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  1. So does this mean I should or should NOT go to Guest Relations? LOL Both kids are 1/2 inch over the height requirement (48 1/2 and 36 1/2 respectively), by our measurements. I do remember taking our oldest a couple years ago and while we measured her at home and she should have been fine, some of the height stations at the individual rides seemed to have measurements higher than they should have (i.e. she wasn't even close when she stood next to the measurement pole, on a ride that per our home measurements she should have been cleared to ride). Maybe this is why some parents get upset?
  2. So where do you go if you want your kids measured/get a height bracelet? Tina
  3. I read on this site that you can upgrade your season pass at any time during the season. Can you upgrade your KI pass to a Maxx pass when you are at Cedar Point? We'll be there this summer with my brother's family, they only bought the KI pass. If they pay to get into CP for the day and decide they like it so much they want to go back, can they go to the guest relations booth and show their receipt from that day and use it to upgrade their pass, paying the difference? And what exactly is the price diff? Anyone know?
  4. I actually asked about the band organ when we were at the park on Wednesday. Granted, I asked one of the carousel operators, who may not be entirely in the know, but she told me that they took it out two summers ago and she has not heard a thing about whether or not it will be coming back. I am a bit of a carousel enthusiast, and as to CBS having someone on staff who maintains the horses....the horses are in HORRIBLE condition. Paint peeling and cracking at the seams on almost all of them, marks and nicks on many, broken jewels. You could also see the old paint underneath the places where
  5. Actually, every ride was open in the Nickelodeon area yesterday (except for Runaway Reptar, which I think must have been malfunctioning otherwise it would have been open too). We had a blast! Awesome day to go, we walked on everthing we rode. And donniejb, remember not everyone who goes to KI is there for the coasters. That was a really jerky comment.
  6. guy1115 thanks for the heads up, your advice prompted me to call the park today and specifically ask if Nickelodeon Universe would be operating at 10:00 tomorrow. The woman said it would be....and I remember her name in case we need to complain to anyone tomorrow! Tina
  7. Is it really cheaper to buy the passes online than at the park? That's what KI's web site says but wanted to ask you guys. If so, how much cheaper? We're buying the pass that gives admission to KI and CP. Also, will they accept a personal check. Thanks!
  8. Hubby and I are taking the day off work to take our 4 YO daughter to the park this Wednesday. Can anyone comment on how crowded/busy the park will be on the first weekday they're open for the season? This is the first time in years we've had a pass, and will be her first time ever at the park. I'm excited! SO glad that Cedar Fair bought the park....Paramount really let the place go downhill. Tina
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