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    Kings island. I started in admissions in 2005 cause I was 15 and didnt like it much so I moved to food for more money, that was bad too so now I'm going to work at FIREHAWK even though it doesnt open till june.

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  1. Thats really really big. I've got a train set at home but it's really small.
  2. What came first beetlejuice or phantom theater??
  3. I cant believe i missed this!!! Did you have to be in ACE or can you just belonge to KICentral??
  4. If you have a counter to opening day on your computer i know i do
  5. KI on the mind


    Delorean rider, can you help me with my physics class. PLEASE!!!!!!!! This is almost exactly what we're studying right now, angular velocity and centripitil force and all sorts of stuff like this.
  6. Which is interesting because here is that persons location
  7. There is a mechanism in the station that raises and lowers the cars. There is NO way that the trains can go up or down, ANYWHERE other than when the trains are parked in the station. I'll bet that makes evacuations a real pain in the butt.
  8. Great, so every cycle the ship would crash and sink to the bottom of the lake.
  9. Well Skyhawk is what Cedar Point is famous for.
  10. Give me a break. There is no difference in how much the breaks squeez together when the ride is e-stoped than when the breaks are closed normally. Those breaks are always closed when the train comes flying in and its never had trouble before.
  11. The reason the eagles moved were because Carowinds was working on their kids area in 05 and KI was going to work on theirs in 06. Paramount didnt want to buy a new ride for danny phantom at carowinds so they moved eagles. Coming from KI it would pass as a new ride. At KI they had to buy the Kite Flyer because they could never pass eagles off as a new ride in Nick universe at KI pluse the public would be ****ed. It was a simple business move and it probably caused more people to attend carowinds, than the amount of people that didnt come to KI because of its removal. I doubt many of the Paramount Corp Executives were ACE members.
  12. ^What?? The Italian Job has never had anything more than the Lap bars (and shin restraints) that they have now. I asked a ride op if they would get seatbelts and they said no because seatbelts are just secondary restrictors and because IJ had the door and no openings in the walls that that was considered the secondary restrictor.
  13. I'm glad they did, especially since Jane Cooper was a complete idiot. Great Idea trying to buy Son of Beast, Stealth, and Hypersonic XLC all in the same year. The first thing we need is more debt! I'm glad she's gone.
  14. KI on the mind


    I would not like to see Vortex go. Is it a high maintainence ride or something?
  15. If delerium and tomb raider have the same restraints, why did delerium's height restriction go down and tomb raiders did not. And Delerium has always had a maximum height and tomb raider has not. I have also noticed before that the seat belts on delerium are longer than the ones on tomb raider. Shouldnt bigger people be able to ride on delerium then? Maybe it has to do with your feet dangling.
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