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  1. My guesss is that the intensity rating changes have to do with safety. Someone who has previous neck or back injury may really want to ride the ride, and they may feel that they could physically handle the ride if the rating is lower ( especially if they have never been to the park before ) This may be another way ( like the seat belts ) to avoid further injuries, in this case before they get a chance to happen. And if someone did get hurt on the ride who probably should not have ridden that ride in the 1st place, the park can point out that the they chose to ride it with a previously existing physical condition despite the rides high intensity rating.
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    It has been rumored for a very long time that The Vortex is to be removed. Along with this rumor, of course, comes several rumored reasons. Amongst them, I have heard that the ride requires too much maintenance. I have also heard that the foundation of the ride is sinking. Which would also qualify in the keep up the maintenance category. I am sure that there are 101 other rumors about The Vortex floating around out there. And I cannot say for sure if there is any truth to any of these rumors or not. But honestly, it would not surprise me if in a few years, they announce for the ride to be dismantled, possibly to make way for a successor. But it also would not surprise me if in a few years, The Vortex goes through a long period of non-operation time for necessary repairs if any of the supposed problems actually do exist.
  3. 90% of fun taken out of the rides eh? Wow. So your saying that because of seat belts we should all just demand refunds on our season passes, and threaten with a class action law suit that Kings Island advertises thrill rides that just aren't there. ( of course I'm kidding ) And according to the quote above, we should probably get rid of the restraints too, cause they are obviously the other 10% of not having fun on the rides. ( once again, I am joking ) Seriously now, this is pathetic. Seat belts have been placed onto the rides for safety. And I am sure that research has been performed to encourage the decision. Despite that, doesn't it seem to fit the common sense category that these rides should be made as safe as possible. This forum should not even exist. This is a pointless waste of electricity, and a waste of brain space. I would prefer it that this was not part of my lifes memory.
  4. I was curious about International Streets music too. I have not been to the park yet, but plan on getting a season pass next weekend. I can't wait!
  5. I would like to make one point very clear. I have always enjoyed Kings Island, and any statement that I choose to make at KICentral ( this being the 1st )will specify that, along with the fact that I believe myself to be very professional. So at times you may not agree with what I have to say, please don't hate me for it, just politely disagree. That being stated I have a few comments about the park that I would like very much to list. I am quite certain that Cedar Fair representatives glance at this web page from time to time, so perhaps this will be worth my while. I believe that the park has lost a lot of its grand luster since the ownership of Paramount. The once beautiful gardens have turned into empty holes that todays children look at and simply keep walking by. This is the whole point. They should be encouraged to desire to do great things. And Kings Islands gardening, in the past, made people stop and stare at what they wished they could have had in their own backyards at home. I sincerely hope that Cedar Fair is going to brighten the park up a bit with spectacular colors and scents. I also hope that Cedar Fair has the intention of fulfilling the desires of guests of all ages. Not just the overexcited crowd that thirsts for more intense thrills. Granted this is the type of person that I am, but I feel bad for individuals who pay to get inside of the park only to find that over the last few years, anything that they could enjoy due to being elderly, having infants, or perhaps injury has been slowely removed without a trace. I have noticed that Cedar Fair is bringing back some shows such as Ice Skating that people of every size and description can enjoy, and I applaud them for doing so. And I sincerely hope that this is only the beginning of a lot of fantastic shows to come. Events that actually touch peoples emotions, and leave them begging for more have been long lacking at Kings Island. Furthermore, I hope that along with the intention of satisfying the desires of all ages, that Kings Island steps up their thrill rides just a notch. Or 2. The idea that Paramount has added many steel coasters to Kings Island's resume is not enough. These rides are for the most part mediocre. Kings Island has always been destined for great things, and I can see no reason why this park should not be the home ground to glorious new techniques in Roller Coaster Design. Firehawk is GREAT. A flying coaster. Cedar Fair is off to an excellent start, as being the new caretakers of the park. ( hopefully the name will not switch hands again after this one ) Perhaps in the future we can expect to see a design like X, or a new lifthill or launch design. Perhaps an underground coaster or something with seats that spin like an office chair. If you are reading this, you get my point. I am not giving specifics, I am simply stating that Kings Island is the perfect candidate for experimentation with coaster design. Another change that I believe would be great for Kings Island is to make better use of its amphitheatre, "TIMBERWOLF". Sure Kings Island still has some top artists appear every year, but perhaps they should experiment with attempting to bring in more concerts with more big names, or some old favorites. Even traveling shows for kids like maybe "The Wiggles" for example could be a huge hit for this amphitheatre. I understand that a lot of what I am mentioning in this statement is already being looked into by Cedar Fair. But another reinforcer, or an original thought can never hurt. So if you are reading this, and you can truly make a difference as to what awaits the fans of Kings Island in the future, please, consider this, and thank you for your time.
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