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  1. A dress code at Halloween Haunt? Did you go through Club Blood?
  2. I was wondering the names of the cast members for this show. Does anyone know? I was very impressed with them, especially the foul mouthed witch.
  3. I think Phantom Theater is probably my number 1, but I really really miss the antique cars.
  4. Does anyone know if you can still get tickets to KI for $10 with a Resort room during Halloween Haunt?
  5. art_star

    Crypt dying?

    they are not going to pay to move the Crypt over several feet. It is going around it. Just look at the blue prints in the 2009 forum, as said above.
  6. When I went to Fearfest 06, line jumping was horrible. I was in line for that headless horsemen haunted maze and atleast 15 teens cut into the line. The quality of that maze just added insult to injury. That maze sucked.
  7. A good family friend didn't go to KI with us because he was VERY large and couldn't fit on many rides. I think it is sad, but that made him lose 250 punds so that's good.
  8. Were you paid to say that? I don't think such a glowing review has been said of KK for 10 years.
  9. Music is a very subjective topic, which is why they should just play instrumental type music, like the techno. Playing bands on a ride would please a small fraction of those riding, as everyone likes different music. Just see above ^
  10. I was wondering, when did this nature trail close and what was it like? Also, I met this guy once that claimed he snuck into KI through the campground. Is this even possible and does anyone have stories of people being caught trying to sneak into the park?
  11. WHile I agree that many addicts suffer from depression caused by over-indulgence in alcohol or drugs, I was just saying that recreational drug users can be just as responsible as light drinkers. It just feels like the country is a little uptight these days and not everyone that lights up a joint every now and again is a hardened criminal.
  12. yes, but I was talking about recreational drugs, more specifically marijuana. I also said that alcohol is worse than marijuana, which is shown in your list above. You also said MANY of the people i mentioned died from drug abuse or alcohol, but that was only 2 out of about 20 people.
  13. the ride was done for, it was the first day that it opened to the public and i was on the 3rd or 4th train and after the rollback, the ride went down for a couple days and we were waiting in the station for about 4 or 5 hrs and they said that the ride was a no go and that they were really sorry, so they give us the passes because they told us to wait and see if it could be fixed and after 3hrs in line and on the platform for another 5hr or so there goes are day at CP and that is why they gave us the passes due to the fact that we wasted the whole darn day at TTD, Wow, according to you, that is (not counting your first wait in line on TTD) a 12 hour day at Cedar Point. Was Cedar Point really open that long on the first day TTD ran?
  14. Exactly the way I feel. As long as one can control oneself, it's ones decision
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