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  1. Really glad this is happening. I'm just surprised it stood so long. I definitely have some memories on it, but it's time for it to go. Commence speculation on its replacement in 5....
  2. J.D. this is an awesome thread! I'm compelled. I haven't been on here for a while, but you're enticing me to become active again.
  3. As several of you here know, I always have trouble with Diamondback. I'm 6' 4" and 310 pounds evenly dispersed, and it's always a crapshoot as to whether or not I ride. Usually I have to sit in the back row of any given car and have a ride op willing to do some pushing. (Usually my man Cory) I guess I just don't understand why these seats aren't more accommodating. I'm by no means skinny, but I'm not fat either. I'm just a large person, mostly muscle, with some fat. I feel like me and many others I know here should have an easier time. There are some people I see around the park that are obvious no-gos, but a lot of us big guys around KIC should be able to fit easier.
  4. This seems to be a bit of an exaggeration. Tower Gardens wouldn't be a smoking area. There would be a smoking area in Tower Gardens. A heck of a lot of people already smoke there, so they might as well just make an actual smoking area there. At least then they won't be roaming all around.
  5. By calling him "The New Guy" we've officially named him.
  6. Zach, these are fantastic! Thank you for posting them. A whole flood of memories just hit me. I'm really upset I have to miss this operating season.
  7. Sure thing guys! Thanks for the kind comments. Jzarley if you can't find it, I can send it to you. Since it's not payware it'll be legal.
  8. I wish you did too! But seriously, I've been doing my best to get this widget on as many platforms as possibly. Alas, it's currently on one, but I'm doing my darndest. lol
  9. I use Dashcode. It's incredibly easy! If you know a little HTML, CSS, Javascript (you probably don't need any coding knowledge, I just suggest it so you know what's going on) and have some skill in Photoshop, you can do it. It's included on every Mac OS X install disk. I think it's also on your restore disk that comes with every Mac. If not, it may be on the extras disk also included with every Mac. Just pop the disk in and look for the developer area and install it. Need any more advice, just let me know!
  10. Thank you Coney Island! Coaster_junky, It can't be loaded onto a Touch. I may invest in the SDK for iPhone/Touch apps soon. If I do before the operating season begins I'll develop this widget into an app. If not, next year's will be.
  11. It's back again this offseason! The Kings Island Countdown Apple Dashboard widget is redesigned and ready for download. I try to incorporate the new "thing" at Kings Island in my widget every year. This year we have the Peanuts Gang! There have been so many requests for a Vista/W7 sidebar gadget version of this. I tried, seriously, I did. However, no dice. Since I'm in college this year, I don't really have the time to teach myself how to design Gadgets. Widgets are designed in a program whereas Gadgets have to be hand coded from the ground up. If anyone knows how to design Gadgets, PM me. I will lend you all of my materials for the "conversion" process. Any takers? Now to the good stuff: Preview! Unzip the file then double click to install. Enjoy! P.S. Don't miss the back side.
  12. Why don't we all complain? It doesn't take much time out of our days and it can't hurt anything. Cory, you're right. But if we want something done, why don't we put the gears in motion? Let's remove any excuse for not fixing it.
  13. ^ Thanks for the fascinating story. It thrills me to know there is[/is] someone inside KI that cares about the Wurlitzer as much as I do. I love your idea. It's absolutely fantastic. I would get behind it full force. Perhaps the good people here at KIC (hint, hint!) could get behind this and make a movement. $2700 split amongst the regulars here is not a lot at all per person. Maybe there is a chance after all.
  14. I'm so terribly distraught by the removal (more than likely permanent). I don't really understand the reason for its removal. Something that historic and integral to a park experience is surely worthy of the labor and time it would require to restore it. I would be interested to hear more about the organ. Especially what happened to it that was severe enough to warrant complete decommission. Oh, and J.D., thanks for those links! I just may have to invest in those CDs.
  15. Awww, thanks. I think to help combat that, just a plus button would be better. That way you know who's useful and you can make your own judgement on who is useless. This should help avoid that whole immaturity factor.
  16. On vBulletin boards, there's an option to enable a "Thanks for this useful post" button. Does the new version of Invision Boards have this feature as well? If so, I think it would be a cool idea to enable it here. It could be a nice (albeit small) incentive to post helpful information. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, think of it as the Facebook "Like" button. Any thoughts?
  17. I honestly hate to see gum stuck on those walls. I consider The Racer a landmark and a piece of historical significance. To see gum stuck to it just shows a lack of respect.
  18. Finally!! A picture of the queue under Top Gun! I've been looking for ages. I went when I was a kid, but I don't remember it at all. The whole ride looked incredible. Was there a justifiable reason for painting the track silver? It certainly couldn't have been aesthetics.
  19. ^ Yeah, I asked one of them and kind of freaked out. "You're not supposed to know that!" Meh, I dunno. Could just be romanticized folklore or could be real. Who knows.
  20. I, along with many others, have appreciated your posts greatly. They haven't gone unnoticed and have helped to ease many of our fears. Thank you!! Your post was most likely removed due to KIC's officially unofficial KI forum status. To keep the relationship with KI and retain our privileges, this kind of information has to be removed so we don't offend the park. It's unfortunate and a sacrifice. To some it's a worthwhile sacrifice and for some it isn't.
  21. I know exactly how the situation is. You feel you have time to tap out a real quick message and nothing can go wrong in a minute. Right? Wrong. I know the situation all too well, I do it. I'm not proud of it. Then again, I'm not a ride op and I don't take people's lives in my hands every day. Even if texting is quick and removes your attention for a few seconds at a time, it isn't right to do on the job. Especially running a ride. In my opinion, these employees need far harsher repercussions for texting while working.
  22. WOW! Fascinating post. It's really exciting to me when someone gets to work where they love and I can tell that you sir, love Kings Island. I truly wish I could have been in your shoes. I'm amazed at the ambition and courage you showed coming up to those two guys and offering your help. I had to be a good feeling when you got that call/letter giving you the chance to help them. That, to me, would mean the world.
  23. Probably true about removing the sign. No sense in teasing guests or causing confusion. I wouldn't think they would consider keeping a ride because of the amount of fans it had if they were losing money on it. While it would be a waste of money tearing it down, it has also been a waste of money keeping it operational. I should probably rephrase that, it hasn't necessarily been a waste of money so much as it has been a large consumer of money. At some point the execs are going to have to sit down and crunch numbers. Will it cost less to fix and continue maintaing SoB or cost less to just tear it down. I'm starting to wonder if that point is approaching. Judging by what that little "tipster" that posted a bit back said, it isn't this time around. But perhaps, maybe next time. Not saying something will happen again, but if it did. I would love to see the loop come back too, but alas, that will never happen. [sigh] We can dream though. I think they did rather well actually. It is the first wooden hyper coaster to be built. They could have had many more problems with it than they do now.
  24. I agree, actually. There's no reason KI will lose the Golden Ticket award. Everything is the same. Plus, judging from Cedar Point's incorporation of the Peanuts, I think we'll see some really nice theming. Remember, the kids don't judge the children's area. Nor do I think Amusement Today judges the areas from a kid's point of view.
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