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  1. did anyone here go to Spirit song over the weekend? I went all three days and had a great time....and got my hat signed by TobyMac and Shonlock! so if you were there what did you think of the whole thing?
  2. Ok so I am going to PKI tomorow, and the next two days for spirit song. I am so exited because I have not been to Kings Island at all yet this year! (I couldent get a pass) so are there any tips from anyone or anything I should know is different this year?? thanks!
  3. thank you for replying everyone!
  4. ok so I was just wondering how long is IJST? my friend told me it felt like 30 seconds long, is that true? also how fast dose it go? I'm going to PKI (Yesss!) next week (the 7th through 9th for spirit song) and was hoping delerium would be open then..I havent gone any this year and thats like my favorite ride, I will be so sad if it is closed the only chance I get to ride it. anyone know anything that would be of help to me? thanks in advance!
  5. sorry about the bad spelling and all... thanks BoddaH!
  6. ok just wondering if anyone has taken any pictures of the Tuned In this year and if so are they on, or could you put them in the photo gallery on here? I know I talk alot about tuned in but dancing and singing are my pashions so it reeally interests me! (and I dont have a pass this year so I cant see the show this year)
  7. Well I was just wondering if anyone knows of any sites that are about Coney Island? I have been on the main Coney site but I was looking for something with a message board.....anyone know of any good Coney sites? thanks!
  8. Ok I know you guys are gonna think I'm sooo stupid asking this. yeha I'm very clueless at times haha anyways! I noticed in some pictures of the IJST that the harnesses are the same as on Flight of Fear...are there any inversions in IJST and if not...why would they need that kind of harness...couldent they have the same kind as The Beast and The Racer?
  9. Stand up, Speak out against tabacco! yeah, baby!
  10. I think there were a lot of really talented singers in Tuned In...but thats just my opinion.
  11. Yeah they wont work....anyone know of any of Kings Island rides that will work on my computer?
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites or anything that has any video clips of the PKI rides? anything were you don't have to download anything would be amazingly helpful (My computer like wont download anything..arrg) so if anyone knows of anything could you please tell me? thank you in advance!
  13. There was no other CMT show....Tuned In had a section of CMT somgs and stuff. If thats not what you meen than I don't know what you're talking about really lol.
  14. the show with CMT was Tuned In I beleve lol. also someone on here said that Tuned In has been going on for years or something? it only happend this past year, there were ones like it but with different names so is that just what you ment?
  15. Tuned In. I highly dought that Tuned In would be back for a second year...dose anyone else know what will be there instead?
  16. Oh alright thank you guys! dose anyone know what will be happening at the International showplace?
  17. Its called Rip-saw falls, not buzzsaw falls. buzzsaw falls is at Missorri's Silver Dollar City.
  18. Hello guys and gals, I just wanted to say that before I actully write the question I am going to say: Please if you don't have anything nice and helpful to tell me than please don't reply dissing me. ok the actual post is: so I heard there is going to be a 'School of rock' show at PKI this year? does anyone have any information about it? like does anyone know when the opening date of it will be? and will it be at the International Showplace like Tuned In was last year? Once again, I am just interested about it and you guys don't act meen to anyone else when they ask questions about any of
  19. I said in a different post that I wasn't all obsessed with Tuned In anymore. I was just supporting Patty, who I thought should have made it further on American Idol. Well I know all of you hate me (For reasons unknown) but I am back yes, and I don't want people making my time here misrable.
  20. It is Patty. but shes gone from American Idol now..I don't see how though cuz she was a ton better than alot of the people on AI who got further than her. well shes still my Idol!
  21. Patty is in that picture...if anyone noticed...she was on American Idol this year!
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