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  1. In my opinion, I think the new SoB trains might just be the roomiest in the entire park. If not, then they're close.
  2. Yeah, Maverick's blog had photo updates every now and then. Towards the beginning it was when the big stuff happened, like the topping off of the lift, the tunnel launch, etc. But as it got closer to opening, more updates started coming about testing, opening day, progress on theming, and the like. There were, however, fairly regular photo updates from the construction zone, which would be nice to see since Diamondback's website has a construction photo page. Hey, the park could always hire me to put in blog entries.
  3. Ooh, I like your icon! I may have to steal it. >:D

  4. And I suppose there's still a chance that it'll get one of those new lapbar-only trains.
  5. ^I tend to agree with that. If you go into an area that's a posted danger/restricted area, it's your own fault if you get injured.
  6. ^Yeah, I've said that on FoF too, but more of a joke than anything.
  7. Yeah, I remember reading somewhere that both Talon and Hydra at Dorney have trims, but neither ride has ever used them. I know that the park said they'd make a decision on whether or not to use the trims based on the g-force tests. Plus, if used correctly, the trims may even give the train more floater airtime, rather than sharp ejector air - just something to ponder on.
  8. That's a classic. Probably one of the best I've heard.
  9. I've got a sickness, and the only cure is... MORE COWBELL!!!
  10. Why anyone would go to Skyline in the first place is beyond me.
  11. Yep, count me into the number of people who noticed this and was annoyed by it.
  12. But you'd think they could have found a better spot than at the bottom of the lift? Maybe on the drop going into the loop? Or at the bottom of the first drop? And emobeaver, there is a ride with an ORP in an inversion. Last I heard Hydra at Dorney has a photo section in the Jojo roll. And Maverick was supposed to have one photo in the heartline roll, but that was scrapped after that section was removed. Instead, that photo was moved to the straight-away after the former heartline roll's spot, going into the Stengel dive under the first drop. And speaking of Maverick, the other photo section was originally going to be at the bottom of the first drop, but was instead moved to the end of the launch tunnel. Not sure why they decided to make the change, but I think that either position would make a good ORP. I would have liked for them to keep the first one at the bottom of the first drop and move the heartline roll photo to the end of the tunnel.
  13. ^Very well said tggrr. I'd completely agree with you on that one. Knowing that Intamin rides have the tendency to break down often, the ride experience (in my opinion) more than makes up for it. For example, like you pointed out, Maverick is an awesome experience, even with the amount of downtime it suffered this year. The good thing is that it was fixed fairly quickly in most instances, rather than leaving it sitting until closing and then working on it. The maintenance of CF parks is great, and hopefully if Project 2009 does turn out to be an Intamin coaster, KI's maintenance will stay dedicated to it to keep it running with as little downtime as possible.
  14. Wait, since when did X2 get a volcano theme? That's the first I've heard about that...
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