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  1. If there's anything I learned today it's that the season pass population covers all demographics lol.
  2. This is the only ever coaster in my life that I have only had one ride it's all still kind of a blur, hot sweaty day, face masks, long line. Id love to give my review but I don't even remember it. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything it was an AMAZING ride!
  3. I only saw one person smoking all day in the park, and I even purposefully checked out all the old smoking areas just to see if I could find anyone. They were hiding in the bushes inbetween Invertigo's exit and the rest rooms there at the old smoking area. I was wondering if anyone else noticed any violators since the new policy.
  4. I just wanted to take a moment to say everything ran smoothly and amazingly today, and to thank everyone that took part in making it such a great experience! Thank you Kings Island team!!!
  5. I officially saw 1 person come through the Fast Lane line lol
  6. Too bad it's supposed to be 6 ft lol
  7. They have sent a few trains through but there is definitely not a steady flow
  8. I got in at 9:20 and am still in the middle of the line for Orion
  9. Is anyone at the end of the line with any updates?
  10. I'm really glad about the amount of people actually wearing masks though! Although i think it's supposed to cover your face lol
  11. But at least if someone asks you nicely to not stand on top of them we should all comply were all in this together guys
  12. There is literally no social distancing going on everyone is just standing where they want none of these people are in my group
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