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  1. ^Very cool....I can’t wait to read it.
  2. I hope everyone has a very nice Christmas! Here in Illinois we only got a slight dusting of snow...but I’ll take what I can get!
  3. I thought the park outdid themselves decorating the carousel!
  4. I was amazed that no matter where you looked, there were decorations!
  5. There was so much going on during Winterfest it was impossible to it all on one visit!
  6. That sums up the majority of things I either do own, or would like too!
  7. I’m a collector...but that kind of flaw would devalue it for me...now maybe if they put the wrong coaster name on it I might be interested.
  8. I think it is great that the park went to the trouble and expense to put up the Eiffel Tower tree this year...I just wish I were there to see it.
  9. I love being able to purchase Kings Island merchandise when either the park is closed for the season...or I don’t have a trip planned when something comes out that I want. (I have made about 4 orders in the past.) With that said, I do have a complaint...I wish they wouldn’t release new things so sporadically. I placed an order for the new Beast cutout....then within’ 2 weeks they released the calendar...now here we are about 2 weeks later and the King Cobra stuff is released. Shipping costs add up. Also, they need to fix how their computer is computing shipping costs...if I order 1 of eac
  10. It is as if I could have written this...it sums up my feelings exactly. If I were solely a thrill seeker, Cedar Point would be great...but I like the “whole package”...good rides and good atmosphere. I live in Illinois...from my location I have 4 parks that are about the same drive for me...but for the above reasons, that is why I choose Kings Island as my favorite park. (No disrespect to Cedar Point...it’s just not what I personally like.)
  11. Once again...I loved the variety of characters to interact with.
  12. I particularly enjoyed all of the characters everywhere...Scrooge was excellent to interact with.
  13. So many good memories of Winterfest...I will certainly miss it this year. One of Santa’s elves at making cookies with Mrs. Claus.
  14. I am happy that the park came up with some more...hopefully everyone who couldn’t get one the first time will get one this time.
  15. Yes, congratulations to WhatTheBlazes...very nice shot!
  16. I am out of town...so I didn’t have access to my computer photos...so I grabbed these off of my Walgreens photo account...this one was from 2009, so it should be Massacre Manor’s line.
  17. And, if there is a silver lining through all of this...it’s that we can all avoid this!
  18. That’s what I miss about being young...I haven’t been an optimist in years! I am really looking forward to your book! (The delay also gives you the opportunity to include a little bit about the park during this COVID time period if you choose.)
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