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  1. Yes, the boat ride line is at a T by the river. However there is no path along the river to the carousel. There is a boardwalk but it only goes to the rental pavilions which I believe are behind Asia Quest.The only way to get to the boat ride through public areas is via Australia and the Islands exhibits (past the gibbons and the komodo dragon). On the map posted above it shows empty space by the boardwalk, behind the carousel, but I'm pretty sure that's all admin buildings. Inncorrect there are no admin buildings there, it is a pretty open space, but if this exhibit is for just one year I cant see the Zoo really transforming the area too much, probably just the boat ride. Also when did you work thisride? you said the themeing was over a decade old, but this ride isnt even a decade old
  2. That would be awesome i love the rainforest cafe, never been to the dinosaur one though that sounds pretty cool
  3. No it's just going to be $3 for the boat ride instead of $1 as I understand it
  4. Yeah the San Diego Zoo is awesome no doubt, but you go with a family of 5, after parking admission, snacks/food and drinks and you are well over a few hundred dollars. Im pretty sure its around $10 to $15 admission and only $7 for parking at the columbus zoo, also they have their own waterpark Zoombezi Bay which is quickly becoming one of the most popular waterparks in the country (#19 nationally by attendance)
  5. That would sure take a bite out of the columbus zoo's new dinosaur boat ride
  6. So, are they closing off Australia and the Islands and making it a $3.00 upcharge with Dinosaurs? That's what it sounds like to me... I sure hope I'm wrong. The way it seems to me is that just the boat ride will be an up-charge, and there will probably be an area open to everyone with a gift shop and dig site. I can't imagine them closing off the whole Australia and the Islands... sure hope i'm not wrong because I love doing the Kangaroo walkabout and wouldn't want to pay extra to do it
  7. The ironic part is it's in the Australia area of the park which is actually known worldwide as one of the least likely places to find dinosaur bones.
  8. Thanks for finding that article and posting it I did notice there is mention of a boat ride "Although some of the dinosaurs will be visible to all zoo visitors, the exhibit, within the Australia and Islands portion of the zoo, will cost an additional $3 to enter. Inside, visitors will be able to get close to the dinosaurs, dig in an archaeological pit, take a BOAT RIDE and visit a gift shop. Photos with dinosaurs also will be available." I know there is currently a boat ride that just goes through the Australia exhibit, they are probably modifying that ride and raising the price on the ride from $1 to $3
  9. Seems like the dino attractions are a big thing everywhere now and everyone is trying to compete for that audience. Im from central ohio and I know COSI has done a dinosaur exhibit shortly after Cedar Fair came out with Dinosaurs Alive, and this year The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is actually creating a animatronic dinosaur boat ride, http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2013/02/14/dinos-at-zoo.html Im pretty sure KI's Dinosaurs Alive is already the biggest of any Cedar Fair park so a large expansion like the one depicted just seems unnecesary.
  10. This used to be one of my all time favorite rides the first few seasons it was opened. I remember waiting in line with others who had no idea what kind of ride they were even getting on. Does anyone have a video of the old intro room show?
  11. Hey everyone I have heard rumors that The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will be adding a new Dinosaur attraction to open May 2013. This attraction as I hear will be similar to Dinosaurs Alive at KI and CP but will be incorporated into a boat ride instead of a walk through attraction.
  12. Maybe thats why all the trees are gone from the map? They chopped them all down to make the new maps
  13. So since Dinosaurs Alive is not actually on the map does that mean it is not a permanent attraction?
  14. So does anyone know, or have any ideas, what will be there in 2010??
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