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  1. No jokes. Whatever intensity the Crypt had before is now long gone. I know many will have to see for themselves, but the ride will not impress.
  2. The kids were everywhere but I didn't find them that annoying. Today was nice weather but the sun was out in full force. It was nicer when the sun went down a little and even nicer when it set.
  3. I arrived around 11:00 and immediately went to the SRL for DB. In said line I ran into KI Man and his friend. After waiting for around 20-25 minutes for the gate to be opened we were in and to the stairs. Around 10-15 minutes later we were on. This would be the last time the group would use the SRL this day. For whatever reason, no passes were being handed out, just another example of the madness that is the DB SRL. Seemingly every day brings a new operation method and one wonders when one will be selected as the modus operandi. KI Man and his friend graciously allowed me to tag along for the day, thanks for that Zach. We hit DB again and then it was time for lunch for the crew. We headed over to the Festhaus and lunch was had. At some point we rode Top Gu...err Flight Deck and then Viking Fury. After that KI Man traded out friends and I went and got lunch and we met back at DB for 3 more rides. We decided to try the Crypt and when we got to the entrance, we were told that a "slight mechanical delay" was going on, and that the ride was testing and would open soon. While we were waiting the employee told us that the ride program was changed and the door was gone. See Zach's Crypt review for details. I understand that the program had to be changed to prevent the Crypt from destroying itself but as it is now its not worth riding. All I'll say is "not again this season until it's changed." Zach and new friend and I hit Diamondback one more time and they left. I wandered over to SoB to a near walk on (I waited for the first row) then Vortex and then Beast. I ended with 3 night rides on DB and probably sold at least 2 people on the excellence that is row 1. I also probably recruited two new KIC members who said they would join after hearing of KIC's involvement in RWW. I also ran into iChase's friend, whose name I can't remember for the life of me. What enthusiasm he had!!! He made me remember why I love roller coasters in the first place. All in all it was a pretty fun day, crowded and hot in the first half, cool and less crowded in the second.
  4. You could, if the passes were being handed out, which they weren't on the 15th. The Diamondback SRL is wildly inconsistent, to say the least and should be fixed before daily operation.
  5. According to GR tonight, cameras will be permitted as far as they know. Best bet is to call the day before and check. Unless security confiscates the entire crowd's cellphones, I don't see how they can contain the cameras.
  6. 'Tis true my friend. If they continue to rate that as a 5 on the thrill meter, that's garbage. I will not waste my time with that again this season. If you ride, be warned, it will not be the experience you are expecting, or remember, or will want to experience again. So did they really remove the door ? Yes, the door that would come down from the ceiling as you enter the ride room is gone and in it's place are two gates.
  7. What is the policy regarding cameras in Timberwolf? I wouldn't mind taking a few photos, but I don't want to get run out of the park.
  8. Great pictures. Looks like you all had a time. Good to see keiko in the DB queue.
  9. Not entirely accurate. Look at Invertigo's sign. The "R" does not light up when it's dark. I wasn't thinking about the replacement signs when I posted, but I thought even those could have been better. Who really uses the signs anyway? Don't we all know where everything is by now?
  10. We'll be there in row F of section 3. Pretty good seats for free, if I do say so.
  11. The bottom line about the different splashes is this. According to DB supervisor Brian, one of the scoops on the red train cracked causing a replacement to be attached which shoots the water out at a different angle. He also said that the original scoops would be back on the train very soon.
  12. C'mon Cedar Fair. Show KI some love with updated signs, too. That Magnum sign looks great. Let's hope it doesn't get hid by trees, eh?
  13. Good seeing you too. Which photo did you decide on for the contest? If it's one of the night shots of DB, you'll be tough to beat.
  14. I might be there but I'll probably pass on this. Not really my thing. Should be good for the park.
  15. That's love right there.
  16. You'd be amazed how quick you'll get answers on here. It's been my experience that there is always someone on here reading. Don't be afraid to ask, we're mostly pretty nice sometimes. Welcome to KIC, too.
  17. This will be short and sweet. Went with Elina after church and arrived around 3. Hit BLSC, Beast, Vortex, FoF, SoB, and 4 rides on DB just before close. We didn't rush, and we still rode what we wanted to. I love Sundays like that and this reminded me of our last trip in '08. Fun times. Ran into Violakat, giga, dare-to-fly, KIman, markr and others whose names are escaping me at the moment.
  18. Your guys' ORP were so funny. Thinking about them now I'm laughing because you both have your hands out in front of your faces like you're about to get hit with something smelly.
  19. I'd say at times its bordering on obsolete right now. I wont even bother with SRL unless the line is into the main queue section (parallel to Rivertown Junction).
  20. Great TR. Loved how you did this one. Kept me reading and interested. Thanks.
  21. Or Reece, right? Who knew that was you in line for DB? Not me.
  22. Thanks for letting us hang with you guys for a bit. I guess you never know who you'll run into at the park.
  23. I'm at 16 right now but for me, it's not about the numbers. It's about having fun and enjoying the newest member of the KI family. well thats no fun. you can actually get (extremely) wet on Diamondback if you try. i did it by (a very stupid) accident. not sure if youre supposed to though... I actually got wet in row 16 of the red train Sunday. I had my hands straight up and it still got me. I was told that the red train will more often than not get you wet. I don't remember which train it was on, but on Friday, I got soaked in the right side of row 16. Absolutely soaked. That one knocked my arm forward quite a bit. I was actually trying to get wet on that one though.
  24. Too bad you didn't make it over to DB in time. Nice seeing you again though.
  25. Thanks for the TR. I'm sure Pilgrim's Plunge will be a big hit for HW this season. It has that curiosity factor that will draw the people in, I think.
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