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  1. The weather tomorrow may not be the best. They are calling for isolated and scattered storms. Can anyone tell me if they went on a day like that? Hopefully it will still be enjoyable.
  2. Thanks! We are planning a trip and making a bear is sort of our KI ritual. And this will be the first time going with our old high school buddies. Thanks again!
  3. Hey does anyone know if Build a Bear workshop is still at KI? Thanks!
  4. Hey I'm just wondering, is the Build a Bear workshop still at KI? Please let me know. Thanks!
  5. We are going to KI this Monday (the 4th). Can anyone give me an idea of how long the wait will be for the coasters? Excluding Firehawk (I expect a LONG wait for that one) Thanks!
  6. SOB was a good coaster when I rode it a few years ago, and not just because of the loop. It was overall a fun woody. I was just wondering how everyone else feels about it now that the loop is gone. The world's ONLY looping woody in the world, has lost it's loop. Will you still stand in line to ride it when and if it reopens?
  7. Does anyone know where I can see more pics of the newly unimproved SOB? Just kidding, if people got hurt it needed to be fixed, but why loose the loop?? :( I mean come on the ONLY lopping coaster in the world, now is just another woody.
  8. I rode SOB the year it opened and loved the idea of a wooden coaster with a loop, more so than the actual coaster itself. I thought it thew us around a lot, but it was still fun. Don't hold a candle to Beast though. All and all, I find it sad that they couldn't work out the kinks enough to keep the loop. What a shame. Just wondering though, I know it held a world record for having the loop, did it have any other records?
  9. Well, for those of us going on the 4th, just to let everyone know there is as of now a 40% chance of t-storms. Hopefully the weather will once again disprove the accuracy of meteorologists And if not we can all pray the rain will hold off or go around Cincinnati!
  10. Thanks everyone! I have never rode it, is it scenic?
  11. Last time I was at KI I looked for the train that takes you too the water park and couldn't find it, but the website still has it listed. Is it still there?
  12. Thank you all! Hopefully I will build up my courage by monday Thanks for reasuring me about the restraints!
  13. I am going to KI this Monday the 4th and we plan on riding Firehawk. I love coasters but, this will my first flying coaster. I have read on this forum that some feel they are going to fall out of the restraints, and that makes me nervous too. I really want to ride FH but I'm afraid my jitters will keep my from a great ride. Someone please give me some pointers or tell me about their experience. Was anyone afraid at first? Thanks a bunch, and wish me luck.
  14. maybe they all hear music in their head lol
  15. Yep! I going to be there on the 4th! Can't wait! Hopefully it will NOT rain, I think they are calling for a 30% chance of t-storms.
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