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  1. deb

    Quickie Trip 8/24

    I was really happy we got so many rides in too, and we're going to go back soon, and of course for the Haunt. On the way home, I asked Tom what ride he thought was the most rough(excluding Invertigo because I already knew it jogged his head) and his answer was Adventure Express. We had ridden an Arrow Mine Train at Six Flags St Louis, and it wasn't as rough as AE. I found it great that he didn't find the woodies rough like many! deb
  2. I wanted to get to KI in time to see the WindSeeker announcement, but other people try to control our lives... so it was WAY late before we got there. We finally go to KI at around 5:30. Yes, 5:30 on a day that they close at 8. I was disappointed, figuring I'd only get to ride a couple of coasters and then that'd be it. I couldn't have been more wrong! I had Tom with me(my new love), he's from Tennessee, and has only heard about KI through me, so there was a lot of hype for it to live up to(and I think it did). Utilizing the start on one side and work your way around method, we started wi
  3. I went back in May, and I was thoroughly impressed with The Boss, once it opened(it was closed a good 1/2 of the day). We even got a front seat night ride on it! I also like Tony Hawk's Big Spin, was my first coaster of its kind, love that each ride is different. I did not ride Mr. Freeze, and I sorta regret it. I'm not a 90 degree kinda girl, and that's why I didn't ride it. After I got home and saw all it's records, I realized I had made a mistake. Maybe I'll get to go back and ride it later. deb
  4. I went to Haunt last year, and I had fun (my first Haunt), with the exception of FREEZING my tail off! Anyway, had I saw the dead celeb skeletons, it would have made it SO much more fun! Those were fantastic! Kudos to whomever came up with the idea, and whomever had the idea for that great publicity stunt! I just wish I had seen them in person. deb
  5. On most coasters I like the front seat, I like to see the track going up(fear of heights). On Firehawk, it's almost the same everywhere, but I try to go either front or back, because I like to be able to see the riders at the other end in the loop... Top Gu.. ER, Flight Deck(ugh) I always ride front, because that is the best ride, imo. I guess I'm tall enough to hold myself straight and not get head banging on Vortex, from any seat. As for The Beast, I always ride front or middle. Diamondback, I usually take what I can get, but the back is wicked! Talk about a different kinda coaster ride, n
  6. my fav coaster is and always will be Top Gun. As for flat, Tomb Raider(as tomb raider) will forever be missed... I could ride it all day long, no stops! And water, WWC, there's no point(imo) to getting "sorta wet", its all or nothing for me! I don't mind drop zone, I'll ride it. You will NOT get me on Delirium again... 2 times was 3 times too many! deb
  7. ah, the zipper. I was about 8 the first time I rode it. No, the ONLY time. I've got this thing, if it makes me hurl, I'm not riding it again! I was with 2 cousins, one crying hysterically and the other laughing and making the bucket spin... (stomach churns thinking about it)... but it's still dynamic to look at. deb
  8. Everytime I've went and got a night ride on The Beast, I'd head that way at 9:30, regardless of where I was in the park, or if I'd just gotten off another ride, head over there, then. Dark is, well, dark, and a night ride is a night ride, although I guess if you're looking for the final train of the night... I always liked to be close enought to the front of the queque so that when they shut down for fireworks, I could sit down(yeah, gross prob, but hey, I'd been on my feet for nearly 12 hours!). deb
  9. For paint, I went with Invertigo.. as it's simply impossible to walk by it and not gawk, and nearly everyone does... For structure, hands down is SoB. I get that some people think performance into structure, but were talking beauty... and that coaster is one the most beautiful structures I've ever seen,and I've been around... deb
  10. ok. So I gotta say: why WOULD they change the trains? I mean sure, interest, ride count, etc, but it is now one of a kind- the only one left(I think...) and wouldn't they want to preserve it, as is? Just think about it. If Camden Park had gotten new trains for The Big Dipper, then would it be what it is now? I was only there maybe 5 times total, and really, I have great memories becauses the part we see the longest(for the most part), the trains we sit in/on, were unlike any other I'd ever seen/rode. Granted, many people will think that changing it would make it better, etc, but someone also t
  11. Thanks!...? I don't really know what that means, and the ditionary didn't help with understanding, but it sounded good. lol

  12. This is VERY different. Not that I don't like it, different is good(with the exception of taking out Spongebob and Scooby for some other dog my kids don't know but that's for another thread). Sure it will take some getting used to, but we will. Will there be skin plug ins where we can alter the colors/etc to our liking? That'd be the only thing I'd want. Thanks guys for the server move! deb
  13. nice Evanescence Font on your sig.. I like it! \m/

  14. I initally stated this wasn't very good. However, I got to see it again Sat at midnight, and it was like a whole different show. The effects were all dead on, blood, everything, and it made the show much much better. I enjoyed it, even though it's not my kinda music. deb
  15. I've already touched on this in my TR thread, which I'm sure I'm the only one that read.. I didn't like Hot Blooded. Not that the chicks weren't hot, the sex was implied.. but I'm not convinced that it takes 8 women to take down 3 men for dinner, if my count was right. I am just not very into the 80s thing. Some of these songs were so very much contrived and I saw them coming miles away. The water wall thingy was cool, I even thought it was gonna be good when the lead guy "flew" in. Sure, it held my attention, only because I happen to like scantily clad girls, and Club Blood was great
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