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  1. Skylab…so big the card can’t hold it all!
  2. Yeah…Funpix is a must for me, it pays for itself in no time.
  3. Numbers 23 & 24…I really like the Festhaus one! Now that the regular season is over and we are only at 24 pins released…I wonder, will they try and complete the set by the end of this year, or just keep bringing out 50th Anniversary stuff next year?!
  4. I am assuming this is not the coin you are talking about, correct? If so, would you mind sharing a picture of it? (So I can be on the lookout for it! )
  5. I hate to say it, but I’m becoming a little fatigued by all of the 50th Anniversary stuff coming out. I don’t appreciate that this set comes with the same pin & keychain as the first 50th Anniversary set which was released earlier in the year…so I don’t need more of those…I want the coin, but I might just pass on this one.
  6. What…they couldn’t have gone that extra mile and thrown in a little “thoughts & prayers” too?!
  7. I have been waiting for a Viking Fury pin…very happy! (Not so thrilled that they put the 1982 date on the Winterfest pin…it kinda dated it.)
  8. These are cool…available in blue & green…but my wallet is at its breaking point…hopefully they will last awhile. https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/new-apparel/products/limited-edition-ki-mv-rr-blue-engine-cutout
  9. ^I ordered mine within’ hours of being listed and did get them at $8.99…someone must have messed up when they listed them because when they arrived they did have the $9.99 price stickers on them. (Underneath the stickers printed on the card is the old $8.99 price…as I mentioned earlier, I am guessing that some “bean counter” must have done the math and decided that $8.99 wasn’t enough for these pins so they raised the price.)
  10. In my opinion it can change day to day…and even hour to hour…it just depends on how much heart the scaractors feel like putting into their part at that point in time. I have gone through the same haunt on different days and it was a completely different experience both times…good and bad.
  11. Numbers 19 & 20 are now available!
  12. Repeats yes…but that is the nicest looking Bat pin I have seen…and if you look closely the red paint is glittery, so if it’s like the Salt Water Circus one which also had glitter paint, it will look even better in person. P.S. There are still 32 pins left in the series, I’m sure you will still see some of your suggestions…but the park has to keep it interesting for the casual fan who just wants some of the major rides.
  13. Numbers 17 & 18 now available.
  14. 13, 14, 15 & 16 are now available…I’m glad the balloon got one.
  15. This will come off as a complete fanboy type post…but here goes anyway. I received my latest batch of pins today…and I will say that I don’t care if this batch & all of the future pins are $9.99 each, they are worth it. I have purchased about every pin that the park has released over the last few years and I can easily say that the quality of this series is above any of those. In the past, if you don’t count the Paramount days, the pins have been a single layer…this series has raised the bar on quality. Several of the pins in this series have “3D effects”. The Clown Band, Skeeball & Spinnen Kegger pins all have a spring that suspends an object above the bottom layer. The Flying Carpet pin has a groove cut in it so that the kid can slide up & down the slide when you move him! I also like The Sky Ride pin with the dangling gondola. Another thing that I like about this series is the backing cards that the pins come on, I like that the park has gone to the trouble to have each card specifically made for each pin instead of having a generic 50th Anniversary type card for the whole series. I am looking forward to the upcoming pins…personally I am hoping for a Rotor pin and hopefully a Viking Fury one.
  16. I don’t know if this eBay listing counts…but I was loving it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/354189460274?hash=item5277564332:g:K0wAAOSwovFi4XGk
  17. I have absolutely no inside knowledge…but maybe they never expected to sell that many of these…but they thought they could make a profit at $8.99 but then sales are even less than they predicted, so they felt the need to raise the price? (None of them are sold out on the site.) P.S. Either that, or they’re like a drug dealer who gets you hooked and then raises their prices!
  18. I would have loved for the pins to stay at $8.99 but the price increase doesn’t shock me. These pins seem to be more of a labor of love than a goldmine sales item…I can’t picture the park making these in a very big quantity, at least most of them…how many people are really going to pick up the Skeeball one? (Even though I think it is cool.) I think the park needs to charge more to make up with this fact of having a lower run of them. (Just my guess.) I just hope the series does in fact make it all the way to 50. (My wallet is saying otherwise though! )
  19. Now that I know that the tower is metal I placed my preorder. On a side note, I love KIGear and would be lost without it since I am in Illinois. I would miss out on a lot of limited stuff if not for it…but I wish they could fix how the site calculates shipping. If I ordered the tower plus 4 pins together in one shipment, shipping was around $28.00… but if I order the 4 pins separately in one order and the tower in another order shipping comes to a total of under $16.00…that is a big difference!
  20. Yes…I wish they would just bring them out in bigger batches. As it stands I wait until 4 new ones are available and order them then…that way shipping is about $8.00…so about $2.00 a pin.
  21. Numbers 11 & 12 now available.
  22. I like how they tell us how tall the actual tower is at the park…but not how tall the one they are selling is.
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