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  1. I think that a "SkyHawk" would be absolutely perfect in that spot. Keep the cue how it is. Imagine standing in line for "Skyhawk", listening to DB roar past you going into the helix. and not to mention the cool a$$ lights it would have during the night. And amazing interaction with people. But thats just what ive been thinking. What do you all think about that?
  2. Skillet, Red & Group 1 Crew are wonderful in concert. Saw them a few years ago. Ive pretty much watched Red become who they are. Their earlier cds are good. Just throwing that all out there. GO REDS!
  3. ALSO notice that he has his pen pointed to the waterpark, even has his eyes on it.
  4. Thats what I had in mind. Just a little teaser for us?
  5. The attraction is called Dinosaurs Alive. Maybe.............. That'd be worth $5!!! Don't the KI Police wear dark tops with medium gray pants? Light to medium gray pants would show up nearly white in that particular lighting situation. Probably just a routine patrol. I wander how the "cop" got in? Unless all the Mason cops have keys to King's Island. I doubt that. I'm sure its a security guard doing his nightly round of checking. They do check all around the park, not just WindSeeker, we just happened to see him here by chance.
  6. Yeah i wish i was around back then when the food was better. Hell everything was better.
  7. Hell no that doesn't sound reasonable. You CRAZY, lol. Wow, I meant to put $20. Thats my fault there. I apologize. And you gotta think too, its Kings Island pricing too.
  8. Not your fault at all. I guess I missed the other threads about 2012 ideas. Keep in mind, Im coming back onto KICentral after maybe 3-4 months of not being on here. So I hope nobody gets upset with me posting a "double post". There are just sooo many threads/posts to look through. haha.
  9. (keep in mind, i like to use my imagination when thinking, however I keep things reasonable) (: ________________________________ 1. New, bigger coaster in 2012 for 40th. - Wingwalker(Intamin or B&M), 4D Coaster, Intamin Giga(356ft) - which I would love if it went all throughout the park(flybys) or 2. The SOB rehab to get that bad boy redone like Texas Giant recieved. - Do exactly what Texas Giant did and redo it, such as; - Make lift hill taller, steeper drop, lower to the ground at higher speeds w/ 90 degree angle turns, perhaps longer, somehow cushion the forceful areas of the track, and BRING BACK THE LOOP or 3. Best choice of all, better food choices. Maybe; Long John Silvers - Amazing, it'd fit just fine anywhere. Sonic - Tear down that smoothie place and put in that area, minus the rollerskates Take out/tear down Wings & slap in either: Golden Corral - $20/person, all you can eat? Sounds reasonable. Fridays - Smaller portions so itll be reasonable pricing, have a oversized patio over look the DB splashdown? Or even just a designated food court? - How are these ideas sounding to you guys?? - Give your thoughts & ideas. Lets see what all we could come up with.
  10. You're totally right. I bet that this gigantic tyrannosaurus rex and dinosaur-themed marketing campaign has been nothing more than an attempt to distract us what might be coming next year... Don may be a funny man, but he doesn't get to spend copious amounts of money on large robotic reptiles just to throw off the enthusiast community. Hahha. (Not aiming this at you, Firehawkboy) As Shaggy said in post number 3, it really probably is as simple as a dinosaur walkthrough. Those who have hyped themselves up to thinking this is a brand new B&M coaster, or a Son of Beast re-do really have no one to blame but themselves, and need to start coming to terms with the fact that this is in addition to WindSeeker and not the other way around - as such, would you expect this dinosaur project (whatever it is) to pass WindSeeker in terms of scale? It comes across as a last-minute, fun, family-aimed addition, and maybe that's all that it is. Maybe there is no ulterior motive or attempt to blindside us with the "real" project. Let's be happy with it, whatever it is! You're right. I apologize. He'd never pull ANY stunt like that to absolutely throw us off. You must know Don Helibig more than I do. I just wont give my thoughts out anymore.
  11. It would be kickass if this whole thing was either: A. "Safari Land" - Bringing back the classic safari but with the world's longest safari train (guessing that the red line is a train outline)? or B. Don is being a funny man & is just quite possibly throwing us completely off, due to a much bigger project for the next season?
  12. Aha!!! I think I may have a logical answer for whats coming. Looking at the "red line" on the teaser pics. I could most certainly see the safari coming back. And that red line you ask? well maybe that is the outline for the train in the safari???
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