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  1. The "dry" park, named Jungle Jack's Landing, will open as scheduled for the Summer 2008 season. The footers are currently being poured for the Hafema log flume. The center tower for the Larson flying scooters has been set into place. In addition to these two rides, the park will feature Chance antique cars (themed as safari jeeps), a Zamperla Galleon Ship, Zamperla Family Swinger, the refurbished Tilt, Scrambler, and RDC Bumper Cars from Wyandot Lake, and of course Sea Dragon. It will also feature a brand new set of children's rides including Zamperla mini-tea cups, Chance frog hopper, Zamperla flying elephants, and a Zamperla mini-train. Admission to the Zoo includes Jungle Jack's Landing, and remains unchanged. If you choose to go to Zoombezi Bay, your admission includes the waterpark, Jungle Jack's Landing, and the Zoo! The rides will be pay-as-you-go, using a stored value card. You will have the ability to purchase an "all-day" ride card if you choose.
  2. As of Friday 11/23, the new Zoombezi Bay website is up and running. The URL is www.zoombezibay.com The website only lists information for the water park, but if I remember correctly, the dry rides are actually considered to be a part of the new "Jungle Jack's Landing."
  3. The Columbus Zoo has posted a page on their website with information about the new park, opening in May 2008. The page, linked below, contains descriptions of the 6 new slide complexes, as well as some "Splashy" Facts. http://www.columbuszoo.org/news/newsroom/waterprk.html
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