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  1. My family and i got a maxx pass. It should be worth it. We plan to go to CP at least twice. I usually go to KI like 10 times a year.
  2. my family and i got the maxx pass, does this include the line shortcuts as i heard about from somewhere
  3. Pink? PINK? lol it would stand out, alright. Lord, the day I see a pink MAJOR coaster at a major park, I will cry. (I'm not talking FoC/Beastie, either...I said major, like Firehawk ) Here's a major coaster done in pink: http://rcdb.com/ig1213.htm?picture=2 but then again it is exotic.
  4. That green is my fav color. But i do like change. I think a neon orange would look better or even a neon pink. I think those would make it stand out.
  5. oh and does anyone know what track pieces are left to put up?
  6. Hi i have been browsing this sit for a while and decided to join. I have had ki passes for the last 6 years and is an avid caoster fan. I cant wait for Firehawk!!!!
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