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    My Name is Tiffany Michelle I am 16 and a junior at Paul G. Blazer High School!!! I am in band and i run track!!!
  1. I can not wait for this years spirit song it is going to be so amazing!!! I missed it last year for the frist time but this year me and a bunch of ppl i know are going!!! I cant wait!!! ♪Tiffany♪
  2. So i finally know the for sure first dya that i am going to Kings Island this year is June 4th and 5th I cnat wait!!! Hopefully all the opening problems will be fixed and i will get to ride everything I am so excited!! Were even staying in a kick ass hotel!!! ♪Tiffany♪
  3. Yes i missed it too- my nerdy little bro (sis, seems like ) wanted to go to the museum instead to find out what type of rock he found so im very upset- trying to mess around on pc to get me away from this true extreme anger. And of course, i might have gone saturday, but of course my mom canceled- typical her. Yeah im in band and we had a concert so it suked!!! But I get to go like 1st week of june so i am excited!!!
  4. So Kings Island opened this weekend and i totally missed it cause i had to do other stuff. But i get to go soon and i totally cant wait!!! ♪Tiffany♪
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