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  1. I was in the Parade for all three years. I can 100% confirm those dates.
  2. The Parade was at KI for 3 years. It started in 2004 and made return engagements in 2005 and 2006, with some float modifications, additions and subtractions through the years.
  3. Holly Jolly Trolly was running this evening. I saw the 6:30 and 9:30 show happening in the distance and watched the entirety of the 8:30 performance. They perform in different locations throughout the evening, so it’s hard to know where they are going to be.
  4. Delirium13, Do you really think the park would only put 5 people in one attraction? I know some people that worked there last year, and they said they had about 25 other people in there with them. Some of those people came back and they said this year they have over 40 people in the cast. A little far from 5, don't you think?
  5. Actually, the video that is linked at the top on youtube is last years version of the show which would have been the same at every park. This is why it appears that there is different light and other stuff. If you pay specific attention to the costumes in the video, you will note they are different.(especially Doris) All of the parks this year had identical shows with one another just like last year had identical shows. Just thought I would throw that in.
  6. There is currently still information about Winterfest in the park. If you look at the information booth under the tower, you will still find that Winterfest is taking place November 24th - December 31st. It is one of those posters that is listing all of the major events(Parade, NOF, FF) on it. Also, the ticketing booth inside the park still has its back window frozen over with snow on it. Other than in Coney Mall, was there much promotion for it anyway?
  7. To confirm what SHMan said, these are in fact the footers for the White Christmas Express. They are located in the 5 locations that there were displays throughout the route. Nothing too exciting at all. I would imagine we will see these in use again in December for Winterfest 06. Who knows though?
  8. The Home For the Holidays Parade is the only parade that has used the Tique. The Nickelodeon Celebration Parade didn't use one this year or last year.
  9. Okay, I work on the show School of Rock, and here are my thoughts on who they are: First off, I never even thought they could be graduates of the school. That's a very interesting (and maybe true) idea. I guess I should have asked the director when he was here. Now we'll never know. My thoughts are this: I think they just took themes from the movie and put the show together with that. (Keep in mind I haven't seen the movie, I just know the basic idea). A) I think the cast of the show is just what the show says, a theme park band. They work in a park, similar to what the actual actors in the show are doing, to make money and play their "rock music" which in the show is a watered down version of real rock. (That is until Roger comes into the picture) The problem however is the fact of having to conform to "the man" known as theme park management, Doris and the people above her. In the movie, the students have to deal with "the man" (the principal). The kids in the movie are "saved" from "the man" when they get a substitute teacher (Jack Black) just like the theme park performers are saved by "the man" when the substitute guitar player comes to teach them it's okay to rock again. C) Here is where I'm not all the way sure about, but... Florence from the show (the costumer) appears to be like the child that sings at the end of the movie. From what I'm gathering, it looks like the girl in the movie didn't like to sing in front of other people, just like Florence didn't want to sing at first, but then proves to really be a good singer. D) The principal from the movie is just like Doris, the stage manager. The are both very strict at the beginning, but after Roger and Jack Black's character do their magic, they a lot more easy going. The principal gets it from Jack Black's character in the movie, while Doris gets it from Roger(who I've already listed the similarities between). The principal and Doris both have a similarity of loving the song "White Winged Dove", which is what brings them back to past days. The principal then proceeds to sing and dance in the middle of the restaurant, and Doris to do her thing in the show. I think that about does it on what I've come up with. I use a lot of " and (), so sorry about that. Just an FYI for everyone, the second performance on Sunday will be our 100th performance of the season. Also, be sure to check out the Nickelodeon Celebration Parade opening next Saturday, July 2nd and running everyday at 5:00 until Sunday, August 14th.
  10. Don't forget about Magic of the Movies! We were all in the parade too! Along with all the ushers, characters, escorts, and as said earlier Tuned In and Star Search.
  11. Magic of the Movies will be going every day until October 31st. Showtimes will be 2:30, 3:30, 5:30, and 6:30 everyday. I'm not sure if the same is true for Meet the Nicktoons and Star Search. Tuned In goes till the end of September.
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