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  1. FYI ... you can still buy Platinum and Season passes at the pre Nov 11th price. I just bought a platinum this afternoon online. Thank goodness because I didn't get a chance this weekend. I would suggest if you still haven't bought your pass, do it now before they change the prices.
  2. It was merely a perception and my own educated belief. It was not directed at anyone specifically on this board. Geeeez sometimes some of you take things way to personally on here. It is an open forumn, no one has to agree
  3. And why does the church have to recruit people? That is no different than the Mormons, Jehovah's, Muslims, all trying to compete to bring people in their belief. Why should Christianity think they are any better? Let people believe what they want. If someone is interested in the church or belief they will come and inquire. I think it misses the point when a church tries to entice people into their beliefs. Using excuses like they need god and direction in their life. Bottom line of any religion and aside from not even being religious but moral is just simply being a good person. In that context why should a church be in business, its an irony. Why is it necessary to increase membership and conform people in their belief? It's sick. It's making an excuse to conform others to their belief. If you are a good moral person, then do just that. Help others that are in need.
  4. Not necessarily. There are other parks in the region besides KI and CP. Also, the primary market for the park was the local area and some parts of Cleveland. Many of these people probably already made the occasional trip to a bigger ride park a couple times a year on average. Now maybe that might increase an extra trip at most, but there are also other parks besides KI and CP.
  5. wasn't DUT originally called Sidewinder (or something close to that) ?
  6. and the FAQ for Cedar Point also states that Platinum Passes can be used at the turnstile at any park. No need to go to Guest Relations. Hmmmmm it seems like each park is managing there own information on their websites and there is a lack of common communication and implementation coming from corporate office. I will admit, it seems more together than last year, but it looks like there is still some confusion, maybe it will get worked out before the start of the season.
  7. JjAmSaOnN

    New Marina

    No private entity can own a public waterway. Even if KI owns the land surrounding the river, the river itself and it's banks up to the natural water line are the right of public free passage of waterway. Kings Island cannot alter the river in anyway. Parts of the river are impassible by any boat where it goes over rocks creating rapids thus the only passable kind of watercraft is non-motor canoe/kayak. LMAO @ the imagination some of you have
  8. or better yet, when KI releases the information. Remember, Boddah does not represent the park , though I am sure he wishes he were paid for this
  9. This link? http://www3.cedarfair.com/kingsisland/even...ts.cfm?ec_id=15 note it says However keep this in mind, when is the last time they have kept these pages updated and in the event details there is a link to the homepage in which there is ticket information coming soon. So in other words, it will be specified later. wait and see. I don't think a little line at the top of a general events page is enough to say its free
  10. http://www1.cedarfair.com/michigansadventu...season_pass.cfm That is the link to where you actually would buy the MA season pass deal. so right there it is advertising as valid for ANY CF park or waterpark for admission and parking. However, I am still speculative since the FAQ is still for 2007 season so the fine details don't seem to be available. Seems like they still have a lot of work to do in ironing out details. I am really surprised they even threw that page up with little info. Is it me or does CF seem to lack in the web development that isn't cedarpoint.com
  11. The FAQ link from the season pass page is still the old 2007 FAQ's. That doesn't really help to answer questions about the MA deal.
  12. Even if financially CF could add new track as suggested, the reputation of the ride is already ruined. It has had problems since it opened. It is like 3 strikes and you're out. SOB had it's chance, it didn't work. Basically it is at the point if it is worth salvaging and trying to make it work with what they have. After almost killing people, it would be insane to invest more money to add more risk. What CF has done is took out risk. Lighter trains mean less load on the structure. And because they are lighter trains and the design of them, you can't have the loop now. The only way SOB will survive is to improve the ride with what is already existing and minimize the risk factors. You can't add track and new design without creating even more risk. Let's start with fixing the Rose Bowl where the accident occurred. It is still a violent shaker even though there is less load on the track. Personally I believe SOB is close to it's end and the wrecking ball will be here soon unless CF wants invest in improving what is existing. I bet they will continue to try and maintain it and just build a brand new better ride for a replacement, but I doubt the looping woody idea would work again.
  13. Ok, whoever started saying this has now turned into a rumor and others keep saying it like its the truth. Stop and think about it. Does that make sense? NO. It is much cheaper to remove SOB. You no longer have ongoing maintenance costs, no operating cost, in short no more monthly bill for SOB. A new ride would cost way more than a wrecking ball. You are forgetting there is more than just construction, there is planning, project management, all kinds of workforce. Heck I am sure a bunch of us from KICentral would be happy to come and tear it down ourselves for free! (It's funny I can actually picture this). Please stop this crazy idea that it is cheaper to rebuild SOB than tear it down. Common sense.
  14. Churches are now in business. Sick huh? So much for non-profit. What happened to helping those in need I thought that is what a churches are for? And they wonder why people don't go to church anymore nor believe in em. BTW ... this topic should have been under general discussion about other parks
  15. WOW! I really was thinking the same thing about KI, but as a pass holder it is hard to be objective and unbiased. This really confirms that the general public is upset with prices at KI, ride downtime, and that CF seems to care less. And more interestingly ... quarterly earnings report that attendance is down yeah not too shocking. Seems to all make more sense now. I really would like to see more outsiders opinions like this. Very surprising though is KI IS a resort destination according to that list. I didn't believe it, but if that source is accurate then maybe KI needs to rethink taking out the campground, cutting off KI Inn from the park (the only one with bus transportation to park). And great wolf is way too expensive for a group traveling much farther than the 75mile local radius just wanting to enjoy KI.
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