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  1. It’s nice too see the Kings Island Inn again! I know it was kinda rundown in the end, but I still miss it. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I have never seen the group of tall unicycle riders…that looks cool.
  3. Well, personally I deal with enough fools in my everyday life without searching them out on Facebook.
  4. I wish the park would have thought of a nicer name than V.I.P., it sounds too egotistical for me. ( For lack of a better word.) I have never felt comfortable even participating in things titled like this. I do not think that simply having more available spending money than someone else makes that person a “Very Important Person”. I think they should have just given it more of a generic name…something like The Coaster Lounge, The Action Lounge, The Coaster Zone…The Oasis…something that sounds more like a destination, and not a statement. (Yes, I would dump the V.I.P. From the tour title too…just call it an “All Access Tour” package.)
  5. ^ I love all that the park is doing!
  6. I am sure autocorrect is responsible for this sentence…what did you mean to say? (I couldn’t decipher it.)
  7. ^It is only bad publicity to anyone who feels that the park’s addition of a free year was not a fair compensation…(Imho) those people are in the minority…the majority of the people are just looking at this lawsuit and rolling their eyes.
  8. @medford it means a lot to me that you think so highly of this thread. I was hoping to do another one with some pictures from 1972 that I have for the 50th Anniversary…but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I have just not had a good last 3 years…no real free time what with working tons of overtime, the COVID situation and a death in the family, it seems like something always comes up…but I guess, that’s life. Hopefully I will be able to do it next year.
  9. How is it possible that they (the park) keeps amazing me weekly with all of these improvements!
  10. It seems like parts of our society has lost all empathy for their fellow “man”…why would anyone feel it was okay to share a video of someone’s death? I can’t even begin to understand the pain that the boy’s family is going through.
  11. I can see both sides of the debate…I just consider it fun.
  12. Even though I have never personally thrown anything on any of the sheds myself, I also find it fun to look at…I feel like it is a little harmless self expression.
  13. Is it me, or is this worded a little confusing/odd…to me it read that Kings Island had over 100 roller coasters. After re-reading it I know what they are trying to say…but I think they need to work on their wording.
  14. I usually agree with most of your opions…but never once did I consider the fountain with the pedestals just something to walk through…on my very first visit decades ago, the ONLY thing that has stayed with me is the majesty of walking into the park and seeing the tower and the fountains.
  15. Another way to look at it: The Racer & Beast pens include pieces of wood from the rides…something not easily obtainable by the general public…the Eiffel Tower kit contains a paint chip that was easily available to the public for months this season all throughout the park. I was amazed how far away the chips floated…the farthest I saw some was over in the landscaping by The Monster. As for The Eiffel Tower model itself, I would say that it is almost a given that they will show up next year in the gift shops, minus the paint chip & postcards…I can’t imagine the park going to that much trouble to design the tower for just 300 pieces. (Which I like, because I would pick up a few more…I am guessing they will be $39.99 like the coaster cut-outs.)
  16. I purchased one…but I did not purchase it for the “Ooooh, I own an actual piece of the park!” factor, I purchased one for what it represents to me…in this case it is a nice reminder of the summer trips to the park when my nephew was 3 years old. The Eiffel Tower was his favorite ride. (He was going through an elevator phase.) We rode the elevator for about an hour and a half stretches at a time with a half hour break in between! (He never wanted to look at the view from the top…just get right back on the elevator. Good times! (I think I have Don Helbig beat on consecutive elevator rides.)
  17. I have been waiting years for this news!
  18. Thanks for the example. Personally though, I think it is better to have more well known songs in shows like these. (Especially for kids.)
  19. You have me intrigued also...what are some of the songs that you are thinking of?
  20. ^Very nice video…thanks for putting it together.
  21. What do you think the “prime” spot to view the parade would be?
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