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  1. I actually think riding it with the lights on is pretty cool. With the building, it's hard to tell which way is up, and you can see the track twist around you which makes it more disorienting, not to mention the headchoppers!
  2. Dont' know if anyone has seen this yet, it's on their Twitter: (It says I'm "not allowed to use that extension in this community") http://twitgoo.com/5f50sm/img
  3. Riding it in front was amazing for the launch! They have tons of little green moving lights that look like stars as you launch!
  4. On AE, the operator once said, "Enjoy your ride on the Carousel of Progress!" We were like "what?"
  5. I went to the park yesterday and Flight Deck was looking nice! I liked the tape-runway, the model jet and missles, and the music. It was a nice retouch! I also noticed on Flight of Fear that they fixed the purple and green lights above the station. The launch tunnel is now blue-ish instead of white. And the lights that hold the dome in place (with the red stripe, above the station) now aren't only white/fixed, they change color as well! When we were in line for WindSeeker, we heard the ride-ops talking about how Vortex is probably going to take 6 weeks! D: I know this thread started out as listing what needs to be fixed... So in lieu of things... There were 3 lights out on WindSeeker on the bottom of the seats. In Flight of Fear's UFO, where the purple lights are, there is a section of them out right above where you enter.... No big deal, just little things I noticed... Can't wait to see what will happen when Ouimet takes charge next year!
  6. No! Those were my 2 favorites! :'( Whatever they add, if anything, will hopefully make up for it!
  7. And since they added the brake between the two stations, it can hold 5... haha. I think 3 is a good number. Any more than that, and there would be constant stacking...
  8. Right, but I don't think they would take out FOF's midcourse. It would completely destroy the chance/purpose of a 3rd train... which who knows, maybe it'll return one day? When you're riding, you can see it sitting under the corkscrew. I never saw it in there last year...
  9. That's what I told him, and he just stubbornly said no, lol. Maybe the managers have made them make this happen? Who knows?
  10. Yeah, you're right about that. I got used to calling it that because when I worked there, that's what we all called it. That's interesting that they would even have it playing. I said in another thread that one of the light/sound tech guys said that he would never fix it because it blows out the speakers over the launch tunnel, and they're hard to replace, being over the track and everything. Maybe they were messing with it on Memorial Day, trying to add it back? They ripped it out. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23006 I wonder if they'll add it back in, considering all of this amazing work they've been doing to it lately!
  11. ... Yeah, I think I'll stay far away from the park this weekend. Although I think last year, it wasn't too bad, compared to the freedom concert/other concerts at least...
  12. It's a really distinct sound at 0:08... However the walls of the launch tunnel are terrible sound insulators, and they make the sound of the wheels rolling and the LIM's firing really loud. Can you confirm that you heard it after watching this?
  13. Not saying I don't belive you, but are you sure you heard the crashing sound? I went on Tuesday and even after hearing reports of it playing, it did not play. The launch is just really loud, lol. I am so glad for what they did to it, though! I'll have to check my iPod camera later to see if I took pictures of it, but the trash cans are new, and they also rearranged/added some more miscellaneous scenery back towards the mirror.
  14. I never knew there were misters in there! Don't forget the fog in the launch tunnel! Everything seems to be in good condition except for the lights behind the vents under the drive booth, and also the purple (and as of now, non-existent green) lights above the station need to be fixed. Also, for the lights above the drive booth, there is a green gel missing on the left-most light. ^See the gels above the ride op? White, green, green green. And only a few of the vent lights are working. And the purple looks blue on the ceiling in the picture, but at the front and back of the station, they aren't working as you can see. The green lights are the ones over the gates, here: The last time I saw it at night, the Monster had a few bulbs out. They could have fixed it though, it's been a while. Backlot would be amazing with the splash effects at the helicopter scene and at the splashdown. (Though those are bigger changes) Hmm... Also Flight Deck would be pretty neat if they turned the fog back on there!
  15. Don't hold a grudge, Zach It doesn't break down that often. The only time I've seen it go down this season was that day when we went. Every other time I've gone, it's been open. It was a lot worse last year, but luckily they switched train 3 out for train 1. Train 3 was the problem train.
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