Intamin has a bad rep, but I mean they make the most fun and innovative rides. And plus, the reliability issues eventually get worked out so they are no big deal. All we rode was Dominator, volcano, and I305, and the Intamins, just were so much more fun. I could ride those 2 all day long and not so much Dominator. Don't get me wrong, Dominator is fun but just doesn't have the edge that the other two do. My point is that KI really needs another ride to really put it on the map and I don't think that B&M can offer that at this point. I'm not trying to be negative here because I love a good B&M but it just does not compare to Intamin.
  16. Its the steel fabrication from clermont steel. The least bit of the track being off shows up big time at higher speeds. All newer b&m's all jackhammer in the rear of the train. I'm sorry man but come on. Jackhammering is what was felt of SoB not DB or any B&M. Let's not be overdramatic. Let's go with rattle instead. Also, Clerment probably produces a fine product or B&M would go elsewhere. And I'm no expert but I'm sure each piece is carefully inspected before leaving the plant.
  17. I just rode Intimidator at Carowinds. I noticed that there were multiple triangular supports. I know that this has been mentioned before but there are at least 5 or so and most of them are for a single support, not multiple ones like the 2014 construction is showing. Curious....
  18. Has anyone brought up the possibility that they will use SOB's station for the new coaster? (If there is one) I mean it would seem odd to me if the only reason they kept that was for wolfpack.
  19. I would think a luminosity type show in Action Zone would be better recieved once the Action Zone revamp has been finished, or at least moved a few steps forward. I agree. Luminosity is pretty cool and it could be a great addition to the "newly revamped" Action Zone. That being said, there has to be a star to the revamped area. It has to be something that will bring people to that area and in my opinion, it needs to be a roller coaster. Just look at DB, that area of the park was dead for years. Now DB has some of the longest lines in the park(in terms of pph) and it even brings longer lines to the other rides in that area. Beast, for example, has seemed to have longer average lines since DB opened than I have seen in my 10 years of being a passholder. Just my two cents.
  20. Maybe a more complex stage than the one at Cedar Point? Assuming that it is for a Luminosity style show, which I don't think it will be. Why more complex? CF would never want any park to outdo its flagship CP.
  21. I am tossing around the idea that this could actually be for a Luminosity stage (even though I still think it's going to be a coaster). However, why in the world would they start construction for that so early?
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