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  1. I will be heading to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, any suggestions as to what a first-timer should ride, see, experience? What’s a “must see/do?” Thanks!
  2. sorry this was the best i could find. but you see that guy sitting in the far left corner of the pic? they just removed it this season better photo!!! its most recent look before it was taken down Wow, I didn't realize that was the famous King Cobra greeting line without the picture of the King Cobra. I really liked that ride....
  3. WOW. That would be sweet. New for 2010 at Kings Island- Screaming Swing & Ferris Wheel! (Screaming Swing in particular would give KI yet another great giant flatride- now DT and Delirium aren't by themselves! Sorry Crypt, you're not a great ride.) BTW, what rides are those in real life and where are they, because I know you photoshopped this. Good job too, it looks like a real photo at first. I thought those weere real for a second I was like holy did KI change in the last few days. Whomever made this, see what you can do with the crypt building taken out and the land behind it. Beacuse the crypt is horrible now, just think of the possibilities of that space. it already has que lines. Awww, I agree. I can't believe how bad the Crypt is! I rode it this summer expecting it to be somewhat like TR, oh, what a waste of time! The Crypt is terrible. When it was TR it had a chance. They need to do something with that space now because the Crypt is just awful! At least TR flipped several time. The Crypt flips twice....that's it. Awful. Oh, and I really enjoyed staring at blank walls while being flipped twice.....Jeez, that was such a bummer.
  4. I miss the backwards Racer very much. It was one of my favorites The backward racer did have such an "exciting" feel to it. (Maybe they will bring it back.....all they have to do is turn it around, I think.)
  5. The backseat on Vortex is "amazing" I always ride backseat on Vortex. Drop Zone never fails to thrill and I think Delirium has quite the belly-flop power as well.
  6. I have to say Diamondback. I love the airtime on that coaster!!!!!
  7. Thank you! Do you know when Charles Dinn came in on The Beast? (I thought he was a major designer for The Beast)????? Thank you for answering my question though. (Hhmmmm, just my opinion but maybe they should have had The Beast designers back for SoB.......I wonder if it would be a more successful coaster) ????
  8. I've heard that The Racer was turned backwards in 1981, so it would probably be because The Bat was closed often. But I don't know. I'm not old enough. Oh, okay. I knew it was turned backwards because of problems with The Bat, and I just assumed it was because The Bat was demolished. Bat was added in 1981. Racer was turned Backward in 1982. Bat was removed in 1984. I've never before heard any link between The Bat and turning The Racer Backwards. It may still be true, but I've never heard any linkage before this. I always thought KI was being progressive. (The Beast, The Bat, turning The Racer backward on one side, having the first stand-up coaster with a loop, etc.) I always thought they were just stating "Yea, we're ahead of other parks, we're being cool it's the 80's!" (Just my thoughts, I can't promise that they are not strange or sane) Haha. No, but I had never heard of the relationship to The Racer going backward to sidetrack people from The Bat's immense problems until I read that on here last year. It's interesting.
  9. Ooooo, I remember that for Outer Limits. Dang, that was painful. I have several piercings in my ears, and my ears would bang back and forth. I was so glad that they got rid of those OTSR on Outer Limits now FoF. I got headaches too. But I figured it was my choice to ride, so I had to deal with it. But I completely agree with "the tremendous difference" that you mentioned. King Cobra's bars were no party, but I really miss that ride..... ~Mina
  10. In general, it is a shame. The "Son of Beast" is such a massive wooden coaster, so much wood. As it was stated before it would be a waste for them to tear it down. I hope it does not become the next "Zodiac" I believe that was SBNO for at least four years? (Anyone feel free to correct me on that) That is a ton of space for a SBNO! Yikes. Oh, could someone answer this question......Were any of the original designers or engineers of "The Beast" involved with the "Son of Beast?" If anyone could answer that, I would really appreciate it. Thank you. I hope a good solution comes out of the "Son of Beast" problem. (Jeez, I still miss the loop)
  11. LOL!!!!!!! I have never seen this before and I can't stop laughing. Very creative!!!!!!!! Mina
  12. Thanks Interpreter! It's nice to be back. Again, always so nice talking about KI with you. Oh, and as I said you have always answered questions that I could not find answers to. You explained the "Canoe Ride" to me and I always wondered about that....it bugged me. Anyone I asked would say "I don't know what you are talking about." But you didn't. You had a nice explanation and said "It was pleasant." Good talking to you! Sincerely, Mina
  13. I agree with that. I have some beautiful pictures of The Racer while standing in line for Sponge-Bob (my cousin ask me to ride it with her....I thought "Oh jeez, OK." Then I thought it was really funny!) So, I enjoyed taking my pictures, then hopping on the ride and to my delight, laughed my head off. The pictures of the first "big" coaster I ever rode turned out lovely! I agree with Mr. Interpreter. "It's well worth your time to visit back there." I have a long "log in name" but you can call me Mina. It has been a long time, but I always enjoyed talking with you Interpreter! You have answered many questions for me in the past. Sincerely, Mina
  14. Wow!!!!!!!!!! I have not been on this forum for a while, but I see it is just as cool as ever! This picture is just beautiful! I love looking at pictures from the first few years of KI. The park just grew and grew.....I guess it's still growing too! Thanks for the lovely picture :rolleyes:
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