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  1. Completely agree. As sweet as Leviathan looks, KI does not need that type of coaster. We already have a Mega. We need Intamin love more than anything. It would add so much variety to our lineup.
  2. I got to ride DT on the last day it was to operate. Tell you what, this ride was cool in its own way and other people must've thought so too cause there was a 1.5 hour wait for it. It will be missed but I'm very excited to see what its replacement will be.
  3. I made a post about SOB coming down and not getting any new 'roller' coasters for atleast a few years,im standing by that.I wouldnt get my hopes up,but im all for a new coaster,even if they place it in Soak City. I cannot say that I disagree with you. I definitely do not see one for 2013 with CP getting a new coaster. However, we must be next in the chain to get one. There is a need for a new thrill ride to draw more guests to the park.
  4. To me, I feel that KI needs a new flagship coaster. Especially with the loss of SoB.
  5. Anyone else feeling a 200ft+ new woodie in its place?
  6. I actually got a walk down the lift of Shoot-the-Rapids on sunday at CP. That was such a fun experience! We were stuck for almost an hour and it was worth every second. lol
  7. Yes, I love how credible this information is! You must know what you are talking about. Then again, i am not sure what a "busniess" is? Also, how do you add a loop to a flat ride? Not gonna happen bud.
  8. This alone proves to us why CF invests more in KI, CP, and CW. Makes sense.
  9. Woah! Slow down cheetah! This is an article from March 7th. http://www.KICentral...etting-coaster/ Ha, didn't see that. Well either way SFMM has been continually adding more and more coasters. I feel that they just want to have the most coasters. I guess they feel that quantity is better than quality.
  10. Gotta say, seems like SF is trying to up CF. Literally the day after CPs new coaster was leaked, SF announces their new coaster. Coaster wars? I think so.
  11. What exactly is this supposed to mean? They are taking two out? or they are adding two? And I guess this means that KI is not going to get anything significant next season. You guys agree?
  12. What was the IR used for anyway back in the day and when did it close?
  13. I went to renew mine from last year and I could do it online for $179+$5 prossessing fee. Called and said that it was ridiculous that there was no discount for renewing my pass. So I just went to the gate to do it. They renewed it for $169.
  14. Did you get evacuated, or were they able to bring you back around to the station? Well, the mechanic came up and told us they were working on it and then as he was walking down the staircase, we moved again. Like I said, the ride was making empty test runs the rest of the time we were there so I don't know if it opened the rest of the night.
  15. Ok, so my family and I headed to MN for our annual family reunion. We got to MN at around 7 in the morning after driving through the night. They all decided to take a nap so I figured that I would get good use out of my platinum pass and go to Valleyfair about 20 minutes away from our hotel. I got to the park right at opening and headed straight to Wild Thing. Front seat was surprisingly great! It was such a smooth ride and there was a really great pop of air off every hill. The forces on the helix was very good and I feel that it is very underrated. I give it an 8/10 Then I walked briskly to renegade. Rode in the second to back after a walk on. It was good but left me expecting a bit more from a GCI. I decided to ride again since there was no line and walked right on to the very front seat. WOW, what a difference. Airtime off every hill and turn and a pretty cool first drop. 9/10 Then I rode the other coasters which arent as noteworthy but still very good. I would give Corkscrew a 6/10 but it was smoother than CP's. I would say Excalibur was about a 6.5/10 it was fun but it was just really short. Then High Roller about a 6/10 and Mad mouse was pretty rough for a wild mouse so 5/10. I also rode riptide just to compare it to TR/Crypt and wow. This is the kind of ride we really should have! It was a blast! Flip after flip after flip and I got soaked! lol lots of fun 8/10. On my way out, I rode Wild Thing in the back and had another great ride and then rode Renegade once more in the middle. It was about noon at this time and I had ridden everything I wanted to (Steel Venom was down all day). The park started to get crowded. So i headed back to the hotel. I was pretty happy with the amount of rides I got in. Once I got back to the hotel, my mother and sister were ready to go to the mall so we headed over there. We grabbed lunch at Bubba Gumps then did a little shopping. After shopping we decided we were going to get the unlimited ride wristbands which were $30. However, if we waited until 5pm, they were only $20 so we decided we would come back. In the meantime, we went on the high ropes course and had a blast!!! It was about 5pm now so we went and got our wristbands and headed for Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge. First hill is fantastic and its just so cool seeing the entire park from the top of the hill. The ride itself is awesome but the harnesses dig into my shoulders a bit (I'm 6'2") but it really didnt take away from the experience. Great ride. 8/10 Then we went on the new Shell Shocked ride. This was probably one of the coolest rides I have been on. You can make the ride want you want it to be. If you want to flip upside down over and over, you can. If you want to go with the motions, you can. It,s a more extreme version of the Flying Eagles. FANTASTIC! 10/10 Then there was Brain Surge. This is another interactive ride. I love this one just as much as Shell Shocked. Same idea, but instead of going in the around in the air, you just go around in circles. There's a lever that controls if you flip forward and backward. Such a fun ride. I think I made it flip like 30 times. lol 10/10 Avatar is also awesome. It's an Intamin Half Pipe and it is just a blast. 8/10 Pepsi Orange streak is a good nostalgic coaster and goes around the entire park. It's pretty lame but good still 6/10 Then there was Log Chute (formally Paul Bunyan's Log Chute). Really fun log ride. 7/10 Gerstlauer We also rode Fairly Odd Coaster which is a Gerstlauer spinning coaster and is a lot of fun, especially since we got stuff on the last MCBR for about 10 minutes. Good view from up there. The ride was actually close for quite a good time after we got off so we rode it at just the right time. 7/10. Overall, great day for me. Got a lot of coasters in and hopefully I will be able to go back to Nick U tomorrow for round 2! Thanks for reading! Any questions or comments will be appreciated!
  16. The thing I dont understand is why there is a renewal option when it's the same price as new one. I might as well get the updated card. lol
  17. wouldnt it be cheaper online though?
  18. I was just wondering if this was the same price y'all paid for a platinum renewal. This seems very high to me.
  19. I miss the footlong Skyline stand in RT.
  20. That is so dumb. It is a hassle to get it. Oh well.
  21. has there been a definite answer to if we can renew our Kings Island Platinum Passes?
  22. I wish that I could still dine at the International Restaurant.....
  23. Does anyone else feel that this is a short coaster?
  24. Read my mind. When I think waterpark expansion, I think new slides. I just dont understand what CF is doing the last few years. WindSeekers at 5 parks, 3 waterparks have gotten the added wavepool addition not to mention 3 waterparks being named Soak City. And now DAs at 3 parks and I'm sure there are more to come. Where's the origionality? Now you all will ciritcize me and say the GP doesnt care about what I just said but the fans are just as important as the GP. It's just a shame.
  25. Lets think about this. Take away WindSeeker and this addition = 16.5 million. I would say we could get a pretty significant roller coaster for that amount.
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