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  1. I mean, maybe but i cant see the demand to be high enough to have a separte store like Maverick, DB, etc... I definetly think that there will be merchandise in Thrillseekers and such.
  2. If you think about it, WS is not a huge ride like DB was. The hype is no where near the same. I cant see people wanting a WS t-shirt or something along those lines.
  3. I think that AZ is in need of the most attention. It has gone way down hill ever since SoB has been SBNO.
  4. 1. Maverick - Cedar Point (beastfan26) 2. Millennium Force - CP (coasterguy15) 3. Diamondback - KI (Indyguy4KI) 4. The Beast- KI (McSalsa) 5. Prowler - WoF (thekidd33) 6. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point (Centurey) 7. WindSeeker - Kings Island (jcgoble3) 8. Intimidator - Carowinds (Coney Islander) 9. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point (LordSkippy) 10. Intimidator 305 - KD (TombRaiderFTW) 11. Dominator-KD (TylerRider) 12. Silver Bullet - KBF (KIfan1980) 13. Xcelerator - Knott's Berry Farm (TH13TEEN) 14. Big Dipper - Geauga Lake Park (PhantomTheater) 15. Flight of Fear - Kings Island (RingMaster) 16. Raptor- CP (Diamondbackcmh) 17. Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland (sethdawg17) 18. Son of Beast - Kings Island (stephatron) 19. Shockwave - Kings Dominion (XGatorHead 8904) 20. Shivering Timbers- Michigan's Adventure (Unrealsk8er) 21. Power Tower - Cedar Point (HTCO) 22. la Rosas Pizza - Kings Island (rcfreak339) 23. Patriot - WoF (Corn4ahead)
  5. #1 - Magnum XL-200 (McSalsa) #2 - Super Himalaya (KIfan1980) #3 - Maverick (HTCO) #4 - Wicked Twister (TH13TEEN) #5 - Raptor (thekidd33) #6 - Mantis (TylerRider) #7 - Top Thrill Dragster (jcgoble3) #8 - Millennium Force (TombRaiderFTW) #9 - Power Tower (Corn4head) EDIT: I changed my mind
  6. The reason CF removes so many trees is they need kindling for the big bondfire taking place next to Flight Deck.....They have lots of it from DB's construction....
  7. So this is my opinion on the issue. SoB will have the Iron Horse track installed and then KI will put a dueling steel mega coaster next to it.. This way everyone is happy...
  8. Cannot wait to see NU pics. I am going around Christmas. I am very curious to see how the park has transformed since I was last there.
  9. well said my friend...It was a great summer, cannot wait for the Haunt and then of course, the following summers to come.
  10. I will ride it but i am waiting no more then 30 minutes..hopefully they will have that friday open from 5-10 again this year after the opening saturday. )
  11. Thats exactly what i was thinking. Cedar Point MUST one up the other parks.
  12. It costs them less money to trademark 1 name? And Cedar Point's will be called Stratosaur, right?
  13. well that stat about FH would probably not include this year so it would b over 3 years. However, you do have a point. Awful capacity.
  14. I dearly miss those footlong skyline coneys
  15. I must agree, Action Zone was Action-less yesterday...Faceoff, Delirium, and Congo Falls, not to mention Son of Beast...
  16. NOTHING about the crypt is beautiful...
  17. Why is the Eiffel Tower included in the most beautiful structures?!?!?!
  18. Hey anything is possible. You never know. Maybe we will trade SoB for our beloved Eagles. On a side note, Indy, since when does 101 + 4 = 106?
  19. Looks like "Racer Cam" has been added!
  20. thats a good point, but im sure if people are coming from different areas of the country they are gonna plan for a long weekend. Two days at the park and then they are gonna see what else there is to do in town.
  21. But I would say the main reason for CP being a destination rather then a quick trip is due to the geography. I mean Lake Erie is gorgeous. So much to do around there. Put-in-Bay, all the waterpark etc. What do we have here in cinci that people are willing to travel all over from? nothing........
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