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  1. Last year during Halloween Haunt, I payed the renewal price for the 2010 season because it was only 69.99. I have never just "updated" my pass and was wondering if I have to go through processing and get my picture retaken or if my old pass will still work this year.
  2. The cicadas are horrible back by White Water Canyon, every three seconds there was a very loud simultaneous buzzing. That was the worst i saw them yesterday, wasn't too bad at water park.
  3. I rode it today. When we came to the park the sign said it was closed, but we went to ride The Beast at about 11:30 and it was open. I love the new program, it was way more intense, but the opening alien thing was really cheesy.
  4. Another cast. On the web site theres a chart that shows requirements for each ride and one subject is "braced arm cast", i'm not too sure what that is, i tried to google it, but i got nothing. Is it just something that keeps the entire arm from moving, or what?
  5. That sounds like something me or one of my friends would say, but sadly, it wasn't
  6. I ended up going, from around 3 to 8. I had no problems, i mostly forgot it was there. I rode Adventure Express, Vortex, The Beast twice, Invertigo, Backlot Stunt Coaster, racers twice, and Flight of Fear without any problems.
  7. They don't restrict due to casts, as long as their not full legnth. The only rides restricted are Delirium, Drop Tower, and The Crypt
  8. yea i've been really careful, and i know that i can control it enough, i was plan on keeping it by my side the entire time.
  9. I finally found the safety guide on the site, and as long as you can fit in in the car and it isn't harm to others, they are allowed. That quote was taken from the Worlds of Fun website and a similar one can be found on the Cedar Point site, I imagine there will be chain wide consistency this year, unfortunately no particular information is available on Kings Islands website yet. I think you'd be fine with the case so long as its not a full arm cast, but always ask your doctor first, you don't want to end up being in the cast any longer than you have to. It only goes halfway up my forearm, and its not that big, so it should be fine
  10. The doctor said its more cracked in the growth plate, but it still needed some type of support. He never gave me any types of restrictions, so I have no clue what to avoid
  11. I know that this isn't being discussed... I broke my wrist about two weeks ago, and its in a cast until May 5th. I wanted to know if there will be any complications at the park, like the rides i could ride and if it will do more damage to my wrist. I still have control over my fingers, and its not too badly broken, but enough for the need of support from a cast.
  12. Oops, sorry, i read through others checking, but must have skipped over it
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