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  1. Hello- I am looking to take a few family members to Kings Island this fall to experience both the park and Halloween Haunt for the first time ever!!! Can anyone tell me the best place to find some cheap tickets? Local restaurant? Website? Anything helps. I can't wait till the haunt starts!!! Alvin
  2. Of course one of the first things you encounter when you enter the park is the staff photographers for "Key Hole Photo". The group i go with dread this part and we always split up like fish do when you put your hand in the fish tank. At times, I have ducked in a store to avoid my picture. Does anyone else do that? Does anyone have any good stories about this?
  3. hat, shorts, t-shirt, gym shoes, and my iphone and im set for the day. it all came in handy last sat when i was at the park for the tornado warning. i was listening to music while soaked and watching the radar....
  4. Has anyone out there with and iPhone or and iPod touch notice that people are starting to make apps that are digital park maps with all kinds of features on it? For example, some of the apps i have seen for Disney world use the built in GPS feature to show you where you are in the park. This way, the app can tell you what attractions, restaurants, games, restrooms, etc are nearby. In addition, the app also tells you the price of the menu items for the restaurants. Does anyone know if anyone is working on one for Kings Island. If I had the know-how and the time, I would definitely build it. Here are some ideas I would include 1. GPS feature to show you where you are and nearest attactions, etc. 2. Description of the rides with all of the info that you find in the paper map at the park. 3. Restaurant menu with prices. 4. Description of the games (maybe a few secrets on how to win the game) 5. Ride wait times. There are apps out there that allow for many people to simply press a few buttons to record their wait time and it goes to a server where people with the app can see it. (this is an example of the ride times. be sure to read the description to see how it works Ride times ). What are your thoughts? Anyone else have any ideas on what they would add to this app?
  5. Has anyone noticed that the Festhaus clock is not working? Its hard to believe all the hype of the nostalgia the past two years and they do not have the clock working and the guys cheering. Anyone have an idea on what's going on? Is it being fixed or are they being like Paramount and saying "we'll get to it eventually?"
  6. Its interesting how a brief shower yesterday shut down the roller coasters. When I was in line for The Beast, I could see Shake, Rattle, and Roll operating. Did something happen (besides the SOB accident) to make Cedar Fair take precautions? I'm not complaining of them shutting down the ride, I'm just wandering what made Cedar Fair cautious of the ride operations in the rain.
  7. KI. I didn't check off spell check. I'm standing in line for The Beast. I've been here for an hour due to rain.
  8. Nothing like a break in the action at ki. Right now I'm in line of The Beast waiting out the rain. Anyone else on from ki?
  9. Do you know the capacity specs off hand? How many riders will it move in an hour?
  10. Well this will be the first year in 10 years that I will miss opening day at Kings Island. However, my reason is simple.... It's my wedding day. Maybe my best man and I can come up on opening day and ride Diamondback in our Tuxs.... but that may not go over well. Anyways. What does everyone think the queues will be like for Diamondback? 4 hours? 5 hours? 6 hours? Last year, I overheard a park employee say that 5 hour queue times will probably be on the low end for most of the year. What is everyone else's thoughts?
  11. Heck yeah. i would take 20 an hour. im sure anyone would for a PT position
  12. Does anyone who works as a scareactor tell me what is the going rate of pay for the SCAREactors at Halloween Haunt. I live in Ky and was wondering if it is actually worth driving to KI everyweekend to scare the heck out of people. I love KI and scaring people but with gas still above 3.30 a gallon, it can get costly. Im not asking for you to give me the exact amount or to give up your name, im just wondering if it is near min wage of 7.25 an hour or is it more like 10 and hour. Just wondering....
  13. Straight from the National Weather Service as of 11pm Sat night.... Sunday: A slight chance of showers before 4pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 64. Calm wind becoming west around 6 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
  14. Without any doubt. It will have to be The Beast.
  15. The National Weather Service has just updated their forecast. Mostly Cloudy with a high near 71 degrees!!!!!! Game On for some fun!!!!!!! Once again, I will keep you up to date on any forecast changes. Volunteering and having friends at the National Weather Service does has its perks at times....
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