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Where to start? I live in a small town in Illinois that you would want to avoid like the plague, last time I knew one of our cities bragging rights was that we had the highest cancer rate in the state! Life is pretty boring around here, that is why Kings Island is such a special place for me. I try to visit the park about 3-5 trips a year. (I always make them 2 day trips to get my moneys worth.)

One thing that I would like to point out about myself, in person I am very sarcastic and unfortunately that does not always come across well on a message board. So please keep in mind I would never post anything mean, most things are supposed to come off somewhat of a joke. I know that everyone has the right to their own opinions, and even if I may not agree with them, I respect them. I think, it is those differences that make this an entertaining place to visit.

And along those lines, even though I am a fan of the park, (Which is why I am here) I refuse to pretend that the park can do no wrong and I will not hesitate to criticize things that I think should either be changed or could be improved. (To others this trait seems to be considered complaining, I guess we will just have to disagree on this.) So, to anyone who might think that there is nothing that I like about the park, here is a list of why I love Kings Island:

I like the rides, but honestly they have become almost secondary to me, except for the enjoyment it brings me watching my family on them.

I like the nostalgia of having our National Anthem played in the mornings.

I like that the train engineers will try and time the train so that everyone on board can see Diamondback coming down the hill.

I like the ride operators who have smiles on their faces because they are just as happy to be there as the guests are.

I like the lemonade at Subway.

I like standing on the bridge and getting soaked at Congo Falls.

I like the ride operators at White Water Canyon waving to the train.

I like that the park has special events for enthusiasts like us.

I like going up in the tower at night and just looking around, it seems so peaceful.

I like hearing the screams coming from Viking Fury.

I LOVE that there are sites that I can talk about Kings Island, because my family is sick of hearing about it!

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